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4/9/14 ftf, wren

Yesterday afternoon was so warm and sunny that I wore shorts and a tank top for my hike with the dogs!  It felt great!  Poor J is having a flare-up of his Meniere’s disease and his knee pain, both at the same time.  He has the day off from work today, so I hope he can rest and it will help both things.





happy dog time

a.m. cardio

work day



op indicators report

third quarter financial report

INS invoice

proof req

pass thru invoices

uTRAC change LZAX primary coordinator-VG

uTRAC change EPOCH primary coordinator-LN

uTRAC change CONNECT primary coordinator-VG

send CS info about where to send med records

review EDR materials

patient letter (need info from JH)

find out about telehealth equipment

retention/performance reviews

xfer IME payments

Vex 14.09.2012

Hey gang, it’s Friday! 😀


It’s been a while since posting here. I’ve been reading most of your updates, so let me just say: Calypte CONGRATS on finishing!! Wren, thinking healing thoughts for Mr. Wren – hope he’s doing well after surgery! SnowLeopard – good job with the difficult talk! Miss E, so you got to see Oscar Pistorius in action, I gather? And such a great win for UK! I’m envious! Moose, everything seems to be going well? Cate, I recall you worrying about getting no jobs, so I’m glad for you even if you’re overworked (hope it becomes more balanced, though!) And I hope Madam Ish didn’t get kidnapped by the school board or her quilting group! :)) (And I miss photos of Silvie’s pups 😦 …)

Anyway, it’s been quite eventful over here. We’ve done our more-than-3-week road trip through Northern Europe and decided it’s all very nice but we’d rather live in a warmer, drier climate with not as agressive mosquitos, thank you very much! Then we were immediately off to the too-warm Adriatic coast (40 Celsius in the shade) to swim in hot soup – ok, the sea, but it felt like a soup. We went on some weekend trips, fixed some stuff around the appartment (we may have managed to find some handymen who actually come when they say they will!), went out with friends we haven’t seen the whole summer, went to a couple of *fantastic* concerts, and somehow managed to fit in work in between everything else. 😉 I think I am now ready for a boring, cozy, low-activity winter.

Actually, the biggest news is that I’m pregnant. 🙂 I’m still not sure about the whole thing, being decidedly anti-kids until meeting N, who’s very pro-kids and is great with them… But I have warmed up to the idea in these years I’ve been with N. (And, to be honest, since hitting 30 and thinking about the future…) So I try not to worry too much about it. I’m going for the “taking it one day at a time” attitude. I sooo don’t want to think about what’s it going to be like when puberty hits! Or even about giving birth! The whole… physics… of it is just daunting!!

But anyway… I’m trying to spend less time on the computer and become more focused on other things. (Including taking a crash course in babies and baby-rearing, because I have no idea about any of it and I’m already freaking out a little!) So I’m going to fade away a little… But you can always reach me by email. (Which I don’t want to post publicly because google can find it, but you can easily see it if you look at my comments on FTFers “Comments” page – it is the longer version of my nickname, at gmx dot net.) Of course, if any of you come anywhere near Slovenia, I expect you to let me provide a guided tour! 😀

So, have fun and continue being fabulous, all of you! 🙂

Vex Thursday 12.7.2012

Hmmm, today’s new FTF posts notifications are suspiciously late… Any parties last night, I wonder? 😉

These days, I’m handling work, sort-of-freelance work, 3-week roadtrip preparations and some bureaucracy which feels like a job in itself. So I haven’t fallen into a black hole, but I’m dipping my toes in it. 😛

  • work:
    • finagle a new server from sysadmin group
    • coordinate installation
    • review tasks
    • start on the %$#”! todos I’ve been putting off
  • Udacity
  • print plan RI
  • sorta-freelance:
    • obsessively check mail for any replies from ST, FH, or OO
    • monitor DNS propagation
    • read up on installation
  • cook and eat at some point
  • pack
  • buy KN
  • test laptop
  • drinks with A?

The day definitely feels too short for all of the above. :/

Vex 10.5.2012

Ugh, work is getting more intense… And my parents are coming to visit tomorrow, and they’ll be meeting with N’s parents, which means more people than our place can handle, which means we have to decide where to go and make reservations and coordinate everything. Plus N says our car was showing some problematic behaviour yesterday, which means I have to gently coax N into calling the mechanic, because he hates doing it and would rather procrastinate forever or at least until 3 days before the next longer drive we have to take.

Trying to keep my vacation-zen state of mind anyway…

  • work (finish what I kept putting off yesterday!)
  • pick up post
  • cook, lunch, etc.
  • veg box!
  • Udacity homework part 2
  • pack up M’s books I have to return
  • decide: the Mexican place or the ‘old-school’ place
  • call parents, confirm plans
  • make reservations
  • MIL coming around to pick up spare keys?
  • evening routine


Vex 27.3.2012.

Couldn’t sleep last night – probably due to my biorhythm being completely off after 2 weeks of getting up late, dozing in the afternoon and going to bed very late. Well, it’s definitely a self-correcting issue.

  • work (wake up)
  • reply S, P
  • cook, lunch, etc.
  • discuss afternoon plans w/ N: shopping? (moisturizer, running shoes, bed sheets and coasters) or going with N’s grandma to buy new plants?
  • do whatever we agree on doing
  • programming
  • gentle exercise
  • evening routine

Vex 26.3.2012

Urgh. I am back after a 2-week fight with virii or bacteria or something. Not pleasant, but I hope I’m done with this year’s share of illness.

Now, on to the important things: WHERE ARE THE PHOTOS, London team?! 😀

And the not-so-important things:

  • work (wall of meetings)
  • cook, eat, etc.
  • update budget
  • prepare bike for start of biking season (woohooo!)
  • review current status on all my projects
  • gentle exercise, old-and-sick-people-style
  • early to bed (grr, who invented Daylight Savings Time anyway??)

Vex 9.3.2012

Yay Friday!

The concert yesterday was great! And today I’m going to two parties! I’ll probably sleep throughout the weekend after being such a social butterfly. 😉

  • work
  • party #1 (at the mountain)
  • don’t miss the last lift from the mountain! (set an alarm on the phone, maybe?)
  • coordinate N & M to pick me up
  • party #2

Have a nice weekend everyone! 🙂