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Moosie Tuesday 29 November

Weekend was going pretty well until I ran out of steam at about 5pm yesterday and spent a good few hours on the sofa watching movies and then wasn’t quite tired enough to sleep at night. But I did make it outdoors twice each day so I’m pleased with that – just about keeping things on an even keel.

Lots of things I *can* do today but may not get to everything as am feeling pretty vacant this morning…

* writing, lists, sort head out
* cc has cleared so finish conpiling Christmas present list
* detailed translation checks… Keep ahead
* mass blogging
* vocab & kanji practice
* attempt to buy backup Internet dongle

* cleaning: wash up and empty bins, general tidying until 6.30
* 1/2hour piano at least
* blogs etc.

Think that’ll be about it for today!

Worn out

My energy is spent and I am far from done. The days start early, end very late and I feel frantic. I am not able to keep all the commitments I’ve made, but also don’t know how to actually get out of them.

I’ve got two of my three rental property vacancies in my old city filled as of last night. This is a huge step, and my new tenants are terrific. There is another chunk of work ahead related to that – maintenance and reno work to complete & oversee (the parts I need someone more skilled to do, or that I was able to hire someone to do) at least cursorily, the move-in inspections and various arrangements, and dealing with the inquiries and showings of the remaining vacant unit.

Meanwhile, I’m working 3-4 days week at my new job across town here, fitting in a rash of health-related appointments – dental work I hadn’t planned on needing, physiotherapy for my damaged foot, etc, all of which just feels like more stress and more to juggle – and being a human being connected to other human beings who are going through their stuff and call me out of the blue needing things like a letter of reference for court (!) …

And the administrative aspects of having two incorporated companies. And, last but hardly least, the actual work for my clients in the other one of those businesses. This is what I’ll probably be pulling an all-nighter tonight to tackle as I have a half day of work tomorrow with day job, and then a conference call in the early afternoon and I. am. not. ready.

I feel like puking, then sleeping.

I feel like making a serious fucking plan to transition out of my software company as I simply am not getting the work done and it just means any moments of free time I might have otherwise, I do not have.

Or… I could just suck it up, keep the promises for the current round, and transition out by the end of this joyless fucking summer.

The rental properties will likely settle down before much longer into being something that requires much less attention for a stretch than they have lately.

I better stop fucking around here and get back to work.

Before & After

Restoring the apartment some destructive renters trashed when they moved out was a big, scary project that I didn’t have the money or time for. I borrowed funds to set this right, and pushed back the schedule on other work. It is now / again an apartment where I personally would live, and I have now begun showing it, hoping to find a better tenant than the previous one.

THAT was stressful.

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(crash) Hi!

Glad to have found you all, and thank you for the nice messages! It is just now that I have a mini-opportunity to try this out, and I haven’t taken the time to read much at all. Things are hectic here, which is all the more reason for an FTF entry!


– sleep deeply until 6:30 am after a day of stilt walking yesterday (?!? true, even though the fractured bone in my foot has STILL not fully healed, acc to the latest xray ordered by my puzzled doc. ┬áSomeone else had the stomach flu and we couldn’t find anyone else to swap in for a gig that mattered to our organization yesterday. I don’t think it actually made things worse, and it was one way to get over my nerves about getting up again – with a swarm of little kids gazing up at me, I felt compelled to look like I was fearless and having pain-free fun. Though there were intervals where, in not wanting to use the term “pain” I conceded to my stilty companions I was finding things “sensation-rich”.

– yoga. (done)

– find lost friends here (done, looking forward to reading more later)

– write software

– software meeting

– do personal taxes for last year (eep!), now that all elements located

– organize for trip to other city tomorrow

– banking

– accept that most things will take longer than I’d prefer – might not get to that today.