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Vex update

Hello everyone! Glad to see everyone is still alive & kickin’. 🙂 I just wanted to leave a quick note to let you know I’m still alive, too. 😉 The kid is cute (he turned from extremely annoying to cute just as we were getting fed up with him), summer is here, we’re going to the seaside soon, and all is well. (Except for hours and hours of lost sleep and consequent temporary loss of at least 20 IQ points and most of my organizational skills, but hey, that’s what I signed up for. I’m gonna *really* need FTF when I get back to work!)

Have fun, everyone!



Happy New Year!

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a nice time over the holidays. Albeit a little late, I’m wishing you a wonderful year ahead! 🙂

I did my yearly planning yesterday. The plans are a bit ambiguous by neccessity, as I have no idea what it’ll be like after March. But the first three months of the year are looking to be quite intense. I still have a lot of things to do at work and at home and in between. At least we have most of the baby stuff now, thanks to hand-me-downs from my sis & friends – only one trip to Ikea left! (Sidenote: My brother-in-law got me all riled up on a recent occasion when he started asking when are we planning to buy a bigger place and rolling his eyes at my collection of slightly-used-but-still-perfectly-good baby stuff, like you can’t have kids if you don’t live in a mansion and haven’t maxed out your credit card, grrrrrr. I think my sis gets so hippy/eco/recycle everything just to balance him out.) I still have to figure out all the accompanying paperwork, like pregnancy leave, insurance, etc etc. (And find a name! Gah!)


I’d like to thank everyone for posting their thoughts and plans for the new year. It’s been very inspirational reading your posts!

I’m also a little jealous of everyone’s goals… My main goals are to a) give birth (so scary!) and b) keep the baby alive (even scarier!), which are hardly inspirational when you think about how at least two thirds of the female population on this planet manage to do it. 😉

In any case, I hope everyone reaches their goals! I’ll be cheering on from the sidelines. Keep up the good work! 🙂

Vex 14.09.2012

Hey gang, it’s Friday! 😀


It’s been a while since posting here. I’ve been reading most of your updates, so let me just say: Calypte CONGRATS on finishing!! Wren, thinking healing thoughts for Mr. Wren – hope he’s doing well after surgery! SnowLeopard – good job with the difficult talk! Miss E, so you got to see Oscar Pistorius in action, I gather? And such a great win for UK! I’m envious! Moose, everything seems to be going well? Cate, I recall you worrying about getting no jobs, so I’m glad for you even if you’re overworked (hope it becomes more balanced, though!) And I hope Madam Ish didn’t get kidnapped by the school board or her quilting group! :)) (And I miss photos of Silvie’s pups 😦 …)

Anyway, it’s been quite eventful over here. We’ve done our more-than-3-week road trip through Northern Europe and decided it’s all very nice but we’d rather live in a warmer, drier climate with not as agressive mosquitos, thank you very much! Then we were immediately off to the too-warm Adriatic coast (40 Celsius in the shade) to swim in hot soup – ok, the sea, but it felt like a soup. We went on some weekend trips, fixed some stuff around the appartment (we may have managed to find some handymen who actually come when they say they will!), went out with friends we haven’t seen the whole summer, went to a couple of *fantastic* concerts, and somehow managed to fit in work in between everything else. 😉 I think I am now ready for a boring, cozy, low-activity winter.

Actually, the biggest news is that I’m pregnant. 🙂 I’m still not sure about the whole thing, being decidedly anti-kids until meeting N, who’s very pro-kids and is great with them… But I have warmed up to the idea in these years I’ve been with N. (And, to be honest, since hitting 30 and thinking about the future…) So I try not to worry too much about it. I’m going for the “taking it one day at a time” attitude. I sooo don’t want to think about what’s it going to be like when puberty hits! Or even about giving birth! The whole… physics… of it is just daunting!!

But anyway… I’m trying to spend less time on the computer and become more focused on other things. (Including taking a crash course in babies and baby-rearing, because I have no idea about any of it and I’m already freaking out a little!) So I’m going to fade away a little… But you can always reach me by email. (Which I don’t want to post publicly because google can find it, but you can easily see it if you look at my comments on FTFers “Comments” page – it is the longer version of my nickname, at gmx dot net.) Of course, if any of you come anywhere near Slovenia, I expect you to let me provide a guided tour! 😀

So, have fun and continue being fabulous, all of you! 🙂

Vex 20.7.2012

Last day of work before vacation, yeehaw! 😀

I’m doing the Friday dance right now! 🙂

  • get up before dawn to plant my strawberry in the communal flowerbed without anyone seeing me 😛 (it doesn’t do well on my terrace, maybe it’ll do better outside) – done!
  • work
  • buy 0,75l water bottle (0,5 is too small, 1l too big)
  • buy cleanser
  • cook, eat, etc.
  • laundry
  • shoe + possibly food shopping
  • plan, pack
  • set up birthday e-cards to be sent
  • go out after dusk and water the strawberry
  • set up the alarm!

I hope you’re all enjoying your summer! Have fun! 🙂

Vex 19.7.2012

We’re almost ready to go off on a 3-week trip north. Still plenty to do, though.

  • work
  • library
  • lunch w/ grandma-in-law
  • set up GIL’s Gmail
  • shopping for clothes + missing camping equipment
  • relocate strawberry to a better place
  • budget
  • detroll
  • what are we eating tomorrow? check fridge contents
  • and throughout the day: write down what to pack

Vex Thursday 12.7.2012

Hmmm, today’s new FTF posts notifications are suspiciously late… Any parties last night, I wonder? 😉

These days, I’m handling work, sort-of-freelance work, 3-week roadtrip preparations and some bureaucracy which feels like a job in itself. So I haven’t fallen into a black hole, but I’m dipping my toes in it. 😛

  • work:
    • finagle a new server from sysadmin group
    • coordinate installation
    • review tasks
    • start on the %$#”! todos I’ve been putting off
  • Udacity
  • print plan RI
  • sorta-freelance:
    • obsessively check mail for any replies from ST, FH, or OO
    • monitor DNS propagation
    • read up on installation
  • cook and eat at some point
  • pack
  • buy KN
  • test laptop
  • drinks with A?

The day definitely feels too short for all of the above. :/

Vex 29.6.2012

Yes, it’s Friday! 😀

It’s still verrrrry hot, and the weekend will be even hotter, so we’re planning to get out of the concrete & asphalt jungle.  But before that:

  • work
  • reply T, 3M
  • SA
  • lunch @ MIL’s
  • Roomba
  • laundry
  • decide where to go for the weekend
  • if necessary, help N prep the motorbike (although we’ll probably be lazy and just take the car)

Have a dancing weekend! 😉