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Lupin’s FTF Sunday

Haven’t been about much lately because I discovered the Time Team archive on 4OD, so Mme L and I have been watching a couple of those a night (I think we had a telly for the first series or two but all the rest are new to us). Hence less time for internettery.

Still walking for 30 miles a week, thanks to the DailyMile website.

Have succeeded in catching up my blog backlog (with my grandfather’s war diaries) and am now back to following him 95 years behind to the day.

The dayjob is considerably less demanding at the moment but only because there’s a log-jam upstream of our department. Flood warning sirens tested and readyย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have been reading sewing books but really I need some practical experience at this point. Will buy some pins and needles and fabric and stuff.

  • laundry
  • coffee
  • grandfather’s blog
  • clean The Bathroom That Time Forgot
  • restring the Telecaster
  • destroy all brambles
  • cook gammon and carrots
  • watch Time Team?
  • buy pins and needles and fabric and stuff

Lupin’s FTF, Sunday

  • coffee
  • cut down sycamore saplings
  • remove branches banging against bathroom window
  • take results to dump
  • laundry
  • roast chicken (can’t really take credit for this)
  • investigate access to hill
  • walk up hill (nope, no access)
  • set up sewing machine

Lupin’s FTF, 16th June

  • dayjob
  • grandfather’s diary
  • read sewing book
  • repertoire 20 mins
  • spray roses?
  • pics

Went to the beach last night to watch the eclipse and full moon. Am assuming that if I didn’t see the latter it must mean I was seeing the former (the moon was bright and clear back home after).

Saw some very strange “UFO” stuff across the water – haven’t encountered that before. Am an idiot, of course, but Mme L isn’t and she watched it too.

  • make tin foil hats

Lupin’s FTF, 15th June

  • dayjob ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
  • read sewing book ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Photoshop holiday snaps
  • grandfather’s blog
  • lunar eclipse
  • full moon at midnight

Lupin’s FTF, 12th June

  • coffee
  • laundry
  • wait for rain to stop
  • charge camera battery
  • charge phone
  • repertoire 30 mins
  • grandfather’s blog
  • order sewing books
  • order online groceries?
  • load directions onto Kindle
  • cashpoint
  • metronome 30 mins

Lupin’s FTF, 11th June

  • get up at stupid o’clock
  • walk to seaside
  • miss bus
  • adopt medium yokel accent for tourists
  • wait an hour for next bus
  • chat to wonderful neighbour
  • play with wonderful neighbour’s dog
  • DailyMile
  • warm up something for tea from the freezer
  • grandfather’s blog
  • plan adventure for Mon/Tue
  • play some bloody music
  • watch “La Kermesse Heroique”
  • wander around Iron Age hill enclosure
  • find sewing machine accessories
  • open waistcoat pattern
  • bloody coffee

Lupin’s FTF, 6th June

  • 30 mins repertoire
  • coffee
  • crib
  • report to boss
  • book days off
  • sneak out early
  • get hair cut
  • DailyMile
  • baked beans on toast
  • grandfather’s blog
  • gawp at map