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SL’s FTF, Wed 17th May

The big meeting went all right yesterday, I think. One big decision was delayed  which disappointed one of my colleagues, but for it’s such a big decision I understand the trustees being nervous about it. Came out after five hours to find 44 emails waiting for me which should keep me out of mischief for most of today.

One good thing, sort of, about these epic meetings is that I’m always absolutely shattered afterwards, so slept well at least! Next door woke me up early but it’s raining so think I’ll get into work early and crack on.

  • STLs
  • deal with emails
  • debrief from yesterday
  • need to go through loan agreement
  • make a start on minutes
  • food shopping
  • would like to crack on with plot, colour-coded spreadsheet etc. this evening

SL’s FTF, Tues 16th May

Had a good day at work yesterday, despite (or perhaps because of) no external emails.  I could get used to this! 🙂 Last night was fun too – some interesting wines at the tasting, and then an enjoyable dinner at G’s club. Not feeling too bad this morning either, so should make it through today’s giant meeting. As usual, I’ll be glad when that’s over.

  • STLs
  • talk to Peter
  • continue accruals/accrued income
  • giant meeting (12.30 to 5.00!)
  • come home and collapse 🙂

5/15/17 ftf, wren

Yesterday got off to a rough start.  I took the dogs for an early morning hike and was surprised to find how high the streams were all running.  I kept crossing streams that usually don’t exist, getting deeper and deeper into it, until the trail itself turned into a stream.  At that point, my boots were soaked and squidgy and it seemed better to just keep going.  The sound from the rushing water was loud, which I think contributed to me getting lost from Elbee.  I was three miles back into the woods, and she was not coming when called, which is highly unusual.  I kept imagining her hurt or stuck or even attacked by some wild animal.  As I searched for her, I phoned J, who drove out to help and found her waiting at my car.  What a relief, and what a good dog!

I dd speak with my mom yesterday, which was Mother’s Day.  She was very pleased with the tulips and book that I sent her (the book is a history of dictionaries, which is right up her alley), so I was glad for that.

This morning is going to be all about onboarding a new employee and meetings.



happy dog time!


work day



revised agreement to Valerio

onboard new employee

writing meeting

submit trouble ticket

reply to College of Nursing

MK8931-017 final invoice (due before 6/15)

MK 017 invoice for additional Rx

business cards

xfer to nursing

p card documentation

clinical trials invoicing

Roche Final Invoice (due before 7/21)


set up AbbVie pass through sheet

Eisai uTRAC

Eisai forgiveness of reimbursement

Janssen – negotiate

complete first RATS class

after work


SL’s FTF, Mon 15th May

Had a good time watching Eurovision on Saturday evening although there was nothing really weird this year and I didn’t much like the winner… but good to see old favourite Ruslana in action in the interval! (shiri na na etc.etc.)

A quiet day yesterday recovering (!) and I’m making progress with my book too. A giant spreadsheet is coming in handy. Colour-coding may be involved 🙂 I now have quite a good idea of who did it and why, and am working on alternative theories and red herrings. It’s amazing how three hours can whiz by when I get into it.

I hope our IT is working today. We weren’t affected on Friday, but about four hours after the thing happened, our IT dept got round to letting everyone know and shut down external emails as a precaution. Hopefully that means fewer emails today! To be honest, anyone I know at work could have told you our IT is hopelessly outdated (the default web browser on our computers is Internet Explorer 7, which brings up error messages from most websites, so we’ve had to illicitly use an administrator’s password in order to put Chrome on them) and the hospital management is more interested in exciting gee-whizz projects like visiting the US on a “fact-finding mission” to look at electronic patient records or my boss’s current favourite, hanging out with household name software companies to talk about artificial intelligence, rather than the day-to-day stuff of keeping the network secure. Such is life! Once we’ve handed the keys over to the robots and this happens, we’re all screwed aren’t we? No wonder all the tech billionaires are buying hideaways in New Zealand for when the apocalypse comes…

So, on that cheery note, let the working week begin! I have a wine tasting and a (separate) wine dinner this evening which is the worst timing ever as it’s our big quarterly meeting tomorrow. Argh!

  • make delicious packed lunch
  • rant a bit 🙂
  • STLs
  • read agenda papers for tomorrow
  • write blurb for tomorrow
  • do some more work on year end accounts
  • wine tasting
  • wine dinner

SL’s FTF, Fri 12th May

As expected, had a nice quiet day yesterday at work, and untangled a massive problem in a set of accounts which kept popping up all over the place, so it was satisfying to get that finished off. Today I’m hoping to make a start on the main charity’s official accounts as it’s only about a month till the audit.

Tomorrow is Eurovision and G and ACC are coming round to join me – decided to make a few things (parmesan shortbreads, chocolate mousse, some dips) so need to get cracking! Have a good weekend everyone.

  • ironing
  • STLs
  • accounts
  • reply to tax woman
  • weekly review
  • make chocolate mousse
  • catch up on the Good Fight

SL’s FTF, Thurs 11th May

Agenda paper day is always quite stressful but went more smoothly than usual yesterday, and they were done and dusted by 4.30. Things should be peaceful for the rest of the week and I have a few things to do to clear the decks then it’s time to crack on with the official accounts.

Up early again today and have been for a nice walk in the square, so feeling calm and ready for the day ahead.

  • walk
  • STLs
  • talk to A about sales invoices
  • talk to C about STLs
  • EWC accounts
  • look into HR/tax stuff
  • checking? would be good to get an hour done at least
  • food shopping
  • finish watching Ultraviolet
  • decide what to read next – probably another Fred Vargas

SL’s FTF, Wed 10th May

An exciting morning at work yesterday plotting world domination, or rather working on the numbers for a big property development which, if carried out according to plan, will completely transform the scale of what we’re able to do for the hospital and will double the number of grants we can make each year. That would be pretty amazing.

Book group was nice, just three of us, but I prefer a small group, and we were there for over 2 hours which was a good sign!

Up early this morning for a walk in the sunny square which set me up for the day. There were film trucks over by Senate House so I had a sneaky look to see what they are filming – Black Mirror, apparently. I haven’t seen any of that, sounds a bit nightmarish and we have enough of those in real life at the moment. How is it that Trump is allowed to fire the head of the FBI? What happened to checks and balances? Am confused.

  • walk
  • STLs
  • proof-read agenda papers for Z
  • HB online banking form
  • deal with HR/tax stuff
  • read C’s article – have been putting it off too long
  • chase AoD
  • finalise EWC accounts
  • food shopping
  • collect parcels
  • continue watching Ultraviolet, which is a thing about vampires from the late 90s