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SL’s FTF, Mon 5th March

Have notifications been turned off? I don’t seem to be getting FTF emails. Thought I was first here today only to find Vex had beaten me to it 😉

Feeling slightly lacklustre at the moment and am sneezing a lot, but hopefully work will help take my mind off it. It should be a relatively quiet day.

On with today then:

  • kettlebell – done!
  • ironing – done!
  • coffee
  • work: make list, have meeting, crack on with VAT stuff, if time update club budget
  • leave relatively early e.g. 5.30
  • some emergency shopping
  • clear up carnage from last night
  • make lamb biryani
  • dinner with G

PS for those interested in Paleo stuff, I’ve just been reading an interesting round-up of some recent books here:

Food for thought!

Silvie…Too late for FTF…

But a sort of mixed FTF and Grats from me.

I had my violin lesson this morning and also an appointment with a Hair Guru afterwards.  So had a quick practice before leaving.

Spooky thing happened, (apart from a certain violinist on the car radio playing the Bruch which just finished as I arrived) – Teach asked me to play a piece (sight reading) when I arrived having first checked I didn’t know it, which I didn’t, and it was fine.  He then asked me about the piece, such as what period and who the composer might be.  There was some French written on it, so I deduced it might be a French composer, guessed Rameau, and was spot on.  Anyway on the drive home just as I was getting nearly home, what came on the car radio?  Yup that same piece.

Anyway went to Hair Guru and more of that on my blog.

By the time I got home it was well passed lunch time, so out with the dogs, a quick snack, a catch up of emails, updating of database and accounts (cheques in the post), and revealing to DH the new me.

And then it was now.

Feeling shattered, I think it might be a bit of an emotional thing, so going to pack up now, get a takeaway, and get an early night.

Hmmmm…so shall I do the ears thing now??

Forgotten Grats!

Well bloody hell, I wrote all of this out yesterday and never pressed Publish!! I am a tool. So this was what I had to say yesterday:

1. First should obviously be getting my giant arse to Giant Arse. Always a fun time, and nice to meet some more Renegade Bloggers! A shame I couldn’t stay longer but…

2. …I then went to meet 3 of my Besties for drinks and a lovely pizza at Fire & Stone off the Strand. Yummer!

3. That the Universe decreed that CHB and I should end up virtually cheek to cheek on the train this morning despite it not being our usual one or my usual carriage.

4. That although the work part of work is tedious, not stretching me and is somewhat unfulfilling, the rest is pretty fun. I spent the afternoon emailing R about her unusual crush on one of the managers and teasing her because I sit much much nearer to him than she does 😉

5. That I got paid a LOT more than I was expecting. I never normally calculate these things so poorly, especially not when the end result is so spectacularly in my favour!

6. That my Caitlin Moran book has been despatched. I can’t wait to read it.

7. My wonderful haircut – I got lots of compliments and I really really like it!

So that was then, and this is now:

1. Being told I’m above the normal standard for new starters at work. I should bloody well hope so, if that doesn’t sound too big headed!

2. Meeting up with a friend I’ve known nearly ten years but have only seen about twice in the flesh. We went to The Diner in Shoreditch and it was really nice. And much as I’m wary of getting a reputation of being some kind of man obsessive, there was a couple of dead cute guys there.

3. Wandering around Shoreditch. It’s really cool. Where I work is drab and boring but about 2 minutes away everything gets amazing.

4. That my Caitlin Moran book has arrived, yippee!

5. Buying Cha Cha Tint and remembering to go via so I can get my points!

6. Feeling generally cheery and calm and like Everything Is Going To Be OK

7. A couple of nice new tops (although the other two were too small, boo)

Right. I’m off to my personal blog to Sort My Life Out now, sorry for rambling on!

Well, that was fun

I feel that instead of rambling away on my own blog I should commemorate this Giant Arse evening on FTFers!

We met up at Paperchase (not actually Arse at all, but Arse is more a state of mind than a place). I got there first and looked around to see if anyone else was there and got some weird looks back from other people… then Moose and Miss E turned up (they’d been hanging out in the notebooks section, the rotters) and then Turandot and Silvie! Silvie brought an impressive range of i ching bracelets along and it’s clear that someone needs to do a webinar to demonstrate how to use them. Also the famous Kindle was very seductive and set off some notebook-envy here with its red cover.

Then Cate and Purple Heather arrived and we went to Bam-Bou for dinner where Silvie explained the finer details of clumber spaniel breeding, Purple Heather showed us some cat photos and I felt very disappointed that my cats cannot trace their lineage back to the 8th century BC.

Bam-Bou is part of the Ivy group of restaurants, am sure the owner is some sort of c’leb but I can’t find a reference, never mind (probably just as well).

A jolly good time was had and it was particularly lovely to meet Turandot at last and to see Silvie on one of her rare jaunts to the big smoke.  Highlight of the week!

Monday Grats

Hello everybody, despite feeling desperate to get back to the gym and having lost one of my favourite earrings, here are my grats for the day:

  • That Curly Haired Boy was on the train this morning. He wasn’t there Friday, my “OCD” did not like that. Also, I think it might have been a lie when I said I didn’t fancy him… :-S
  • This Tweet which made me roar with laughter: “@RealBobMortimer just opened a takeaway pizza and found richard hammonds patio table”. It wasn’t by Bob Mortimer but he’s proving to be excellent value on Twitter, saying something then retweeting myriad funny responses. If you have an account I deffo recommend a follow.
  • OK so the Red Skinny Jeans did make me sad, but I have different new jeans today which fit perfectly and are almost too big. ASOS really need to get their sizing sorted, the red jeans, although a slightly different cut, are the same size yet I can barely do them up. RAGE.
  • A nice day at work. My boss wasn’t in and it just felt all calm and lovely.
  • That I found my iPhone earphones. My favoured ones gave up the ghost about a week ago, but I’ve found these to tide me over until I can replace the ones I love.
  • The finale of Glee. Most of it was boring to be honest, but the last few scenes really made up for it. A little bit involving Mercedes was my fave 🙂
  • Getting tickets to the Wireless Festival in July. We’re just going for the Sunday but Metronomy (my favourite ‘new’ band), Grace motherfreakin’ Jones and PULP are playing. I’m almost as excited as when I went to see Blur. Just need to see Suede now and I’ll have my Britpop Holy Trinity under my belt!
  • A fun and accidentally very drunken afternoon/evening in Crystal Palace yesterday
  • That I’m going to see my Mum on Friday, yay!
  • That my stolen internet is continuing to work. There was a blip on Saturday morning so I bought a dongle which will be good back up if that happens again!
  • And most importantly, that the fog seems to have fully dissipated, that I have lots of fun things to look forward to and that I’m feeling positive once again 😀

So I’m not sure this “interweb” lark will catch on…

OMG. I am online. On my laptop. Not squinting over my iPhone or looking wistfully at things I can’t afford on the computer in my lunchbreak at work. I am ON-freaking-LINE. OK…so I’m stealing someone else’s unsecured wireless but more fool them, I was literally going crazy without it so have dropped any pretence of fear at either getting found out and shouted at or of a horrible virus getting into my machine (might happen) and got the hell into the World Wide Web.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been desperately unhappy. I’m still not right now and I don’t know if I’m turning a corner or just feeling OK for the moment. I don’t really know what to do about it and feel rather adrift and pathetic. This is badass, this isn’t just feeling a bit sad and down and/or pre-menstrual, this is a full on, snarling Black Dog sinking his teeth into me. I’m afraid because of this and because I’ve not properly been online I haven’t been keeping up with everyone so I have no idea how everyone is and what everyone’s up to and because of this (and the Dog and my prolonged absence) I feel a little like I’m crashing the party – especially as I missed all the Other Place hoo-ha. Anyway. Let’s not dwell on that, today has been one of my better days so let’s celebrate the reasons why:

1. Train Regulars – There is a morning one and a couple of evening ones. The morning one is a guy with great curly hair and good dress sense who I like to spot as I get off the train and also as he passes me on the escalator (I’m a stander, he’s a walker!). The afternoon ones are a gay couple (I’m not certain but am pretty sure) who get off at my stop and they seem cute and lovely and I like the continuity of having them in my carriage!

2. That the boys, R and myself seem to have formed a lovely little post-Training group and we do lunch and so on. Also M went to grab me when he thought I was about to be run over on the way to the pub at lunchtime and it was a fleeting and small moment but it was lovely to have someone be so protective.

3. That I had to call my old work with a genuine work query and I got through to one of my bestest buddies. It made me deliriously happy.

4. Arranging a meet up with a few people I went to school with. Scary stuff but also pretty exciting. Hope I’m not so mopey by then :-/

5. That there are red skinny jeans on ASOS Curve. I want them a lot.

6. Bradley Cooper in The Hangover II

7. Taramasalata

8. Being online. OMFG this feels SO GOOD.

Silvie grats 1 June

  • A lovely day and June is really here – only regret is that it is here so fast. I would have liked April and May to last a little longer.  Determined to enjoy the summer now
  • That DH has booked tickets for a local play (Pemberley players) which is taking place in a barn on a neighbouring farm.  I think we may be the only party there.  How quirky is that
  • I got some gardening done and some potting up done at last.  Anyone want any tomato plants – I certainly have too many.  I might try a few of them outside this year.
  • Managed to contact the majority of my students to book their first telephone tutorial, and actually did one tonight, so feels like this is up and running now.  Will try the AWOL few again tomorrow.
  • That the dogs have all been very well behaved all day.  Blanche is a real darling 🙂