Member FAQ


Comments on the blog will only nest up to 3 deep; you can get around this (and reply directly to specific comments) by accessing comments from the Dashboard, where there is a “reply” feature for every comment.


You can use WordPress subscriptions to follow blogs all over the web like this:

  • Logged in to WordPress, go to this link:
  • Click “manage blog subscriptions” and enter blogs you would like to subscribe to in the box.
  • Suggest starting with the FTFers Member blogs in the menu on the sidebar –> –>
  • You can also add member pages from The Other Place and subscribe to people there just as you used to (the link you need is

Goal Pages:

Here’s a simple way to set up a goal-page of your own:

1) get your blog! If you already had to do this to sign up for WordPress when you joined FTFers, so far so good! Otherwise go to “My blogs” in the top navigation bar and then “register new blog”.

2) create categories for each goal – easiest done as you’re posting (menu to the right of the post box (haha not an actual Post-box but you know what I mean!) ) by clicking +add new category at the bottom. Otherwise, go to the Posts menu on the left and Categories and you can add them manually even if you haven’t used them.

3) Create basic goal page – go to Pages –> add new and call your page whatever you like.

4) Set up links in the body of your goal page

  • Links are really easy to do in wordpress by highlighting the text you want to link, then clicking the chain icon at the top of the editing box, and then pasting the link.
  • To get the page link for each category, just click on the category link under any of your existing posts.
  • Paste this link to titles/bullet points in your Goal Page template (or arrange them however you like!)

5) Subgoals can be made by indenting the bullet further. To get to indenting, click the “show/hide kitchen sink” button (last button on the first row of editing buttons with lots of coloured blobs on) and this opens up lots of options to change text colour, heading styles etc.)

Comments on: "Member FAQ" (4)

  1. Moosie you are a genius!!

    I now have Zanna’s activity feeding into wordpress 🙂

    (I feel like a stalker)

  2. A question about blogs to the genius:

    Can I set comments to automatically approve? so that they get published straight away without my intervention.

    Also, just out of interest, is it possible to see your subscribers here??

    Thanks oh wise one!

    • Ohh Thanks. I looked all over to find this and never thought to click on discussions …D-Oh!!

      Done now so should be OK. As only invited people can access my blog there is no need to moderate.

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