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still kicking

but just realizing, no, I don’t have time or mental space to make a post.

It’s like crossing a rope bridge: if I look down / do a status check on all my commitments, I’ll freak out and tumble.

Hope to write a better sounding post soon,
the overcommitted one.


– Up & gathering things for 600km round trip to rental property to do move-out inspection for vacating tenants, and an afternoon of work around the place there. It needs more than that, but I don’t have it.
– Talk to other tenants, figure some stuff out with them.
– Maybe put up some apartment-for-rent posters (haven’t had much luck with these in the past) and stick them in likely places.
– Nudge / wonder if I’ll hear back from a couple of people I’m hoping to work out some deal with regarding showing places for me so I don’t have to drive there to do that, which gets frustrating as about half the time, people don’t keep the appointments, and only sometimes call to let me know they aren’t coming.
– Head back home tonight so that tomorrow can be all about software.

Yes, it’s definitely all going to take longer than I’d prefer. I wish I could somehow make one business / job just go away for a couple of months, so I could focus and get some real traction on the remaining stuff, but that’s just idle, wishful thinking when I should be driving to the other city, stopping to run bank and other errands on the way.