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SL’s FTF, Mon 24th July

The eye appointment went well on Friday and I’m good to go for another year; in fact the woman who gave me my results seemed to be saying that my eye pressure is now normal, if I understood her correctly, so that would actually be an improvement.

Then had a very nice time at home looking after the cats. Tiger and Tilly  were both very pleased to see me and there was much purring and snuggling all round. I took my laptop home and did some writing and played a bit of piano and the time just zipped by.  Such a world away from London and work.

Tomorrow is the big quarterly meeting and the annual dinner, so I have to get through today first. I have a sore throat and am feeling a bit rough this morning. Hoping it will go away rather than develop into a cold just in time for tomorrow.

  • check we got paid, since the troops were anxious about this on Friday – we did!
  • STLs
  • prep my talk for tomorrow (I have to have a script so I don’t start wittering like an eejit)
  • continue management accounts
  • discuss loan documentation with chief, the saga continues, now our own lawyers are hassling us! I often think the lawyers think we work for them rather than the other way round…
  • clear up carnage from last night
  • Twin Peaks! (so glad you’re watching it too, calypte, as nobody else I know is)
  • do some writing
  • continue reading the Power

SL’s FTF, Fri 21st July

Argh, just woke up at 5.30, which is no doubt due to the fact that I knew I had to get up early this morning. Not that early, though! 😉

First up is an appointment at the glaucoma clinic – hoping for the same result as last year i.e. that although I have high eye blood pressure it’s not causing me any problems – and then into work. Then I have to rush home, get my bag and get to the station for a weekend of cat-sitting as Mum is now in Ireland. She’s attending the “Death in  Dun Laoghaire” (pronounced Dunleary, apparently) crime writing conference with her sister, and was very much looking forward to it.  Am slightly jealous actually, but we’ll be going to the thing in Oxford in a month’s time so I’ll get my fix then.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

  • manic packing
  • eye clinic
  • STLs
  • crack on with management accounts, got a good start yesterday, would be great to get them finished off today
  • dash home and get bag
  • train! cats! lazy weekend!

SL’s FTF, Thurs 20th July

This week has gone flying past… can’t believe I’m going home tomorrow. We got through yesterday very well right up to the end of the day when something happened to upset Z but the end is in sight and I keep telling her that!

Today should be very quiet and I’m trying decide whether to do the management accounts or the VAT return. I hate doing the VAT return and it doesn’t actually need to be done for a couple of weeks, so think I will do the management accounts instead 🙂

  • ironing
  • kettlebell
  • blog
  • STLs
  • management accounts
  • packing and prep for tomorrow
  • continue reading the Power

SL’s FTF, Wed 19th July

Still fairly on top of things at work and the photo shoot, although awful, could have been worse. At least the photographer seemed a nice chap and he took about 5 million photos so there is a very slight possibility that one of them may not be too awful.

There was a massive thunderstorm here in the middle of the night (if it’s not helicopters, it’s thunder and lightning) so am hoping it will feel a bit fresher today as it’s been quite muggy lately.  G and I are planning to go for a walk this evening – we’re both trying to drink less at the moment but having dinner together does tend to involve a bottle of wine, so this is a different formula.

Agenda paper day today which is always quite stressful and at this meeting there are 11 grant bids which may be a new record. It main;y affects Z so I’m aiming to be supportive and exude calm and serenity at all times!

  • blog
  • STLs
  • finish off my paper and give to chief for comments
  • help Z with papers
  • continue management accounts
  • food shopping
  • walk with G
  • continue reading the Power

SL’s FTF, Tues 18th July

Felt very serene by my standards yesterday, which made a nice change. It feels as though things are starting to ease up a bit, although we have the big meeting next week.

I do still struggle to concentrate sometimes though, and wren’s comments about her chatty secretary remind me slightly of Z – although it’s lovely that we now sit opposite each other, we do chat more during the day which can sometimes interrupt flow. My new mantra is “let’s talk about it at lunchtime” but often by the time lunchtime comes round, we’ve forgotten whatever it was we wanted to talk about (!) I should start making an agenda for our lunchtime chat 🙂

Anyway, it’s the photo shoot this afternoon which is quite nerve-wracking and I’ll be glad to get it over. We’ve been instructed to wear bright colours and no patterns which basically gives me one option, my magenta shirt, which isn’t what I’d normally choose to wear on a hot day, but hopefully it won’t be too hot going to work and once there the office is fairly cool. And at least it’s not raining so my hair has no excuse to be more frizzy than usual! Argh!

  • kettlebell
  • STLs
  • review loan situation
  • where are we with auditors?
  • finish off papers and give them to chief
  • deal with invoices piling up on my desk
  • help Z with any papers she needs assistance with
  • photo shoot
  • blog
  • Twin Peaks
  • continue reading the Power

SL’s FTF, Mon 17th July

On Saturday evening G and I went to Windsor, which we have both been reluctant to do as it’s rather an operation (it takes 2 hours each way) but it was good to get it done and to see T on his home territory.

Yesterday morning I went for a walk for the first time in ages and G was also doing his cardio exercises in the square so we ended up walking together for a bit, which was nice. Got some reading and writing done, some thinky time etc, and a long phone call with my mother who is about to go to Ireland so I’ll be cat-sitting next weekend, yay! 🙂

I’m so glad I have the kind of job where I can stop thinking about work as soon as I leave the office. Lots of things to do today but managed to push thoughts about it out of my head over the weekend. It will all be waiting for me when I get in.

  • intentional resting
  • deal with a couple of social-related emails
  • final revisions to accounts
  • write papers for meeting – not entirely sure where we are with the loan at the moment! 
  • check instructions for tomorrow (we have to have official photos done for the new website, argh!)
  • whatever else there is time for
  • blog
  • catch up on Twin Peaks
  • continue reading the Power by Naomi Alderman, which I suggested for book group this month, enjoying it so far




SL’s FTF, Fri 14th July

Got a lot done yesterday and dealt with some ancient rubbish which had needed dealing with for a long time. Today is fund statement day so that’s the only thing on my list. It involves sending out lots of emails, some of which can be done by the automatic system, but quite a lot have to be sent “by hand” which is very tedious. Oh well! I will just have to make sure I get up and walk about a lot.

This evening am round to ACC’s in Brixton to help him finish off some samples and then tomorrow night G and I are going to Windsor to have a meal out with T. We haven’t been there since the notorious Sauternes lunch about five years ago which practically finished us off. I think Saturday night will be more sedate 🙂

  • ironing
  • kettlebell
  • make delicious packed lunch
  • intentional resting
  • fund statements
  • whatever else there is time for…
  • head down to Brixton