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SL’s FTF, Tues 13th Dec

Want. To. Hibernate. It’s so dark and horrid outside! But not long till Xmas now and I’m taking next Monday off so will be having a three day weekend woohoo.

  • coffee
  • work – talk through things with L, check B is ok, continue sorting various things out and preparing things for meetings/signatures
  • Lord Extremely Posh is in this afternoon, but don’t think my presence is required
  • get more Xmas cards
  • post office
  • food shopping + buy presents in a work capacity, as repeated attempts to register with Waitrose Online yesterday failed grrrrrr
  • piano?
  • finish Xmas cards
  • continue reading slightly depressing Swedish detective novel, or watch trashy DVD?
  • G will be round to pick up his leftover steak pudding, unless I eat it first…