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calypte 24th February

Rather enjoyed yesterday’s snow storm. We were spared the worst of the wind, which can be a little more disruptive, so just hope the flat (no more roof issues, please!! o_O) is okay! Here, it was kind of peaceful watching big fat flakes falling pretty much all day, especially as no one had to travel and it’s all mostly gone today.

Still doing more thinking and planning than anything even vaguely productive – although I did take on my usual xmas chore of peeling the brussel sprouts for tea yesterday 🙂 Lots of thoughts about healthy eating, so browsing lots of recipe sites 🙂

Slightly less impressed at myself for all the BuJo ideas – just *do* something, woman!

So, setting myself a couple of little tasks for today, to stop myself just completely vegetating:

  • meditation – want to get back into this, seems daft to have dropped it for over a week
  • try stretches – not yoga, not yet, but will see what of my usual routine is doable
  • write Traitor review – feeling quite chuffed with my review blogging, and also my NetGalley approval rating, so want to keep both up 🙂
  • open the BuJo, and make some kind of mark on the page, for goodness sake! All of these grand ideas are only going to happen if I start, and I’m only going to improve if I keep trying – this is the perfect forum for that, so go!

calypte 22nd February

Good afternoon 🙂

Well, this time last week I was probably still in the recovery room. Pleased to report I’m continuing to feel on the mend, if still somewhat bruised and tender, but determined to keep it slow. Spending some time reading – about habit-formation, motivation, writing – and plotting a more streamlined, happy life. Oh, okay, mostly I’ve been learning how to binge-watch! LOL! Never something I’ve really done before (2 episodes in a row was about the limit of my ‘binging’ previously), but have managed 4 or 5 episodes in a row of a couple of shows, including finally finishing Stranger Things, and really enjoying the new version of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. Also watched Loss of a Teardrop Diamond last night, and it was thoroughly weird o_O Been a surprisingly nice way to spend my recovery – although does make me wonder what I do with my time that I neither do this usually, or seem to get much else done when I’m being ‘too busy’. Hmm – must be having someone do my cooking 🙂

Forecast is for a lot of snow in Scotland tonight and tomorrow, so I will remain holed up at my dad’s for a few extra nights. It’s been nice, although part of me is looking forward to my own space and hobbies again – never itched to do cards so much as when I’m far away from all my kit! 🙂

calypte 19th February

Big thanks for all the good wishes, guys – means a lot! And glad to hear yours went well, too, wren 🙂

Everything went to plan for me, except for not being as awful as I’d been fearing! Was even fed a sandwich on the same evening, so eating isn’t so awful! Still sleeping a lot but I think that’s good for now, and have my dad running after me with cups of tea so all is well.

calypte 14th February

Last check in for a wee while, I guess! And sending good thoughts out to wren!

I think I’m doing okay. Keeping myself busy getting organised seems for the best, so hurrah for being a last-minute kind of a person 😉 Soup is cooking, bunch of reviews are done ready for scheduling over the next 2 weeks (!), packing piles are taking shape.

  • schedule all the reviews over next fortnight
  • make soup
  • go for a walk?2 miles, with a brownie at the end of it 🙂 So de-stressing – need to do more of this!
  • laundry
  • handwash delicates
  • any more books to put onto kindle?
  • detroll
  • remove nailvarnish
  • last read of pre-op notes – stop eating by midnight, glass of water before 6:30am, etc
  • list for dad to do/take tomorrow
  • charge phone, kindle, charger!
  • PACK!
  • set alarm for 6am
  • relax as best can: watch something, read, etc
  • as early a night as I can manage, I guess o_O

calypte 13th February

Nice weekend. After thoroughly enjoying T2 on Friday night, went for the other end of the movie spectrum on Saturday with Trolls and then Sing, with a ‘fry up’ in the middle and a trip to 2 craft shops. Told myself it was pointless buying any beads, since I’ve still never actually made any jewellery (!), but ooh, they were pretty, and I was in the mood for a wee treat! 🙂 Also managed to get sm’s birthday pressie, which is only a few weeks off so excellent timing. I was more restrained in the card shop, which was quite unlike me 😉


Today and tomorrow are really just the last bits of prep, I guess. I’m sure it’s not going to be as awful as I fear, but still not looking forward to being in pain – well, who would?! Trying to think of nicer things, like a few weeks of quiet to focus on reading and writing, and maybe some zentangle or sketching. Healthier eating, not feeling happy with the indulgence and re-podging of late 😉 In the longer term, figuring out an exercise program I can start with the ‘wounds’ – nothing like medical issues to have you craving health and strength, eh?! – and just generally making better ‘use’ of life. Same old!!

  • reread op prep documents, make sure I have the right times for fasting etc
  • laundry
  • finish clearing futon
  • two packing piles: hospital, sending home
  • reviews – want to catch up on the outstanding and scheduling for the next few weeks (not that this is important in the slightest!):
    • T2
    • Trolls
    • Sing
    • Indite – Writer’s Notebook
  • bath
  • oodles of TV – yeah, I’ll be doing a lot of this soon, but still good to get the box emptier and the Go stuff

calypte 10th February

Pretty fully-booked day today, it seems!

First, groceries – a half-week shop, for weirdness, and stocking up on some things for next week: expecting to have some difficulty swallowing for a while (although mixed reports on this one), so thinking smoothies, milkshakes, jelly, etc. Eeep.

Then tonight’s ‘cinema club’ choice has swung back to T2, after everyone else dismissed it already – weird! Watched the original last night in preparation, and had forgotten just how iconic 90% of the scenes had become. Or maybe just a Scottish thing! Anyway, quite intrigued to see this one – as one of my colleagues pointed out, you don’t get too many coming-of-middle-age movies, at least not non-jokey ones – and we’re both about the same age as the characters. Ooof!

I then agreed to go see K’s preferred choice – overruled for tonight on timing issues – of Sing tomorrow, which has turned into a marathon Trolls-lunch-Sing, and as I’ve invited sm to join us (she was bafflingly keen to see the first one!) there might well be a craft shop visit in the middle. Sounds like a good way to spend the day – and snuffles be damned!

I am starting to get very slightly concerned about them backing off by Wednesday – argh at now being worried I won’t have the surgery o_O Ho-hum!

Anyway, not planning on getting too much done over and above all that, but I do need to remember: audiobooks and kindle sorting!

calypte 9th February

I’d been hoping to feel up to heading into Maggies for another of the relaxation session drop-ins, but the snuffles persist – and I don’t think it’s fair to take those into that kind of environment. So, will try for Monday’s one instead.

Could still head out later – nano? – but I suspect this might be another sofa-ish day, and let’s face it: getting shot of the cold is priority number one! Can’t believe it’s lingering this long, despite my efforts. Stress? Hmm.

I am chuffed at getting some stuff done yesterday, regardless: dyed my fringe red again (had I mentioned I bought the purple and blue dyes? :)), removed old nail varnish and repainted – I know I’ll have to take it off pre-surgery, but that’s still six days, so 😛

Also still plotting and planning so many things – always happens when I ‘can’t’ do stuff, the ‘great ideas’ kick in o_O I was mentioning to P about how nice it’s been getting to work in about 15 minutes flat, since I’ve been leaving late to avoid packed buses. And it dawns on me: shifting my working day by 15-20 minutes would give me this when I go back, too. And as a bonus: I’d easily have 30-60 minutes in the morning, regularly, to throw at a ‘me’ project. Hmm! I like this plan!  🙂

A few things to pick away at today anyway, methinks:

  • review Slow Bullets – making good headway on the NetGalley stack, want to keep it up, so also…
  • have a look at the writing workbook pdf – was a bit rubbish on the kindle, pc might be better; start review
  • maybe focus on one track/chapter of the Twin Peaks ost/book, start review on that
  • tidy something in the spare room – ‘creative sanctuary’!
  • mp/sl
  • tesco a/c?
  • watch some more stuff – found a legit free movies website with a film I have fond memories of from childhood, so tempted to ruin them with a rewatch 😉