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calypte 24th May

Much as I love the monthly yoga class, last night it was just a bit much. I managed, but I could feel it was a strain on my system. I suppose I’ve been reasonably ‘busy’ for quite the string of days, between trips out and cooking and cards (although super happy that I managed all of those!), so today is a bit of a necessary rest and recuperation day.

That said, planning chicken pie and roasted veggies for tea, so makes sense to peel the extra carrot, etc and roast those at the same time for tomorrow’s ensalada marroqui. Laundry is on now – overdue, again!

Otherwise, though, plans are for lots of reading, viewing, and a muscle-soothing hot bath 🙂 I’m also going to join SL in trying to reintroduce an evening meditation session, to hopefully help with sleeping a bit better, too.

calypte 23rd May

Ended up having quite a busy-feeling day yesterday, despite skipping tai chi. Just standing for an hour sounded too much, let alone the other bits! o_O I am heading for yoga tonight, though.

Big ‘wow I actually managed it!’ was… the birthday card! Woo! Here it is:

IMG_20170522_183507763_HDR - Copy

Reasonably pleased, apart from the squint ribbon 😉 Was a relatively quick make, but it has hopefully broken that ‘fear’ of getting started. Certainly, it took me most of the day to get around to this one – I even did the dishes as avoidance 😉

Today is a bit more of a chill day, possibly with cinema trip ahead of yoga. Looking forward to it!

(am also in total denial over the news. Too heartbreaking)

calypte 22nd May

Had a lovely weekend – project ‘Keep calypte’s mood up’ is going well 🙂 Friday evening was the house warming for ex-colleague and his – well, as Friday’s invitation declared, his fiancee now! Woo!! Their new house is spectacular, too – moving envy for sure 😉

Despite three cocktails (!), I also made it to the afternoon tea on Saturday with the ladies from my Maggie’s group, and it was a lot of fun. Even treated myself to another cocktail 😉 I had swithered about heading to the cinema on the way home from that, but luckily read my weariness levels better and had a more sofa-ish evening.

Then yesterday involved a super-long lie, and a ton of cooking! Had bought loads of veg, so made the Tunisian Tagine that had caught my eye, and roasted the rest for bruschetta, pizza (homemade – got my dad to do the dough for me in his bread machine) toppings, and anything else to get it used! Along with a bag of cavolo nero and other salad stuff, am back to having a fridge perhaps over-full of things that will need used quicker than I can manage – oops!

Of course, after all that cooking I needed a lot of sitting down, so managed to finish watching Big Little Lies – very much ‘wow’ TV, fully recommended (albeit not for everyone!). I’d reached the halfway point in the book where I thought the clues were starting to come quicker than the show, and realised I wanted the tension in the viewing. Also up to date with Grantchester after a very impactfully done episode from last week – going to miss that a lot when it finishes next week!! I’m turning into such a TV binger!

Today I’m feeling pretty weary, unsurprisingly, so plan is for a nice easy day and hope that I’m okay for tai chi tonight – gentle exercise sounds like a ‘should’, quite frankly! I also really want to at least try a card – as ever, pushed back and back and… argh!!

calypte 18th May

Actually have a small to-do list today! 🙂 Mainly planning on taking it quite easy, though, as I overdid it just a little yesterday. Felt okay to walk up to the further-away (about half a mile, so not that far!) bus stop (and really, not much less walking than heading for the other bus, going ’round the corner, and walking up from the closest stop – so, yeah o_O) for my Maggie’s appointment, where I was admonished not to ‘just’ vegetate on the sofa, however lovely that feels right now, but ensure I keep my stamina up. That must have hit home, as I decided to go for a wander in Princes St gardens, and was for getting the tram home (with the mile walk at the end!) until I started feeling woozy – oops! Still, good to test my limits once in a while? o_O

I remain quite obsessed with the idea of throwing myself into a fitness routine on the other side of surgery/recovery – as much as I am able. Here’s hoping the intention sticks! But, well, big birthday looming to motivate me, too, I guess? 😉

Today, though, is a ‘rest day’, as I’m both tired and due to be quite busy tomorrow (lunch with dad, groceries, and an ex-colleague’s house warming), so I plan to continue ‘binge’ watching and reading – am a quarter of the way through Little Big Lies the book, and nearer half on the TV show. Not sure which I want to have the big reveal through, right enough! o_O

  • mp/sl (which is ‘meal plan / shopping list’, btw!)
  • remember to put housewarming gift on sl!
  • make banana oat bars, as bananas are going squidgy
  • make a start on a card – just a ‘practice’ one, not the bday card 😉
  • review The Somnambulist…
  • watch something
  • try new face mask 🙂
  • paint toenails
  • aim for another earlyish night (with book!) 🙂

calypte 17th May

Trying to enjoy a sense of not *having* to do anything, which is hard for me! Yesterday my dad came through so we went for lunch and coffee, and I popped in to buy milk, and the relief that after that I could just veg out – hmm!

Today I’ve got a counselling session, which will get me out in the sunshine enjoying a little exercise, too. I plan to go into Lush on the way back, and spend my gift voucher as a wee treat. Also half-thinking about using the pizza offer, but – hmm, we’ll see. Thought about going first, for lunch, but it’s nice to just have a lazy morning (!).

Otherwise, about the only things I have to chat about are books and TV o_O Tried an episode of Outcast yesterday, but it was a bit too much horror, and the first 10 minutes failed to grip me. Instead, found Big Little Lies to be absolutely gripping, so am a couple of episodes into that and started the book, too! I usually want to read the book first, but I’ve only got a week before the show is removed, plus it’s kind of interesting seeing what they’ve changed.

Day before I’d also started watching Happy Valley based on the BAFTA win. Between those two shows, I thought last night I’d go for something a little less full of sex-and-violence, only to find the most outrageous scene in all of Grantchester! Eeep! 😉

Yeah, think I’m drowning myself in fiction for a bit. Wonder if I can turn any of that towards writing? SL’s colour-coded spreadsheet just sounds so cool…! 😉

Other plans include catching up on reviews, and a birthday card – I know I’ll be ‘let off’ if I don’t get ’round to it, but I can at least try. Would be nice to get back into the hobby, tbh.

Oh, and I’m also trying to find some small strength exercises. The hope at the moment is with all my time more or less my own, I can explore what I can and can’t do a little more freely. This *will* also include trying to reset my sleeping pattern – I think I’m staying up ridiculously late almost on purpose so that the tiredness feels more understandable, but it’s quite silly, really! Can I add outrageous eating habits to the ‘fix soon’, list?! Hmm!

calypte 15th May

So, I think I’ve reached the point where I’ll take the GP up on her offer to sign me off for a bit, and just give up on work. It’s been tough shaking the old paradigm that you push a little to improve post-op stamina – this is not that. This is continuing exhaustion that feels like it’s getting worse, and I figure it might be more healthy to rest up and wait for the tablets to kick in. Oh well – fingers crossed that happens soon, and at least I don’t have to wait for the surgery first (also hopefully soon!) before starting on this stuff. Ho-hum.

So, plans revolve largely around reading and binge-watching. Made the ‘mistake’ of sitting through the Bafta awards last night, so have a couple of things to maybe add (eep!) to my viewing stack – oops! 😉 And have several NetGalley ARCs to plough through, so add a little reviewing to the list – I did get so incensed by Alien Covenant being a bit duff on Friday that I got that one written in a rush! 😉

calypte 11th May

Playing hooky again 😉 Was super-exhausted yesterday, and while I feel a lot better today I’m trying to be sensible and allowing myself the rest I need, emotionally as much as physically. In fact, might try for a little walk later, or even a brief appearance at the writing group (before I disappear again for a few months!). The sunshine will undoubtedly do me good, along with the exercise – got my vitamin D levels reported back yesterday and they’re very low. Not exactly surprising (the hyperPTHism, lack of oily fish in my diet, and largely being indoorsy since the last op will all be contributing), and another cause of tiredness, so I’m getting supplements. Slightly surprised at that, as I would have thought they would have waited til after the op, or until I’d tried the thyroxine (I’m all about the scientific method: change one thing at a time!!), but my levels are low enough to warrant starting now (14, when low-normal is 25). I’ll be rattling – you have to start on a ‘pre-loading’ does of 5 tablets a day! o_O

It’s nice mentally to just stop for today. I sometimes feel that even when I think I’m coping, if I pay attention I’ll notice the dozen of things sitting waiting to be done. ‘Forgot’ to put the laundry on for two whole days, for instance o_O I’m also very behind on reviewing – not that it’s at all important, but just another ‘thing’. And every tiny little thing I can tick off feels like a huge win right now!

So, today’s not-quite-a-plan, more a list of possibles:

  • eat healthily – loads of stuff needing used up, too!
  • check new direct debits
  • consider getting out and about for an hour?
  • maybe treat self to Grantchester xmas (!) special, get up to date for new series
  • something a little arty?
  • review something?
  • earlier night, with book – sleep pattern needs a good reset!