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SL’s FTF, Wed 15th March

A random day off today – going to see Kinky Boots this afternoon with my mother for the second time! We enjoyed it a lot the first time and since my family used to own a shoe factory in Northampton the story has some resonance, although I don’t think it ever occurred to my grandfather to go into boots for transvestites 🙂 I love the way that KB makes it all seem so glamorous and Cyndi Lauper’s music is great too. We’re going to meet up with brother and SIL afterwards, which will be nice.

First, I’m determined to get a walk in as it’s about time I got back to that and with next door waking me up at 7.00 it ought to be possible.

  • clear up carnage
  • manic cleaning etc
  • recycling, food shopping
  • walk
  • meet Mum
  • KB
  • sort out her internet banking issue
  • meet D&G
  • go and see G?


SL’s FTF, Tues 14th March

Enjoyed Certain Women last night, one of those films where not a lot happens, but beautiful to look at, and great performances.

I found it quite interesting to monitor my energy levels yesterday. Had a very good morning and then definitely flagged around lunchtime, but had another burst of energy at about 4.30. Will continue to see if this is how it goes for the rest of the week, and schedule tasks accordingly.

  • STLs
  • audit planning meeting 
  • meeting with fundholder
  • chase Peter about minutes
  • Gift Aid! (have been putting this off for ages, really must get on with it)
  • probably some payment checking at some point – save for a less productive period
  • clear up carnage
  • finish reading Productivity Ninja


SL’s FTF, Mon 13th March

Had a restful weekend, a great night out on Saturday and quiet day yesterday reading and writing. Feeling ready for the week ahead and I only have two days of work before taking Wednesday off as am going to see Kinky Boots with my mother for the second time.

I’ve been reading a book called the Productivity Ninja which I’m enjoying, particularly the funny illustrations involving paperclips and the like. So far it seems I already do most of the things he suggests, but one thing I hadn’t thought so much about was finding the times of day when you are at your best (this is on an hour by hour level, not just “I’m a morning person”), saving the most difficult work for then and doing the less demanding stuff during periods of slump. Think I’ll try to pay more attention to that in future.

This evening Z and I are going to see Certain Women, which I’m looking forward to. I suspect it’s a film that will be better at the cinema and am glad Z was willing to come and see it with me 🙂

  • STLs
  • amendments to minutes
  • where are we with VAT?
  • Bankline form
  • minutes for club
  • get cracking on big pile of checking (save for slump period!)
  • cinema with Z

SL’s FTF, Fri 10th March

Had a very productive day yesterday and got four out of five major tasks done, so today should be more leisurely, although the list is still very long. Felt better generally, in fact, which made a big different to my mood.

Tomorrow night there’s a wine dinner involving one of the French growers – quite a coup for my friend who is organising it, as this guy is a kind of reclusive genius, and his wines are very sought-after. Looking forward to that!

  • clear up carnage
  • ironing
  • deal with flight rescheduling grrr
  • send card to Mum
  • STLs
  • send fund statements
  • resolve VAT letter and get it sent off
  • look at chief’s comments on minutes
  • fund admin
  • send stuff to J
  • funding letters for JP
  • talk to P – let’s look at Gift Aid next week
  • have a chat with A
  • minutes from yesterday?
  • quiet night in – get some reading done

SL’s FTF, Thurs 9th March

Up early today as the delayed committee meeting has been rescheduled to this morning. I wonder if anyone else will remember?

There is still so much to get done over the next couple of weeks, and things keep coming out of the woodwork, but I had some good news yesterday that we can keep our old bank account open for a few months which is very helpful and solves quite a few of my problems.

I’ve had some intermittent stomach cramps for the past few days which hasn’t been great. Not sure if its anxiety or something I picked up when I was in Wales – someone there had a cold and at one point had an upset stomach, I think. Hopefully it will go away soon!

  • committee
  • STLs
  • deal with emails
  • email Nick
  • send accounts to surveyor bloke
  • letters to residents
  • crack on with VAT schedules and letter to HMRC – would really like to get this done today
  • get birthday card for Mum
  • food shopping
  • quiet night relaxing – have yet more home admin to do but then will do some reading, I think

SL’s FTF, Wed 8th March

Got a good report from the hygienist yesterday and for once the scene was not like something out of a horror film. Got a lot of other stuff done yesterday too so feeling slightly less overwhelmed now.

Today we’re having a progress meeting with the guy who we’ve asked to design a new logo for the charity. I’m looking forward to seeing what he comes up with. Nothing can be worse than our existing logo, which looks like a cheap rip-off of the tube sign. We’ve put up with that for ten years!

  • STLs
  • finish amendments to minutes, give to chief
  • deal with VAT letter
  • bank manager is going to get in touch about new account
  • meeting with logo guy
  • fund admin
  • does Z want to see Certain Women next week?
  • clear up carnage from last night
  • deal with home emails now stacking up (including several from retreat people – how to reply diplomatically!)
  • is thing happening on Sat? 
  • if time, maybe an episode of Twin Peaks
  • continue reading Andrew Taylor book 

T’s 8th March

Hi guys! gorgeous morning here, glimpses of spring around already.

Sorry, long time no see, my fault. As usual, I’ve read your posts, late in the day. It’s always so great to read about your progress and how you all face what life throws at you. This year I am experimenting with spending most of my days off line and it’s going great, except for the fact that I don’t come around here much. Missing you all! Ever heard of the Monk-Mode-Mornings? Of course, now that I am not teaching and have all the time to focus on research, I can afford to do this. Still thinking how to incorporate a way to post here regularly though…

Actually making the best use of such unstructured time day after day hasn’t been straightforward or easy. There is not much advice out there focusing on big projects to be developed in a lot of unstructured time. Here are a couple of systems that focus on that, in case you might find them helpful for your big, long-term projects:

I’m going to start using the storyline productivity schedule this week.

By the way, happy women’s day to you all (ok, women’s day never fails to enrage me, year after year, because of course we should be valued and praised and not be taken for granted every single day of the year, but you know what I mean, or I hope so).

Today I’m in worktown and the day is packed with meetings and office hours, so, I’m unlikely to get much meaningful done… will do my best to tackle the following small chores in the snippets of time:

  • talk to secretary about  approval for invited lecture
  • prepare for Skype call with colleague
  •  print out forms and fill them
  • emails
  • gym
  • Skype call with S.