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SL’s FTF, Fri 26th May

Yesterday’s trip to Newbury went well and the meeting was more constructive than usual, partly due to the absence of one or two  trouble-makers. The tea party was nice too and we had a lovely day for it.

I wasn’t so happy to be woken up at 1.30 by music coming from the building next to ours which belongs to a famous advertising agency. That carried on for two hours… as if it wasn’t difficult enough to sleep at the moment with it being so hot!

Today will be mainly dealing with emails and whatever other substances have hit the fan while I’ve been out of the office, and then this evening I’m off to see my mother for the weekend. At least it’s a bank holiday weekend and an extra day off is very welcome.

  • packing
  • STLs
  • Inbox of Doom
  • deal with stuff I brought back yesterday
  • revise minutes
  • payments
  • if time, agenda papers for meetings
  • if time, continue accounts spreadsheets
  • catch train home

SL’s FTF, Thurs 25th May

Had quite a good day yesterday at the conference, after some initial hassle meeting up with Z, who knew it would be so complicated. We laughed about it afterwards, and walked back together past St James’s Park which I don’t think Z has ever been to before – it was a beautiful, sunny afternoon.

Today I have another day out of the office, a trip to Newbury for one of the other charities. It’s usually faintly surreal and includes a “bun fight” with the elderly residents of the estate. Am definitely going to put on sunscreen today!

I can’t believe the US intelligence agencies have been leaking stuff about the Manchester bombing. It’s quite shocking, and if our people can’t share stuff with them surely it makes everything more dangerous for everyone.

  • trip to Newbury
  • whatever I feel like afterwards

SL’s FTF, Wed 24th May

Yesterday went well at work. got a lot done, but still being bombarded by emails from all and sundry. Today and tomorrow I’m not in the office – today Z and I are going to a conference for health charities (which I’m rather regretting signing up for now) and tomorrow we have a trip to the sticks for one of the other charities we manage. Hope there isn’t too much chaos waiting for me on Friday!

  • conference
  • food shopping
  • deal with payments on online banking
  • see how I feel… (book? Twin Peaks? The Keepers?)

SL’s FTF, Tues 23rd May

Just awful to wake up this morning and find out about the bomb in Manchester. How can anyone do something like that., targeting little girls. What a world we live in.

Haven’t been sleeping too well lately and woke up soon after 6 this morning so got up and went for a walk. The square doesn’t officially open till 7 but there’s a side gate which is usually open earlier so it’s possible to get in and more or less have the place to myself (well, just me and Pigeon Guy) for a few minutes, which is very nice and peaceful.

Got the dreaded Loan Document reviewed in detail yesterday and got the first draft of the minutes finished too so am feeling reasonably on top of things, and then last night I came home and emailed a bunch of friends I’d been meaning to email, and have made some tentative arrangements to see them soon which will be good.

  • walk
  • STLs
  • payroll year end
  • hopefully get comments on minutes from Z
  • deal with further stuff to do with loan agreement
  • crack on with accounts spreadsheets
  • want to do some meditation this evening in the hope of sleeping better
  • more Twin Peaks? watched the opening episode last night which was quite harrowing. I could always continue watching the Keepers on Netflix tonight instead, which is very moving

SL’s FTF, Mon 22nd May

Had a good weekend… Rather a later night on Friday than intended, but managed to get up in time for Highgate on Saturday. It rained during the week so clearing ivy was much damper than usual and I managed to get loads of mud on my gloves – they are done for! But am starting to feel more part of the group now, which is nice. Yesterday I got some useful work done on my plot. I’m starting to interweave the different strands now which has revealed the problem of the clues to the real solution all arriving at the end. I need to create a couple of bigger clues to it earlier on in the proceedings. At least I know that now, so it’s fixable.

Z is having a day off today so it should be quiet but chief and I have to get our heads down and go through the ghastly loan document for the third time – I can feel myself losing the will to live already. Just need to deal with it methodically and pin chief down and get it done and then I’ll feel better about things.

Apparently this week is going to be warm and sunny, which is good for morale at least!

  • STLs
  • loan doc
  • nobble chief
  • email lawyers/bank
  • finish minutes
  • email R
  • email ACC
  • watch new Twin Peaks! (on Now TV)

SL’s FTF, Fri 19th May

As I’d hoped, yesterday was very quiet at work and by the end of the day I was back on track with the accounts which leaves me in a good position going into next week. All the notes I’ve made over the years came in handy and the processes seem to be quicker this year. Plus I don’t have Needy & Greedy hassling me any more!

Today am planning to focus on the minutes, and Z and I also need to have a progress chat with our comms girl to see what she’s up to. It’s very easy for us to let that drift but she’s very young – sometimes we forget just how young! – and does need a lot of guidance.

This evening ACC is dropping round with some leftovers from the wine tasting on Monday. G and I have tried to manage expectations by saying we’re not up for a big Friday night – I have Highgate tomorrow and don’t want to be the worse for wear while wielding secateurs!

  • prep lunch (mozzarella, crudites, peanut butter, strawberries)
  • send stuff to DoH
  • minutes minutes minutes
  • catch up with C
  • food shopping
  • dinner with G and ACC

SL’s FTF, Thurs 18th May

Got on top of my emails yesterday and am hoping that I can get on with my own work today and tomorrow. I also had a productive evening last night working out my sub threads and some red herrings. It’s giving my brain a different kind of exercise and very satisfying when it all comes together.

Today should be quiet in the office as Z and chief aren’t in, so I’m hoping to get on with the accounts and make good progress with my year end procedures.

  • walk
  • ironing
  • STLs
  • finish accruals
  • accrued income
  • post year end clear up journal
  • any other adjustments / allocations
  • roll over funds
  • Boots!
  • continue work on novel + am reading a book about amateur detectives and their methods of investigation which is also giving me some useful ideas