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Cate’s Jan Round Up

January has been equally epic and equally stressful! I had to wait until 8pm!! On tax deadline day to find out the amount – however it was so much lower than I had anticipated (mainly due to the fact I had over paid in July) I can give back my sister the entire amount I borrowed in a panic and we have enough for next months bills! Relief!!!

So good things in Jan…


– Tax paid (yay!)

– Managed to rummage up 5 small jobs in Jan (all paid) and all are edited.

– Booked 3 big jobs and 2 small jobs

– Have a meeting to possibly contribute to a big blog for food stories (although this would be unpaid the exposure would be really good)

– I had a positive response from a small magazine for work, but when I followed up he had left and the new person wasn’t interested. BUT I’m taking this as a good thing that someone was interested 😉

– Entered images for an international competition. Chances are so small but the point was doing it and going through the process of picking and prepping images etc

– We’ve had some really good food days and got quite a lot of content, in fact we’ve had a really positive response this month which has really boosted both of us.


This month has been very adventurous!

– Pork, Slaw, Bacon & Cheese Straws (were enormous more like Bacon & Cheese Broomsticks), a Bacon, Asparagus & Baked Egg dish (which M said looked like sick, so won’t be doing that again) and Linzer Biscuits.

E Food

– Possibly made around 100 salmon balls this month as well as the rest…


– 5 times this month, although missed a week

1 Fun thing with M

– Tick! Well due to lack of funds, we’ve had to make do with dinner at home and movies but we’ve managed to watch 2 good films this month Elysium & Before Midnight (although a little more difficult to watch than the previous two)

2 Social things

– An afternoon with Moose! Right at the beginning of the year and such a lovely day it was.

– Lunch with my friend P

– S came over for a visit

– I went to an industry event. It meant being outside my comfort zone, networking and wearing a dress but I’m so glad I went.

Things to work on…

– No saving at all this month

– the whole money situ, made me incredibly stressed and difficult to live with, I failed in being nice to M at all times.

– I need more (paid) work please universe, I actually have nothing booked in now til April (!) I am trying to remain positive that things will come!

All in all Jan has been good and positive. On to February!

Cate’s FTF Monday 27th January

The last week has been all over the place, E has been very bad at sleeping and I have been waking at 4am on the dot and struggled to get back to sleep. I missed going to Yoga last week but went this morning so I feel better about things. I forgot to book E in for playgroup for this week but we are just going to turn up and hope there’s space! I’m waiting, waiting, waiting to get in to see the accountant, I have no idea what my tax bill is but have to pay it by Friday. I’ve had to borrow a lump sum from my sister just in case we don’t have enough, infact I know we don’t but I’m hoping we don’t have to dip too heavily into hers. I just feel like there are a million balls in the air, so much depends on £££ and we can’t relax til we know, at least by Friday it will be over!

Right today

– 1st edit of the H job

– contract for S?

– playgroup

– family dinner

– I think tonight I need to stay up and do the second edit of the H job

– I have sent off a number of emails this morning, accountant, the job on Wednesday, etc so when the replies come in sort that out.


Cate’s FTF Tuesday

It’s idea tuesday but we are both pretty shattered, busy weekend with capturing a 10 year old birthday party on Saturday (can I just say 10 year old girls are scary!! I’m so glad E is a boy!) and then friends visited on Sunday so the morning was spent cleaning the bathroom, hoovering etc before they arrived followed by a very pleasant afternoon that did feature fishfinger sandwiches and coffee. Yesterday I was supposed to have two meetings the first was brilliant I adored them and they picked me, so, so pleased. The second stood me up but it meant I was back in plenty of time for playgroup. Also means this will be rescheduled so lunch opportunities soon! E was up til 10pm though – Dahlia any tips on sleeping? He has maybe 1 hour in the day and is on the go for the rest of it!

Right today…

images select for album – get M to do

– 2 contracts to do

– check bank

– Things post – get M to do / round up post / write up the apple / slaw / pork

– on post for L probably LD

– Arrange meeting with accountant – Friday?

– Network meeting 12-2pm

– buy tights

– make dinner

– M is cleaning up the flat / washing etc so I don’t have to today – He did not!!!

Cate Friday FTF

Meeting last night didn’t go so well. The guy was lovely but didn’t really like my work and the girl well… its like someone else wrote her happy, cheerful emails. The girl I met was pretty hostile and damn unfriendly. So I don’t think that was a goer. On the bright side it really does only take 10 mins to get to Paddington! What a revelation! How can we ever move now I have this on my doorstep!

Today so far has been me & E – we’ve been bank, dropped off a letter and did story time at the Library! I have two hours before it’s playgroup…

– email to C submission

– had an idea to try and get some appointments with magazines to show my portfolio (which I don’t have but I could do quite quickly should anyone want to see it!)

so emails to be sent to them – 1 sent

– Start J job first edit.

– Possibly continue / finish J job today/tonight

– Review shot list for Sunday

Cate’s FTF Thursday

I have been to yoga! I did not want to go, I didn’t even really enjoy the class (a teacher I’ve not had before and she had the most droning voice) BUT I went! And do not have to go again until next Sunday.

Today E is at M’s mums for the day so getting things done.

– Must do this contract thing

– Gallery for E

– Figure out video uploading thing

– Reply to A

– 4 hours shoot

– Washing away / on / hung

– change sheets

– I have a consult tonight, make sure the route I think I can take is actually real

Cate’s FTF Wednesday

It’s 1.20am so it’s actually morning! I’ve just finished the 2nd edit woohoo!

So later today…

– Final Cull / Resize / Back Up

– Selects for post

– Contract amendment

– Price List amendment – URGENT should do this first and then send to enquiries!!

– Music Class at 3pm

– Supposed to be baking cookies this evening for Thurs / find recipe / ingredients?

– Set up for Thursday shoot

Happy Wednesday!

Mon / Tues Cate’s FTF

I spoke to Moose about how I’ve failed to get on FTF regularly, mornings don’t work well anymore so she suggested doing an evening post so I thought I would try. Today I’ve spent the day with ginger and it was our first day back at playgroup we had a really nice day. I managed to get a little done during the day and I’ve finally just finished the 1st edit of my last 2013 job. Woohoo. So tomorrow…

– Get ginger ready for grandma collection at 9am.

– 9am – 10am get ready / disk return (print paperwork) / find contract draft amendment on the train / set up camera for M

– 10am leave – brunch with P (social & work related)

– home hopefully 2pm

– 1 hour images

– 3-7pm start 2nd edit

– 7pm Ginger returns

Possibly carry on with 2nd edit after he has gone to bed.