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calypte 4th January

How lovely to see the gang back! 🙂 Today is a marvellous day to be Scottish, as Jan 2nd is a bank hol up here (and I’m finally working for a company that takes the Scottish hols!) and we get today in lieu. Mind, that just means tomorrow is going to be my shock to the system.

Despite my ‘resolutions aren’t good’ readings, this is still a shiny new calendar start, and I’ve been thinking about mine. I’m letting myself off the laziness of the past few days, as (a) I was on holiday!, and (b) whatever I’d started would be hit hard tomorrow going back to work, anyway. As it is, I’m almost certainly going to skip writing class tomorrow, as a 6-8pm thing after first days back sounds like a recipe for being exhausted for the rest of the week!

More energy is going to be a focus this year, I’ve decided – read the perfect line, “you need more energy rather than more time” – so true! I do simply have a ton more things I want to do than available time, so going to work on scheduling, methinks. And going to use “Be good to future calypte” as one of my taglines for the year – be that short term (sleep, prepping lunch in advance) or longer (exercise, etc).

I also want to continue/improve my avoidance of the news, as it’s just such a mood killer these days. Prioritising my happiness over knowledge of world events feels like an indulgence, but… hmm.

Anyway. Shifted the bulk of the waffle I had here (oh yes, there was lots more than even this!) over to my blog!

Today’s achievements so far:

  • FINALLY phoned virgin media to grumble about the upcoming price increase putting me over the stated cost of the bundle I’m on – came away with a 6-month decrease on my current price (woo!) and rising to only the stated price afterward. Prob could have haggled for better, but I’m happy with that and mainly just to have finally done this!!
  • Put in my order for (cheap) diaries and calendars (yes, plural!) for my planning goals: large motivational calendar (to be used with stickers – woo!) as per Victoria Schwab; slimline calendar for day-to-day planning; small diary to carry about; larger diary for my gratitude/accomplishments diary. Grumble at the wait for delivery getting in the way of my planning, LOL!
  • Used up some of the odds’n’ends for my lunch – fridge is getting emptier! – and prepped tomorrow’s while I was at it!
  • Had a little celebration at getting 19 visitors over 2 days to my review blog – mainly for my year in review posts; plus there were over 30 random visitors to my Jaffa Cake Trifle silly made-up (but tested!) recipe over the festive month – I’m on page 1 or 2 of Google!! o_O
  • Diary of a Scanner post re resolutions – and using it to start thinking about my goals and immediate next steps
  • LFS review posted
  • Updated all of the ‘about’-type pages on DoaS
  • Laundry
  • Finished a card!
  • Wii fit
  • About to go make curfew… 🙂


  • yesterday’s spiralizer/courgetti experiment went so well!
  • extra bank hol!
  • the VM phone call was easier than expected
  • modern tech that lets me send photos of my broken shower screen to my dad, so we can have a conversation about what needs fixed/replaced with him absolutely knowing what I’m talking about 🙂
  • found the half-written reviews I thought I’d lost! Woo 🙂
  • I still don’t relish getting out of my bed tomorrow morning, but I am absolutely not dreading work – woo! 🙂