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calypte 21st August


Schools being back has made a nice positive difference to the noise levels, thank goodness, and fingers crossed no more bugs lately! Sleeping a bit better, and reasonably pleased with energy levels, so doing a one day of stuff, one day of lazy pattern. Today is lazy! πŸ˜‰

Friday I went to the cinema by myself in the afternoon, and sawΒ The Hitman’s Bodyguard, which I really enjoyed as a bit of daft fun and so am surprised at the vehemence of the negative reviews. I swallowed my irritation with K and hung about with a cup of tea until she showed up for their evening viewing ofΒ Dark Tower – which I’ll see tomorrow – so I could return her keys that she mistakenly left with me weeks ago. The temptation to make her come and fetch them was huge, but she seems completely oblivious to how p’ed off I was. Ho-hum.

I do acknowledge that I’m just generally quite touchy at the moment, as my nerves ratchet up ahead of next week. For instance, during this morning’s phone call from the hospital nurse, she apologised for ‘disturbing me at work’, which really irritated me – no, I’m waiting for you lot to finally give me the surgery that’ll give me my life and energy back, cheers! It was a weird phonecall all ’round: something about last week’s blood test – which was the 10 days before op request – but apparently no knowledge that I’m booked in for surgery next week. I’m none the wiser as to what it was all about, but I’m working hard not to be too anxious about it – they’ll surely phone back if it’s anything other than lack of communication.

Spent yesterday with my folks, relieved to find town not as hectic as feared, so had a nice lunch and long wander in Paperchase – got some freebies on my Treat Me card, hurrah! Treated myself to some pretty ribbon, although been very restrained of late on craft supplies as I’ve not touched any in months. Really hoping that I can pick some of that back up again in my recovery phase. So, one of my to-dos for the week is to try and declutter a bit so I come back to a craft room with usable surfaces!

Also on today’s list: reviews, as ever, and making honey plum chicken. And lots of TV πŸ™‚

calypte 17th August

I’m starting to believe my attempts at an early night are cursed! o_O

Started so well last night: turned everything off nice and early, headed to bed feeling sleepy, and got in some extra meditation and some reading before midnight. Downstairs were utterly silent: first time in months at that time!

First issue was the rain, once again making me twitchy at the dripping noise coming from the non-window side of the room! I’m 99.9% sure it’s to do with the walled-up chimney, but I still get paranoid. So, light on, go to check, turn back – in time to see a large, many-legged ‘visitor’ marching its way above my window. Eeeek!

In fairness, I’m way better than I used to be. I once jammed a towel under the livingroom door and refused to go back in until my dad visited the next day and found the thing! Last night, I only briefly considered sleeping on the sofa! Alas, it did mean I pulled the duvet up over my ears, and woke about 4am cramped from the tensed position, and stewingly hot. Argh!!

So, today’s plans will probably be dialled down a notch o_O

In nicer news, took wren’s advice and made the enchilada sauce yesterday – and it was delicious! Good call πŸ™‚

  • mp/sl
  • decide what to eat today! Have the other half of the enchilada sauce, potatoes (and about to get more!), and plums needing used in honey plum chicken (but no juice or maple syrup, hmm!)
  • make yogurt
  • make banana oat bars
  • put enchilada recipe on AJJ before I forget my tweaks
  • another review
  • paint toenails
  • watch a movie – in lieu of cinema?
  • bath?
  • still try for another early night, although I’m half-predicting an earthquake LOL!

calypte 16th August

Chuffed that I basically just shoved myself out of the house yesterday, and went to the cinema. SawΒ Atomic Blonde, and while Charlize Theron was super-impressively kick ass, the movie/plot was a tad disappointing. Oh well. I hit rush hour on the way home, and it was only afterwards that I realised my anxiety levels were probably way up as this was my first solo outing in months – last couple I’ve at least been going to meet people. Still, I survived!

Also managed to make the most delicious risotto, even if I do say so myself, followed by this week’s GoT – not like me, to be keeping up, but another fantastic episode. And while I’m still swithering over books, I finally just bought the silly computer game –Β Day of the Tentacle – that I’ve been playing yes/no with since it got remastered. I loved this game as a kid, I probably remember the walkthrough, so it’s purely a nostalgia hit. Oh yeah – and it was on sale! Found it really funny when my cc company then phoned to check that it had been me using the card (it’s not one I usually use, to be fair to them) and not a fraudulent payment… for under Β£3. Hah!

Today I’m actually really happy to have a day ‘off’ – the other bonus for dragging myself out yesterday, that it feels like that! – with no real plans beyond relaxing πŸ™‚

  • meditation/stretches
  • laundry
  • finish readingΒ The Witches at Wayside Cross
  • review something
  • order contact lenses, see if optician objects
  • ask T about hot choc / order
  • install/try DoTT – it works! Wooo! πŸ™‚
  • make fajitas or enchiladas (new sauce recipe)
  • is P phoning tonight?
  • watch something – Bull, which I’m really enjoying
  • keep trying for early nights!


calypte 15th August

Afternoon! I have actually been up since about 8am, no mean feat given it was after 1 before I turned the lights off (I know, I know – ‘early night’ plan backfired!), but not turning the computer on in lieu of reading and scribbling is a good thing πŸ™‚

Not too chuffed with myself for the late night, but I just couldn’t settle (mind you, that did mean the smoke alarm going off – twice – downstairs at 12:45 didn’t bother me too much!). Think there’s perhaps a little pre-op (T-14!) stress creeping in already, and I was talking about it yesterday – sadly had to decline my invite to ex-colleague’s stag do 😦 Should probably just say I won’t make the wedding, I think it’d be a bit of a strain still at that point. Sigh.

That said, I’m also feeling quite excited at almost having ‘it’ all over, and being able to get on with my life. My head is super-full of so many plans: lifestyle changes, embracing opportunities, making fun more a chosen way of life. Hah – maybe this is also why I can’t sleep! πŸ™‚

Still, the sleeping pattern at least may *have* to change soon – schools start back tomorrow, so noise levels from downstairs will be changing!

Anyway, thoughts firmly back to relaxing! Possibly too many decision to make today: what of the list of meal choices (risotto, fajita/enchilada, chicken casserole, stir fry, pasta – I love food πŸ™‚ ) to prepare (and it might come down to: I need to wash the oven gloves, but I’m likely to get them messy with the risotto – let’s make the risotto! LOL!), whether to buy the book trilogy that’s caught my eye on sale (not that I need more books, argh!), and whether or not to head to the cinema. I will go this week – could go twice, in fact! – but not sure if I’m a bit too snoozy today. Ho-hum: story of my life! πŸ˜‰ But hey: huzzah for another few weeks of nice choices πŸ™‚


calypte 14th August

2 weeks tomorrow – does that make this T-15 or T-14? o_O

Mixed weekend. Friday was a lot of fun: guys all seemed happy to see me – which is a relief, you don’t want colleague resentment building ‘cos you’ve been off – and had to hug about a dozen people (including partners, I don’t have that many colleagues, at least in Edinburgh!) when I left before the pub πŸ™‚

The show itself was fun, and I would now say I quite like Henning Wehr. However, I was a bit ‘hmm’ on some of the material – for instance, he held up boards for “who’s the odd one out” and then mocked us for not saying the obvious person-who’s-a-different-skin-tone. Isn’t that a *good* thing? Still, overall good fun.

Alas, Festival seating isn’t known for being the best, and several hours (inc dinner and a triple length bus journey home courtesy of the festival mega-crowds!) of sitting with my head unsupported really killed my neck. Woke up with a headache on Saturday – mix of neck and sinuses and even a touch of dehydration, perhaps? – that lasted most of the day. Urgh. So, lay on the sofa and watched movies, and reminded myself that oh yeah, still not ‘fixed’! o_O

Yesterday was much more productive. Got the house insurance sorted successfully – including a walloping great bonus (over 30%!) from going through Topcashback that I really didn’t think I’d qualify for as the insurer also pegged me as an ‘existing customer’ (ironically, it’s the work health insurance!) and gave me a 20% discount! Brill πŸ™‚ Also got 2 reviews done, and made a tasty if super-messy risotto.

More alas, also had a huge flare up with K over this week’s cinema. I’ve still got 5 movies and now 2 weeks, but she threw her toys out of the pram when I asked about options for Friday that weren’t her first choice. Wtf? I haven’t responded – I was too angry. Going to suggest they just go see what she wants, and I’ll avoid the drama, quite frankly. Sigh.


  • phone to cancel renewal quote
  • free coffee! πŸ™‚
  • maybe try and order more contact lenses? In a bit of limbo with this
  • (many things I could put here, but in a ‘whatever gets done gets done’ mood!)
  • Twin Peaks and/or GoT – how are they both on the same day!?
  • earlier night! All my own fault these days, as neighbours have been away. Tch

calypte 11th August

Thought I should stop by before the weekend, as I’ve been a bit slack with the updates πŸ˜‰

Quite enjoying these ‘fun’ three weeks. It’s quite amazing how much of a difference having a date for things moving on has made to my outlook. Or, it really is just getting over the vitD disaster and snuffles. I ended up being out for twice as long as I expected on Wednesday, chatting to E so much I actually lost my voice! We went to see Valerian and going in with low expectations we both actually really enjoyed it. It’s not a ‘good’ film, the plot is messy and the acting is ‘meh’, but wow does it look shiny! If my want-to-see list wasn’t so long, I might be tempted to go back for a 3D viewing.

It wasn’t a late night, or an active day, but it was the first time I’d been out by myself in over a month, and it took its toll – I’m still recovering a bit, and incredibly achy from sitting for hours on end! Still, last month I would have been unable to do anything at all the day after, whereas I actually managed my usual coffee and grocery shopping trip before needing to fall over. Which was also interrupted by a thankfully brief but still welcome visit from my friend who works the Festival and just wanted a sit and a coffee (or 3!!) in the middle of a16-ish hour day. Bless! Always nice to be able to make someone else’s life even just a little easier! πŸ™‚

This evening I’m going to see my colleagues for the first time in months – eep! – and go to a Henning Wehn show, who I’m not familiar with. Still, it’s definitely nice to be *doing* stuff again, even if it is just for a few weeks.

Things to remember over the weekend:

  • house insurance, grr!
  • Mooc – got an email saying the algorithms one I half-started has a deadline on Sunday, so might look at that with a bit more focus
  • sooo behind on reviews! Go go go (esp as might increase my chance of getting theΒ NevernightΒ sequel!)
  • arty stuff – was pondering this for maybe end of Sept/Oct, but remembered I have a couple of drawing/watercolour books from Netgalley that I forget about
  • continue decluttering

Happy weekends, all! πŸ™‚


calypte 8th August

On a bit of a ‘t-minus-20’ countdown feel at the moment! 3 weeks today – eep! o_O

On the plus side, this – plus getting over last week’s cold, and I assume the vitD effects continuing to calm – is giving me a kick to go do as much fun stuff as possible before I’m laid up for a while post-surgery: been doing so little for the past while, need to cram lots in while I can! Today is about my only quiet day this week, after organising a cinema trip tomorrow afternoon, and a colleague inviting me to a Fringe comedy show and seeing the guys for the first time in months on Friday! Got another show half-arranged – Shakespeare for Breakfast – which is two more things than I’d thought I’d go to this year πŸ˜‰

Managed yesterday to make a pot of soup (which is why it’s lovely and sunny today, works without fail! Rains when I’ve bought salad πŸ˜‰ ) and chilli bean filling for burritos, so don’t have to do any more meal prep for a few days. I miss cooking – was actually fun chopping veggies yesterday πŸ™‚