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calypte 15th November

Really great write in yesterday – got 2400 words written, bringing me very nearly back on target! The group also offered me the germs of a scene, which helped, and I know where I’m going with it today, and possibly – fingers crossed? – through to the finish point. Might reach it before I do the whole word count, tbh!

Also managed to pick up a couple of Christmas presents yesterday, which makes me feel a little more organised. Alas, still have a card to make and cake to buy for the birthday next week, but hey – every step forward is a good’un! Realised I had a walloping 116 things on my to-do list, so time to motor on!

  • wii in
  • stretches et al
  • Aim for another 2K – puts me over the halfway point target 🙂
  • broadcast email – inspiration to the region
  • order xmas food (via cashback site)
  • research ideas for birthday card, at least!
  • roast chicken dinner – nom! 🙂
  • detroll
  • bath!
  • meditation
  • do all of above early enough to switch off, watch Strictly, and have a relaxing early night

calypte 8th march

Very happy to report good news on the MRI front, and almost instantly my sleeping patterns improved so my guess that it was stress related seems spot on! Phew, all round! 🙂

Busy week had. Was exhausted leaving the hospital on Wednesday (adrenaline-sapping relief?) but somehow still went out that night to a cracking performance of Much Ado About Nothing. Thursday was our company meeting, which they’d followed by a champagne tasting (wooo!) and quiz, which was all ace but turned into a much later night that expected. Then I accepted an invitation to the cinema on Friday, followed by another trip plus lunch out yesterday to celebrate a family birthday, and a mad whirl of finishing birthday card and wrapping before folk arrived! Got home from all of that and straight into my jammies – where I now intend to stay all today! 🙂

That’s not entirely true – I don’t like cooking in my dressing gown (cue gag), and I have both soup and root veg casserole (recipe will be on AppleJellyJam asap!) to make. But I’m trying to enforce on myself a sense of well-deserved rest and unharried productivity that I want to carry forward into a now normal again routine 🙂


  • Today:
    • 52C blog post
    • wii-in
    • make soup – postponed: ran out of carrots, and can’t go to the shops in my jammies 😉 LOL!
    • prep sf
    • make root veg casserole
    • AJJ blog post re above
    • detroll
    • laundry
    • MVA
  • Monday – day off! Woo! 4 days leave to take before the end of April, so starting here 🙂
  • Tuesday: new bloke starts at work – will be interesting!
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday: writing group
  • Friday: concert – the Music of John Williams

calypte 28th february

Weekend shift reporting for duty 😉

Hoping to have reached a turning point in my recent slump. Yesterday was my annual MRI, and although I’ve done it a dozen times, and it’s fine – everything’s fine – I figure I’m subconsciously more stressed than I realised, and yup: boy do I get tense sitting in that waiting room in a paper gown! (and it was fine. I feel a little queasy and light headed afterwards, but I went back to work and it was fine!). This year was actually worse than normal for that stressy sense, and I’m wondering if it’s because my sort-of-step-sister has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Urgh. She should also be fine, but they’ve already had worse results from the scan than expected, so the ‘full Angelina’ treatment is in the offing. It’s horrible, and it’s horrible of me but I’m really not looking forward to spending time with her next week. Aaaahhhh… results (mine) on Wednesday, and then normal service can resume. Right!?

In the meantime – WEEKEND! 🙂 Had such an ace one last week, but much rushing around. This weekend I have zero plans (and a busy week lined up after!) so am reveling in the jammies, reading and tv mindset 🙂 That said, few things I should be remembering:

  • birthday card for next w/e – failed to even start last one, must get over the ‘fear’!
  • choose/order present – eeep!
  • pay cc
  • set up new dd
  • blog – I want to be taking this more ‘seriously’, for varying reasons. So, recipe and 52C ‘update’ and review, review, review!! And talk about making cards (previous) – future planning!
  • write some

Week ahead:

  • Monday
  • Tuesday – head to my dad’s after work
  • Wednesday – consultant appt. / Love’s Labours Won
  • Thursday – company meeting in Glasgow, followed by food and quiz
  • Friday

calypte 21st february

Another disappointing slump week. I haven’t been this glad to see a weekend since I hated my job – and I like this one! Fortunately we had a couple of boss-free days thanks to the school hols, so a little less pressure towards the end of the week and a mammoth sleep-session are on track for putting me right. I just hope next week is better – I have oodles of plans!

Starting today, with my catch-up shopping spree. That is, cash in vouchers, pick up orders, and finally buy a new bra or two so I’m not having to chose my outfit based on which of the two comfy ones isn’t in the wash! Things no one at work understands… lol!

I’m also heading for a free coffee and cake, courtesy of John Lewis vouchers, so might treat myself to a bit of craft or stationary to say thank you 😉 Then it’s off to the cinema to laugh at coders on screen.

Tomorrow is jammies day – lots of reading and viewing, and catching up on indoor chores. I really should have made a birthday card by today, but as I’m not far off heading out I guess it’ll be made-on-birthday, delivered a day late. Oops! I do love card making, I’m just rubbish at getting started. Maybe I need to ‘schedulise’ it – it does seem to work for so many other things (like my new Monday evening zentangle session, courtesy of a friend who wanted to learn, and now demands that we should have a go whenever we meet up!) 🙂

Which brings me back to the habits and 52 Change stuff. Disappointing to have it lapse quite so much, but I’m still determined to get back to it all – tomorrow! 😉 Although actually, this past week has seen me ‘play’ with another two: a posture improvement attempt, and a mindful eating kick spurred on by the start of Lent. The latter is going quite well so far, although I must remind myself to keep going even if/when I don’t see instant results on the scales. Need/want a think about healthier but still yummy stuff I can be substituting in, too, so I avoid any ongoing deprivation feelings – although right now I’m aiming for “embracing a feeling of smugness” 😉

This week’s to-do list:

  • Saturday
    • shopping – nb get L’Occitane freebies (yay!) and collect dad’s Whittard order, plus M&S voucher browse and Bravissimo. And Boots!
    • cinema
  • Sunday
    • jammies day! 🙂
    • wii-in
    • make card
    • catch up with Android Studio course
    • MVA?
    • blog
  • Monday
    • cawfee post-work, with added zentangling
  • Tuesday
    • laundry et al
  • Wednesday
    • post-work cinema – Bafta tour letting me catch up on stuff I missed first time around, so Birdman
    • make yogurt
  • Thursday
    • post-work cinema – Lego Movie (ahem! 😉 )
  • Friday
    • annual MRI – need to remind boss re time off
    • bath and early night, I’m thinking!!

Phew. No wonder I’m not really sticking to routines right now! All fun 🙂

Happy week/end everyone!

calypte 18th January

Phew, moment to breathe?! Busy week, between work and socialising, and the habits from my 52 Changes ‘experiment’ 🙂

Week 2’s chapter was ‘unprocrastinate’ but – har de har – I’m putting it off 😉 Instead I’ve been doing my own version of chapter 3’s exercise-y one: it’s a traditional New Year’s resolution for a reason, after all, and something that absolutely should be more in my life. However, the idea of spending more time outside in the Scottish January big freeze is *not* remotely appealing, soo instead of the suggested walking I’ve been trying to use my wii Zumba every evening – going okay (although hasn’t helped with the weight, alas!). Also still keeping up the meditation, ‘cos I want that to be a continuing habit (as with the exercise).

I did slip a bit over the past few days, as I’ve had three late-ish nights out in a row – feel like I’ve barely seen my house since Wednesday! Shopping trip yesterday and lots of sitting around chatting, and a board games evening after work on Friday. Writing group started up again on Thursday and we had some of the ‘oldies’, some new returnees from November, and two entirely new faces (one very cute…! ;)). To keep some of the momentum going I’ve been preparing a Short Story Challenge for the group, which kicks off Feb 1st. Then for my own personal improvement and motivation, yesterday I bought a bargainous page-per-day A5 diary, with the intent of doing a page of random scribbles *every day* – fingers crossed!

Which sounds like one of the 52 Change habits, but I’m breaking the rules then by having 2 (eek!) for next week: decided to break the order totally and go with week 26’s Sleep More – figure a pre-bed routine ensuring a no-screen time, meditation and reading should help me be better rested for all the other things I want to be doing 😀

Talking of which, big list today of chores and catch-up stuff. Onwards!

calypte 2nd january

Ah, back to it – well, sort of! Have a feeling that today is the beginning of normality setting back in, but it’s also a bank holiday in Scotland (and entertainingly, the first company I’ve worked with that actually honoured it…!). Hurrah for long weekends!

I still need/want to have a goodly long think about how I’m going to improve my life this year – continuous improvement, and all that! Learning, exercising more, eating well, relaxing better – all those things. Writing more, being more creative. And less? Less junky food (refused the pot noodle offer in the supermarket today – they’re quick ’emergency’ meals, but I don’t need that encouragement – more of those choices, methinks!), and less mindless noodling online. I have tons of real things to do online, but also tons of better choices for just relaxation time. So, that’s one silly game sort-of quit…!

I do now have a fridge full of veggies and salad, plus I got soup made (and blogged about! New(-ish) blog is here: I started on the tidying up (I left the house on Christmas eve in a bit of a rush – card stuff everywhere!) and am fairly well caught up on laundry. I’ve got a couple of days ahead to get myself sorted more, and make a start on some resolution-y type thoughts, like:

  • Sleep – prioritise it, as it underpins *everything*. I slept sooo well at my dad’s, it’s been a disappointment to be back and sleeping worse in my own bed. Bah!
  • Exercise. Natch.
  • Eating well – see ‘good choices’ above. Not a diet, per se, especially with so many goodies in the house still, but mindful.
  • And meditation. Why does that keep disappearing?!
  • Time boxing, or pomodoro, or other ways for phrasing the idea of doing *something* for a short space of time, just *do*!
  • Do what? Creative stuff – writing, cards, zentangle, blogging – or learning – code, data science stuff, anything! Anything and everything 🙂 And organising!!

So, more of the same all round, really!!

calypte 15th December

Howdy, folks.

Taking a deep breath this morning in life terms – like Dahlia, think I’m past the ‘obligations’ part of the season, and can now get on with actually doing stuff!

Top of the list is still cards. Being very lazy on that one, and eek! 10 days til actual xmas. So, hoping today to do the ones that need posted o_O Thank goodness I have a day off to recover from the work Christmas party! A very special one it was, too, seeing us all stay at Loch Lomand for the weekend. Was lots of fun, slightly hampered by the fact that my cold of a week or so ago decided to have a final swipe and leave me currently deaf in one ear. Hoping that shifts soon – so add a bath to the to-do list!

And so, yes, on to full-on Christmas prep! I have just one present to buy – a small something, for a woman, clearly I don’t know her very well! – and one to collect. Then wrapping, decorating the jars I’m filling with ‘retro’-style sweeties, etc.

Head is more full of ‘and then’, though – all the things I want to be doing. So grr, pay attention to what’s right in front of me and necessary, and pick up with the rest AFTER!!