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SL’s FTF, Fri 24th Feb

Had a very productive day yesterday and got 10 pages of minutes written (I wonder what the word count is!) but at the expense of the Mountain of Crap which is piling up in the meantime. Three meetings today and the dentist before that…

But tomorrow I’m off to Wales for a week and looking forward to a change of scene, meeting new people and getting some writing done. Have a good week, everyone.

  • clear up carnage
  • dentist
  • STLs
  • talk to A about emails and invoice
  • write and send out letters to residents
  • sign contract for needy fundholder
  • am sure there is another email I need to deal with
  • meeting with bank manager 1
  • talk to P about Gift Aid
  • logo designer is coming in for a chat – we’ve got chief to agree we can have a new logo for the new charity, which is excellent news as Z and I hate out current logo but have  had to put up with it for the past ten years!
  • deal with bank form 2
  • let Z know what needs to be done while I’m away
  • put that out of office reply on and get the hell out of there! 🙂
  • dinner with G


SL’s FTF, Thurs 23rd Feb

Had a good time at the wine tasting last night and managed not to over-indulge, possibly because there were 18 of us compared with 8 last week! I was also pleased about the news that Cressida Dick has been appointed the new head of the Metropolitan Police, as she gave a talk to a group of us when I was in Oxford, and was very impressive.

Today’s focus is the minutes, as only have two days at work now before I’m off for a week. Hopefully it should be nice and quiet but then I always say that!

  • STLs
  • emails but only if urgent
  • minutes!
  • food shopping
  • ironing
  • packing list



SL’s FTF, Wed 22nd Feb

Yesterday was a bit of a whirlwind, as it turned out that chief had lots of important meetings with important people, but had failed to let anyone know, and Z was off, so I ended up running around ordering last minute sandwiches which then turned up late. Oh well! The list rolls over to today… The good news was that my meeting at 8.30 tomorrow morning has been postponed, so I can enjoy myself at the wine tasting this evening knowing I don’t have a horrible early start.

  • clear up carnage
  • book taxi for Sat
  • STLs
  • review Friends accounts and email to relevant people
  • deal with invoices
  • website meeting
  • can I send off VAT form?
  • deal with weird query from bank manager
  • letters to residents
  • crack on with other VAT form
  • bank form
  • minutes? you never know!
  • wine tasting

SL’s FTF, Tues 21st Feb

Got the necessary done yesterday, but more things have been coming out of the woodwork. Had a good evening with G and this evening it’s book group which should be nice, and hopefully there will be more of us there this time!

  • ironing
  • STLs
  • talk to C about things that cropped up yesterday
  • deal with emails
  • take a copy of chief’s passport for Friday
  • VAT meeting, oh joy!
  • deal with letters for EWC residents
  • continue minutes?
  • book group
  • some home admin

SL’s FTF, Mon 20th Feb

Had a nice long weekend – there was a wine-tasting on Thursday night which was fun, then went home to see my mother on Friday. I put together a new piece of exercise equipment (the “Reviber”) which am hoping might help her back problem, although she seems to have got it fixed anyway. My brother came up on Saturday and the three of us went for a nice meal together in the evening. I think he struggles a bit with my mother’s conversation which does tend to be about her long list of ill friends or friends with ill husbands, or people who have just died. It can get a bit relentless sometimes. Anyway, she and I are planning a trip to Amsterdam at the end of March (as well as the trip to Turin in Sept) so am doing my best to inject nice things into her life, as well as mine.

One week to go before the writing retreat, so head down this week to get as much done as possible beforehand. We have so much going on with the charity changing its legal status (which means new bank accounts etc) and I found myself feeling slightly panicky about it all at the weekend, but have made a list which I’ve emailed myself, which made me feel slightly more in control and now just need to decide priorities for this week and remember that when I get back I’ll have three clear weeks to get things done before year end kicks in!

  • clear up carnage
  • stay calm!
  • STLs
  • deal with emails from Friday
  • finalise club accounts
  • finalise club budget
  • send out agenda
  • decide what to do about bank form – talk to Z and chief
  • crack on with VAT form
  • dinner with G

T’s 18th February

Up early, on the train to see my parents, saturday morning, posting after ages since I last posted, and today it’s the 16th anniversary of my defence, bringing memories back to me, and a sort of need to draw a balance (dangerous, I know!!!). But ok, let’s go with order:

-) I have been reading your posts every day, so am up-to-date about everything that’s been going on (fingers crossed for Calypte and Wren, hope all goes smoothly). The reason I have been unable to post here has something to do with New Year Resolution. I decided to drastically limit my time on checking internet and social stuff. And I figured out (for once!) a simple way to achieve that: I would only access social stuff on internet from my smartphone. Typing is a pain from there, and basically I stopped every kind of interaction. Yes, I know that turned out to be a bit TOO effective. I even started checking my work mail from my phone, and have satisfactorily cut my time dealing  with it a great deal. Most things I don’t answer, and when I do, typing from my phone is such a nuisance that my emails turn out super synthetic. But I miss you and have been thinking how to find a better balance that allows me to post here, maybe from my pc in the evenings (it disrupts my morning if I start with the internet first). Or maybe from my phone (bookmarking this  page, looking for the password, and managing to keep things short, which I am obviously not good at when I post here, aehm! etc.) So I hope you forgive me, have been thinking of you a lot.

-) small update about me: WORK-I finished my 2 courses in January and the past month I haven’t been as productive as I would have liked. I’m still in transition mode from the teaching-period. February is exam month, so that justifies the transition, but just a bit. I need to be able to focus more on my writing and seriously implement the “write first thing in the morning”. My book is still a big mess and it frightens me just to think at it. PERSONAL LIFE-my husband made me understand that this split life of me being mostly in worktown and seldom in hometown isn’t making him happy. To be honest it suits me rather well. I too miss him, of course, but being such a heartless woman focused as I am on my work …, he is the romantic one of the 2, I tend to like having such clear boundaries. Truth is I have never managed to work well from the hometown flat. I suddenly tend to transform myself in an housewife, worry all morning long what I’m going to cook him for lunch when he comes home, it feels so weird, that’s not who I am! I think I have come to rely on the split between the 2 households/towns because my inner boundaries aren’t clear enough. Not sure how to transition from where I am now and build better inner boundaries, but I promised him I will try to work from home, and he promised me all the support and help and collaboration I need. That is fine, or it would be fine, if I knew what to ask him. I made it clear that even if I am working from home, I am working just as he is working. So he shouldn’t expect me to welcome him with lunch ready the moment he sets foot at home. And he doesn’t!!! It’s just me getting all distracted by the thought: oh, I’d like to surprise him with something nice for lunch. I see it’s just a problem of my perspective. I think I might go to work at the local library when I am in worktown…

-) 16th Anniversary of my defence, it’s a long time. The balance is mostly positive, I’d say. I’m associate professor, currently in the middle of a fight with a colleague, but at least I learned how to fight, and it is definitely an aspect one must learn how to handle in this odd environment of academia. I manage to fight without getting in any way upset anymore. Such a progress, compared to how it started out. To me now it’s like swordmanship, just a technique to master, with some surprise moves to basically make life less boring in a workplace where people are always the same and there must be some change once in a while. It’s totally dispassionate.  I used to get very upset, but I grew to see it’s not personal. In the end one rather values more the colleagues with whom one fights… it’s a sort of earned honour, a very tribal/primal mechanism I am sure.

-) Going to see my parents, they are reasonably well. I have some work with me, but basically am looking forward to enjoying the weekend with them.

-) Stationery update: I have been considering using a Passion planner  or a Volt+Ink planner to figure out long term goals and record my steps and progress.  I don’t like the idea of having them shipped all the way from the US, seems such a waste, environmentally speaking. So I have the pdf of both. Need to decide which to print out and whether to merge the 2 of them. Any of you heard of them or used them? Well, it all started with me looking at the Living well planner, but that isn’t too portable and something made me understand it’s basically aimed for moms and Christians, 2 things I am not, so that was easy to exclude from the selection of the ideal planner…

-) Last but not least: book recommendation + quiz! Lately I have been reading Michael Breus, The Power of When. I know I already had been writing about this book, but hadn’t actually bought and read it, only skimmed thorugh it on amazon preview. It’s about chronotypes and figuring out what routine is the most effective for you. It has been a very impressive reading because he quotes a lot of scientific research. Here’s the quiz, in case you missed it the other time. The reason I am reading it now is because I have the possibility to change the schedule of my 2 courses next year, and backing my decision with some scientific research feels reassuring to me.



2/17/17 ftf, wren

Just checking in to wish Calypte a speedy recovery and with SL a nice long weekend.  Surgery #2 went as well as could be expected on Tuesday, and it’s been mostly rest, rest, rest since then.  Today I’m going to try to do a little walking and a little work, and that should be enough.