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Moosie Tuesday 17 December

Back to  Tuesday! Had a really bloody epically hilarious night at SL’s on Friday, amazing food, presents, singing and joking about!! Saturday I went to see T who has broken her wrist and yesterday to see other T who has just moved into a gigantic house! In the midst of that I got most of the rest of ny Christmas stuff sorted, packages mailed, presents wrapped, cards written etc. So I just have a manageable handful of things left to do this week – that was such a relief!

Four more days at work and I expect they’ll be fairly fun and not particularly productive 😉 then two weeks off for some serious peace!

* slept like crap!
* writing
* routines
* swim
* bf & chocs for presents

* payments (seem to take ages these days)
* we’re demo-ing project x for my boss and k’s boss this morning – fingers crossed that works
* got more project x stuff to sort but probably not as much as I think
* today could be lunch with SZ & A
* hopefully Christmas card stuff will have arrived!

Tonight I’m supposed to be seeing J after absolutely ages and we may well have sushi!
A few little things to do when I get back if I can face it:
* editing
* secret Santa wrap etc.
* washing / potter about


I wonder if anyone is literate enough in word press to help me out here.

I posted a comment to the robots’ blog, and the comment was posted with my full name.  I contacted Robot Joe, and he immediately edited my name out of the comment.  He thought my full name might somehow be attached to my gravatar, and the robots’ blog, which is also in wordpress, helped itself to my info.

I looked at the “edit my profile” features for wordpress and gravatar, and neither of them show my full name.  I can’t figure out where this information is coming from or how to change it.



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How to set up a goal-page

Here’s a simple way to set up a goal-page of your own for free:

1) get your blog! If you already had to do this to sign up for WordPress when you joined FTFers, so far so good! Otherwise go to “My blogs” in the top navigation bar and then “register new blog”.

2) create categories for each goal – easiest done as you’re posting (menu to the right of the post box (haha not an actual Post-box but you know what I mean!) ) by clicking +add new category at the bottom. Otherwise, go to the Posts menu on the left and Categories and you can add them manually even if you haven’t used them.

3) Create basic goal page – go to Pages –> add new and call your page whatever you like.

4) Set up links in the body of your goal page

  • Links are really easy to do in wordpress by highlighting the text you want to link, then clicking the chain icon at the top of the editing box, and then pasting the link.
  • To get the page link for each category, just click on the category link under any of your existing posts.
  • Paste this link to titles/bullet points in your Goal Page template (or arrange them however you like!)

5) Subgoals can be made by indenting the bullet further. To get to indenting, click the “show/hide kitchen sink” button (last button on the first row of editing buttons with lots of coloured blobs on) and this opens up lots of options to change text colour, heading styles etc.)

I got a bit carried away in my previous post – mine was only difficult to set up because I already had a blog that I wanted to keep separate. You can totally use the free wordpress blogs to set up a page for goals as above, or just use the category list to navigate between them if you’re not bothered about having a separate page.

I don’t think I’ve explained this very well so just ask me!

And here’s an actual Post-box 😛

Oh and one other random thing! If you want to get e-mails in your inbox everytime someone posts to FTFers, go to this page : – enter the FTFers page and then select mailing options (every post, daily summary, weekly summary).

For Moose and Vex (I think)

Still feeling unsure of what I’m doing here.  I am thinking that a FAQ type thread might be useful.

Fr’instance…on the right hand margin ( categories) I can see Moose, SL etc but not me, is that because no-one can see me (and I need to set something up) or is it just because I’m me and don’t need to see me.

Can I set up new categories? if so how? Or do we need to decide in advance so as not to have too many?

I’m sure I’ll have a lot more FAQs as I start to find my way around here…but so far so good 🙂

Sunday (get a grip!) 24 April

I dunno about anyone else, but I can’t even get on 43T this morning… Maybe it’s just imploded with the disgruntlement of its 100 vocal but not representative “users” hahaha (who me, bitter?! naaaah)

OK a couple of site updates before I get going:

  • I’ve created a sidebar menu to link to everyone’s individual blogs (if you have them and want them listed that is!) given that the consensus seems to be keeping this page for FTF and maybe grats? then it’s easy to flick through everyone’s blogs if you’re having breakfast or whatever. If you have a personal blog and want it listed then e-mail me the link or put it in the comments below.
  • I spent all of yesterday trying to work out how to do this but I’ve finally managed to set up my own site so that I can blog to different pages by category, which means I can have a personal blog (the one listed here) separate from the “official” blog, and can also blog to different categories and effectively set up “goals” and (woop!) “sub-goals” all linked to from the Current Goals page – remind you of anything??! I *think* this might actually work. The only thing is it requires plugins so you need to have a host and be running the downloaded version of wordpress which requires money (not much) but if you have that I can explain how I did it. Have a look around (I haven’t posted much to any goals yet though!) and see what you think.

Right with that done I think I can finally relax and get on with actually doing stuff :S – I think it’s probably to my advantage not to be able to get on 43T and spend all day trawling around lol.

  • Get up, shower, pretend to be human
  • Coffee & journal time
  • As much music as I feel like yay!
  • Need to get some exercise at some point
  • Work out what I need to do next…


(since I’m logged out of 43T indefinitely while I’m trying to grab a backup/replicate of my entire account, which could take days…)

…thought this might be the place to start a discussion about what people what to do here? I think it works OK so far as posting FTF and commenting goes, and you can create new “goals” by using new categories. There’s a privacy control under “Visibility” in the Publish box to the right. I’m not sure if there’s a better way to get this to function as a group blog (i.e. collect entries from individual blogs, as I’ve seen done elsewhere) and I guess there will be changes along the way as we find different/better ways of doing things.

I kind of like having a home-away-from-home place to shelter from the storm that’s currently raging and am getting to the stage where I badly need to post about some actual goals before my head explodes lol!

Anyway, any thoughts, please share below…