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SL’s FTF, Friday 26th April

Rash still present and correct grrrr!

Last night’s wine tasting was very enjoyable – and O was there (yay! never like to assume) so was able to have a brief chat with her. Then it was back to St Pancras as Dad had to catch his train and I went for dinner at Prezzo with my bro and SIL, was good to get a proper chance to talk to them. Got home exhausted at 10.30 and straight to bed.

Today I’m up bright and early as the hospital’s chief exec i.e. Very Big Cheese has a meeting in our boardroom at 9.00 and I want to make sure he can get in (the 8.00 shift being notoriously unreliable). Also, it’s raining but is forecast not to be later, so makes sense to do a walk after work. Despite the fuel band only working for 2 days, am quietly confident that I’m going to hit 70k steps this week so maybe it’s had a beneficial effect after all!

  • coffee
  • sub co audit continues
  • finish club VAT return
  • Sage postings if we have a chance?
  • going to Wellcome Collection for lunch with Z 🙂
  • consider other VAT stuff if get a chance
  • open post
  • water plants
  • leave soon after 5.00
  • food shopping
  • walk
  • washing up fairy for G as he’s back tomorrow
  • DVD

SL’s FTF, Thurs 25th April

Oh no – I have a small rash on my wrist which is almost certainly from the Fuel Band! Argh! I think I’ll give it a day off and hope it goes away – weirdly it came up overnight while I wasn’t even wearing the thing. Hmmm.

The sub co audit starts today, but at least one of the nice auditors is coming to see me this morning so it’s not all bad. Had an email from her yesterday telling me I was a star (all I did was send her some schedules) which was good for morale. The sub co board meeting also went surprisingly well and they seem to be backing off on the forecasting thing which is a major relief as although it would be interesting to do if I had nothing else to do, I don’t have time on top of all the other things I’m supposed to be doing.

This evening I’m off to a wine tasting and my father, bro and SIL, the lovely A and his lovely friend W are all going to be there, so should be fun.

  • coffee
  • sub co audit
  • adjs to forecast
  • Sage postings?
  • list of stuff for auditor
  • consider VAT issues again
  • ethical banking stuff
  • leave 5.30, whiz round to Liverpool St
  • wine tasting!
  • Parks & Rec

SL’s FTF, Wed 24th April

Another lovely sunny morning! Yesterday I went for a walk after work and the atmosphere was lovely, lots of people lying around in the sun or drinking outside the pub.

I almost got to 3000 “fuel points” – might have actually done so had I set 3000 as my goal instead of 2000. It’s a learning curve! I told Z about the fuel band at lunchtime (she’d been tactfully pretending not to notice it) and admitted to being a yuppie wanker, best to get that in first, then waved my arm about a lot. I may become more Italian in future with lots of wild gesticulating, particularly with my left hand 😉 When you hit your goal, all the rainbow colours flash and it says “Goal!” which is quite exciting.

  • prep delicious lunch – mozz, avo & tomato salad, coconut
  • coffee
  • sub co board meeting argh, will be glad when it’s over
  • crack on with list for auditor
  • leave at 5.00
  • book group
  • whatever I have the energy for after that
  • Parks & Recreation

SL’s FTF, Tues 23rd April

The Fuel Band arrived yesterday so I now have a clunky piece of black plastic on my wrist! If I press the button, it lights up and tells me how many “fuel points” (some totally made-up measure)  I’ve scored today, in a 1980s arcade style display. Love it. Up to 131 points today and my goal is 2000 so hope to see what happens when I reach it later on…

Up bright and early today as we have Lord Extremely Posh and another trustee in for interviews, and I want to give a good impression by being in at 9.00 and also help ace colleague Z with anything she needs – this is her side of the show. Will go for a walk this evening instead.

  • ironing
  • prep delicious lunch – mozz, avo and sundried tomato salad
  • coffee
  • help P run payroll year end for club
  • help P run new payroll for club – first time we’ve had to deal with RTI which is a bit of a pain
  • update sub co schedules and send to auditors
  • anything else I have time for
  • leave 5.00
  • take parcel to corner shop – Amazon returns seem a bit weird, hope it will all work
  • walk
  • deal with some more home admin
  • DVD?

SL’s FTF, Mon 22nd April

G finally heard back on Friday evening and it’s good news – can’t say any more right now… but that was a wonderful start to the weekend. He’s now in the Lake District so I’m by myself for a week and had a self-indulgent weekend watching Game of Thrones, walking etc.

Have been quite successful in keeping work thoughts in a box ready to come out at 10.00 this morning so can’t really remember what am supposed to be doing today except I know there’s plenty of it.

  • walk 
  • prep delicious lunch – last of the terrine + salad, coconut
  • coffee
  • work
  • food shopping
  • Fuel Band is supposed to come today – exciting!
  • various things I need to order / sort out
  • update ipod
  • trashy DVD

SL’s FTF, Fri 19th April

Had a really excellent evening last night – it turned out exactly as I hoped. The chicken, apricot and pistachio terrine looked particularly fabulous, and we cracked a magnum of Auxey-Duresses 2005 which was delicious. All very enjoyable.

Today I have to send out fund statements which will take most of the day, then am having dinner with G. It’s our last evening together for over a week as he is off walking in the Lake District tomorrow. This will give me a chance to watch lots of Game of Thrones, walk and detox 😉 Am hoping my Fuel Band might arrive today or tomorrow…

  • coffee
  • brief E on journals to post
  • send fund statements
  • pop home for lunch – chicken and avocado
  • send more fund statements
  • clear up emails
  • water plants
  • leave at 6.00
  • brief food shopping e.g. salad
  • clear up mega carnage from last night
  • dinner with G

SL’s FTF, Thursday 18th April

First chance to go for an early walk this week and very nice it was too.

I’m hoping it will be nice and quiet at work today after yesterday when N&G was pestering me every 2 seconds and being very annoying.

This evening G, Alan and Andrew are coming round for dinner and to collect their Parmesan – I rashly bought 5kg of the stuff from “Save a Cheese” (helping the Italian cheese-makers in the aftermath of their earthquake) so they’re helping me out with it. It’s taking up most of the fridge at the moment! I’ve made a chicken, apricot and pistachio terrine, petits pots du chocolat for pudding and am going to make gougeres to start with. Should be fun, especially as we haven’t seen Alan properly for some time.

  • walk
  • coffee
  • fundholder admin
  • run fund statements
  • review other income and send to VAT advisor
  • crack on with property postings
  • pop out at lunchtime to get nice bread
  • collect wine which is supposed to arrive today
  • last minute food shopping
  • clean flat v. quickly!
  • make gougeres
  • dinner with the boys