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FTF Star Wars Day

Sorry 🙂 I know that’s been everywhere but I felt the need, even though it’s a horrible cliche and not remotely original!

  • Hydrate! It seems I’m particularly dehydrated at the moment and this is rare for me, normally I’m extremely watery so bring on the liquids! This too seems to be improving, another sign perhaps that I have been iller than I thought
  • Investigate Hornsey overground, poss take train to work in a ‘trial run’ V quick, easy walk to station. Pleasing!
  • Dirt exhibition at the Wellcome Collection? Covent Garden? Loved it. Got hungry and tired so didn’t bother with anything else.
  • Look for super strength hayfever remedies in Boots. Honestly this is ridiculous, it’s not even meant to be a high pollen count and I’m convinced it’s not dust, nothing seems to be made of animal hair and yes, my housemate occasionally burns incense but I’ve never had a reaction to that before, grrrr As I said to Wren in the comments, probably a cold as well, will try cold remedies first!
  • Multi-vitamins? I wouldn’t say I’m feeling run down at the moment (apart from my allergies making me feel like shit!) but I have noticed a few mild symptoms that would suggest I’m not at my best and think maybe a vitamin might be the answer, probably with a cod liver oil element. Have some Vit B already so going to attempt those first, see what happens 🙂

Tuesday 03.05.2011

My last week of not working is slowly trickling away *waaaah!* I have a few boring admin things to do today, ugh

  • Go to the Council to get temporary parking permit Pretty much painless actually, just had to wait for aaaaaages!
  • Find a post office, get stamps for documents that need to go back to work – forgot until I was virtually home, this can be tomorrow’s task Scratch that, I googled POs and it was just round the corner, down The Passage, so I just whizzed round and posted them off. And scored myself a Diet Coke 😉
  • Wander back home stopping to get groceries and investigate the local shopping situation
  • Try and work out why my allergies are so bad. Is it just hayfever? Is my stuff dusty? Is it something in the flat I have control over? Just investigated all the crap under the bed, now feel sneezier than ever so think it may be this? Also it is hayfever season so that’s bound to make a difference.
  • Start book for Book Club

01.05.2011 Grats

I’m here! I finally made it! I’m in LONDON!

  • That I’ve Made the Move. I feel a bit weird, which I guess is understandable, but hopefully this is the right thing 🙂
  • For my new comfy comfy bed
  • Jesse Eisenberg 😉 (in HD-ish, in my bedroom, and in print in yesterday’s Guardian)
  • The mirrors in my new place. Either I’m feeling good about myself right now, or they’re really flattering
  • For my Mum just for being my Mum and always being there and helping, even when I have my trademark stress/tired related moving strop (I’ve moved 4 times since Nov 2007, and this has happened each time)
  • That a letter confirming my employment was waiting for me
  • A smooth drive here, even the clog on the North Circular was just a bit boring, rather than stressful
  • For an invite to a BBQ tomorrow 😀

FTF 30.04.2011 & 01.05.2011

Ack, just checked my Grats from last night and my joke wasn’t showing properly, it’s updated now, if anyone cares. I found it very funny!

Anyway, busy day today as it’s Day 1 of “Moving Is Stressful!”:

  • Have a surf/doze/final relax in this bed for another hour or so
  • Get up, breakfast, pack final bits and bobs inc. food
  • Waitrose: drain cleaner, washing up liquid, scourers, Thank You card and present for J. Flowers?
  • Summon Mum
  • Take bed and shelves apart. Find mattress doesn’t fit in either of our cars, watch Mum cut it up with pliers
  • Probably be persuaded I don’t need the bed frame either
  • Dump
  • Pump car tyres
  • Pack my car
  • Clean room, Hoover
  • Clean kitchen cupboards, fridge, freezer (don’t forget freezer stuff!)
  • Write note to J with bank details etc. Arrange nicely on table with gift and card
  • Leave my lovely house where I’ve been very happy for the past 18 months. Cry?
  • Roast dinner
  • Sleepless night on Mum’s sofa
I doubt I’ll be online tomorrow until I’m settled in, apart from checking email on my iPhone so tomorrow’s FTF is
  • Wake up feeling awful from not sleeping, shower, breakfast, papers
  • Say goodbye. Try and force some emotion out of my sister 😉
  • Drive to London
  • Get stuck on North Circular
  • Arrive at flat
  • Part 2 of “Moving Is Stressful!” (by which I mean knackering, I can do weights at the gym no problem but real life hoiking around of stuff?!)
  • Unpack, get to know A  a bit better
  • Have internet rage (pleaseworkpleaseworkpleasework)
  • Relaxing evening? Internet?
  • Sleep in new, very comfy looking bed. First night in London 🙂

Grats 29.04.11

Republicans and cynics look away now!!

  • For cracking and watching The Royal Wedding. Honestly, it was lovely.
  • That the dress was McQueen. I can’t even explain why, but this was the most important factor of the day for me!
  • That my packing is virtually done and I think it’s going to fit in the car
  • That I’ve got away without having a parking permit (accidentally!) for SEVEN months!
  • For this great joke: “I used to do a bad impression of Eric Morecambe, but now I’ve seen the error of my waheys.”

FTF Thursday

Argh, again I am awake and “up” before 9. This is getting silly now.

  • Go back to sleep for an hour or so
  • Potter, brave Under The Bed, start packing clothes, pack kitchen stuff
  • Go to Council offices to drop off permit app
  • Hopefully receive delivery  And another delivery I forgot I was due!
  • Put new car tax disc in car!

Miss E’s 27th April Grats

Today has been a nice day!

  • A nice drive to Southampton and back taking my Mum to get her car.
  • Coming over all nostalgic on my return and popping round to where I used live and seeing my old flat.  The fab looking deli has been redone and there was bunting on it and the hotel on the other side of the road, looked very pretty and vintagey and nice!
  • As I’ve blathered about in length on my main blog, I bought some lovely foundation and got my clothes I ordered yesterday and they’re looking good!
  • A lovely meal with my girlie friends. I’ll miss them lots 😦
  • MASTERCHEF! Oh man… The result, YAY! And Gregg. Oh Gregg. He is just incredible, he lost speech at several points and just made lots of weird noises. What a guy!