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Silvie 5th May

No I haven’t vanished off the face of the earth.  Been having internet probs with my computer.  Sometimes it is OK. sometimes it refuses to connect and then I have to sneak onto DH’s computer to do anything.  It is because the signal doesn’t reach this far in the house and all will be sorted eventually once the conservatory is completed as we will be having the range extended to include that.   In the meantime it seems to depend on the mood of the server.  Today it must be in a good mood (so far).

Have been busy with the WCSS newsletter this week, and we are just about ready to go to press, just need to do a final proof read and make sure all apostrophes are in the right place etc.

We delivered puppy Hector to his new owners last week and collect Orla – Zeke is still there until next weekend.  They are very pleased with Hector, and we hear he has already retrieved his first pigeon!!  Must have been almost as big as him.  Taking time now to settle Orla back in.

DH as been ill with Man Flu all week, so I have had to do all the dog stuff.  He keeps expecting me to go down with it but of course I have a positive mental attitude and have decided I won’t get it, and aren’t women immune to Man Flu anyway?

Lots on the list…must prioritise and get on with it now:

  • WCSS website – Move Andy’s dog,update events, publish working test info,publish Yorks event info, publish details on Hatton
  • Put event dates in diary and check for clashes
  • Write up committee meeting minutes
  • Freezer audit and do order for dog food
  • Email G
  • Ou event – book myself on
  • Check transport for OU event
  • Email J re membership subs
  • Send new member pack out
  • Text J
  • Proof newsletter
  • send newsletter to printer
  • Call builder – conservatory has come to a standstill again
  • Weigh Orla (to make sure she is having right amount of food)
  • Training session with Orla
  • Training sessions with pups
  • Text M
  • Research staying over for Game Fair

Hmmmm….be lucky if I get all that done today

Silvie Pancake day

We had pancakes last night – felp like getting them in early 🙂  Might have some more today…

Going to have a sort out in the kennel area today.  Zeke and Orla are back at the weekend and it’s time Blanche was back there too ( but not putting her there on her own and while it’s really cold).  I need to look at the beds and check the state of them and how many we have, and most likely order some more!!  Weather has turned milder so that is a good thing too.

  • Look at seed order
  • Do pack for Hector’s new owner
  • Dog bed audit
  • Oil invoice
  • CSO actions
  • M stuff
  • Order bulbs
  • WCSS website update
  • Village shop
  • Orchestra rehearsal

Silvie 17 Feb

The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed I was here this morning – but I then got a phone call before I posted and ever since have been chasing my tail.

Done stuff

  • Dental appt (lost part of a tooth last night): made for Monday.  Am not in pain so not deemed an emergency
  • Village shop Butchers and Bakers
  • Talk to builder, get glass moved so we can let the pups out easily and safely (seeing as it does not appear to be being installed in the conservatory anytime soon!!)
  • Proof read DHs report
  • Get Tesco slot for Sunday
  • Pup care
  • Research ‘Animal Welfare Act’ as a result of phone call and check law on legally docked working dogs taking part in working dog demonstrations.  Ascertain that there is no law against this, and respond with this info.
  • Make sure have dog food out the freezer for tomorrow
  • Get more bones from the butcher (one each!)

Still to do

  • Finish prep for tomorrow’s dayschool (handouts and timetable)
  • Groom pups
  • Have training session with pups
  • emails
  • order more bulbs
  • Sort fridge and freezer
  • Tesco shop (can leave this till tomorrow)

Gah…already half past 3!!

Silvie 15th Feb

Dog food arrived yesterday and now the freezer is bursting at the seams and there is some overflow in our freezer ( I deffo over ordered!!)  Blanche and the pups had some of the new meat this morning and it seems much better quality than the stuff I had been buying at the pet shop, a lot less water content and more solid meat.  I don’t think they will need so much of this but we’ll see how it goes.  It also took them a little longer to wolf it down.

  • Have another go at puppy photos
  • CAll G
  • Do emails I owe
  • See AM this eve
  • Pups to vet for shots
  • Sort out microchip registration
  • Dayschool resources
  • Call printers
  • WCSS admin

Silvie 14th Feb

Half way through Feb already!  Pups are 10 weeks today and really really growing.  Must get some photos but it is really tricky as they don’t stay still.  A friend suggested putting them in something so they couldn’t get out and would sit all cute with their paws on the edge of the something.   Had the great idea of the picnic basket and fetched it out the loft.  Well Hector sat in there all quiet and bemused.  I fetched Fig and he soon worked out how to get out.  Put him back in the pen and fetched Ludo who took a little longer to figure it out, so put him back and while I was doing that Hector got out and ran riot in the dining room.  Hmmm think it must be a 2 man job!


Plus of course Blanche was finding it all very interesting and trying to join in.  Will try again with DH at lunch time.  If the weather looks ok might do it outside in better light (Hmmm…what I need is a digital photography course :))

Dog food consignment should arrive today, so will need to replan diet sheets etc.

  • Transfer money
  • Call G
  • Check off food when it arrives
  • TGF monitor and post agenda for Sat
  • Call AM re visit this week now ice has gone (and I have a fancy new motor to go in)
  • Photo shoot of pups in the basket
  • CSO follow up actions
  • Boots
  • Car Insurance to buy (now have done all the research, and just might get a free Meerkat)

Silvie 13th Feb

Warmer but windy around these parts.  Builder has been and gone again.  He says he’ll be back…I sure wish he would terminate this conservatory the pups are going stir crazy in the porch and need more space to chase each other around.

Meanwhile the raw diet is gong very well.  I know Clumbers like their food but this is polished off with such enthusiasm and relish.  Must weight them again to day to make sure they are getting enough for their ever increasing body weight.  Now the snow is going and the frost has gone I might be able to take them outside for a run around too.

Internet seems to be working today – it has been very iffy all weekend – so paws crossed it stays stable for a bit now.

  • Sort insurance for new car (have a week’s temp insurance from the dealer which runs out on Sat)
  • Call dog food supplier re possible delivery time and payment (should arrive tomorrow)
  • CSO actions following yesterdays meeting
  • Buy new loo brush, handle has broken on the one downstairs and it is a little short now
  • Buy new boots!!
  • Call G re planting the field quote
  • Call car place with loyalty number
  • Freeze the liver in small dog sized daily portions
  • Talk to DH about plans for delivering Hector and collecting Zeke and Orla
  • Doggy care, training etc
  • Post dayschool agenda
  • Check TGF


Silvie 9th Feb 2012

Gah!!! Day is almost done already, but have had dodgy internet all day.  It has been working on the desktop, but I hate using that as it has weird software and the keyboard is iffy and now the mouse is acting up, and it is terribly slow.

I have done:

  • Order for dog food to keep the boys and girls fed for the next month (hopefully)
  • Reconciliation bank for WCSS
  • Emails for WCSS
  • TGF update
  • Booked a Tesco slot for Sat afternoon
  • Walked dogs – grooming still needs to be done plus another walk before dark (so now – then)
  • Doggy diet sheets to make sure they are getting enough of everything and not too much!

There are more things on my list but they will have to carry over to tomorrow now.

Yesterday I bought a car!!  we have sold one already and needed a replacement for me – getting it on Saturday.  It’s like this one.