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SL’s FTF, Tues 7th Feb

A rather frustrating day yesterday as P was off sick and chief was very elusive. I need him to give me feedback on my papers and help answer some of my questions – there are so many uncertainties at the moment it’s very difficult to do the budget and cashflow forecast. Hopefully he’ll find time to look at my stuff today… Also my ex-colleague R is coming in today to talk about something, which will be weird. Am slightly annoyed with her too, as she announced she was coming today without even specifying a time! She’s now retired so you would think she could ask when would be a good time for me (i.e. behave like a normal person setting up a meeting), but no, she’s just gone and picked one of the most busy days of the year and is generally behaving very imperiously.

Worried that I am becoming a horrible irritable person ūüôā Thank god I have Z to bitch with at lunchtime!

On with today…

  • prep packed lunch
  • emails with G and ACC about our trip to Burgundy in June ūüôā
  • texts with brother about Friday¬†
  • STLs
  • hopefully talk to chief, update accounts
  • need reply from P about plans for property, crack on with VAT registration for new charity
  • review papers for Z
  • meeting with R
  • meeting with chief, Z and C about new website proposals
  • whatever else I have time for
  • food shopping
  • blog
  • Twin Peaks
  • continue reading Stieg Larsson – am finding it very cosy reading about -15 degree temperatures when I’m nice and warm ūüôā

2/6/17 ftf, wren

Well, here I am in Fabulous Las Vegas.¬† Actually, for us, Las Vegas is more an in-between resting spot rather than a travel destination.¬† It’s half-way between our home and my mom’s home, so we often break up the trip by stopping here.¬† Yesterday was a nice day of driving and exploring.¬† We took the dogs on a not-too-long hike in the red rocks and pink sands of Southern Utah.¬† It was heavenly to walk on dry ground without need of thermal underwear and heavy overcoat.¬† I was also pleased to be able to walk a couple miles without too much soreness.¬† We also visited a lovely desert retirement community, on the off chance that any of us will be able to retire after the current regime is done destroying the American middle class.¬† Then we arrived in Las Vegas, got Chinese take-out, and watched the Super Bowl, with it’s disappointing ending.

Today we will do the second half of the drive and arrive at my mom’s.¬† I am not feeling the least bit chatty and hope that will go away before I get to my mom’s.¬† My mom doesn’t have internet, so I probably won’t be checking in the rest of the week.


SL’s FTF, Mon 6th Feb

We had a nice team lunch on Friday, and then I had a quiet afternoon getting my work done. G and I went round to a friend’s for lunch on Saturday and I spent yesterday pottering about including some work on my plot. It’s beginning to take shape but still needs a lot more and it’s only two and a half weeks before the second writing retreat,¬†which is helping to focus the mind!

  • STLs
  • review list of tasks
  • various queries to put to P, P and Z
  • set up new fund for someone
  • let chief know about newbie
  • hopefully finish first draft of all my papers by end of play
  • catch up on Homeland
  • time for more plot ideas?
  • continue re-reading Stieg Larsson trilogy

SL’s FTF, Fri 3rd Feb

Was having quite a good day yesterday until I got home and randomly went on FB (which I do less and less these days) to find a message¬†from one of my close friends to a group of us about her husband who was having an emergency operation.¬†Am glad I found out when I did, as I find that FB’s email notifications are very erratic. My friend¬†hasn’t given the group an update since then, so¬†not sure what’s going on or if he’s ok – it’s very unsettling. Have sent her a message to ask, as would like to know and want to be supportive, but on the other hand don’t want to hassle too much at this difficult time. Argh! Paws crossed.

Anyway, my newbie continued to be excellent yesterday and has made a start on clearing up various trails of carnage going back into pre-history!¬†Hoping for a nice quiet day today and we’re going for our monthly team lunch. We’re being joined by Huffy Puffy (the one who used to sit opposite the desk where I’m now sitting) who is coming by for one last time to check IT stuff. C is off sick which is a shame as she was HP’s¬†closest friend in the office having done that job previously and being a fellow Saffer. Oh well, will try to be as sympathetic as possible to HP’s¬†moaning!

  • clear up carnage from last night
  • ironing
  • STLs
  • deal with emails from yesterday
  • commentary
  • team lunch
  • budget
  • ¬†catch up on Unforgotten
  • decide what to start reading next

SL’s FTF, Thurs 2nd Feb

The newbie’s first day went well yesterday, although the poor girl had a streaming cold. Very glad to have her on board and when P gave her an incomprehensible tangle of stuff to do, she took it completely in her stride.¬†Today should be relatively quiet which is just as well, since deadlines are now looming.

  • collect parcels
  • STLs
  • call IT people about one last thing
  • check invoices from yesterday, see if there is anything else I need to show A
  • crack on with finalising accounts, cashflow forecast, commentary and budget
  • food shopping
  • clear up carnage
  • dinner with G


SL’s FTF, Wed 1st Feb

Our newbie starts today, so I’m going to be spending most of the day training her. Feeling happy about it and confident she’ll fit in. Everything seems to be¬†under control, for once!

  • STLs
  • call IT people to finish sorting out newbie’s IT
  • can she go and get ID as soon as she arrives or should it wait till tomorrow?
  • other forms to fill in etc.
  • training
  • whatever else I have time for
  • Waterstones to get birthday card
  • email AM
  • Twin Peaks/Long Way

SL’s FTF, Tues 31st Jan

Enjoying being at my new desk, it’s much easier to concentrate there. I should be achieving¬†loads of Feats of Productivity in future! But today, first, the dentist, which has been put off long enough.

  • ironing
  • dentist
  • STLs
  • finish setting up stuff for newbie and email everyone
  • set up new fund for someone who is now hassling
  • cashflow + talk to chief
  • budget
  • commentary
  • call travel co – Mum and I are planning a trip to Italy at the end of Sept ūüôā
  • food shopping
  • email AM about wine
  • month end financial review
  • carry on watching Twin Peaks
  • continue reading Long Way… enjoying it just as much second time round