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calypte 16th April

A late good morning from my bed still – the plus of having worked Saturday morning is some time off in lieu, and a lie in to recover from a late post-theatre (almost!) night. Richard II and David Tennant were absolutely brilliant, so I’m really really glad I went. Have the dates in the diary now for the two parts of Henry IV and Two Gentlemen of Verona. Yay! 🙂

In other news I’d asked my boss for some feedback ahead of Thursdays supposed meeting with the biggest of bosses, and also ‘cos I’m a year in and haven’t really had any feedback. Ended up staying late last night for an informal chat after everyone had left. Overall, was good – he’s a nice guy, so I knew he wasn’t going to be harsh – minor knuckle wrap over getting distracted by a ‘junior’ colleague with a bad internet browsing habit (it’s known and vaguely tolerated, as he’s very good at his job. Me, less so, although I like the brain-break… will have to be more professional, though!). The biggest thing was confidence. I suck at confidence: I hate the whole ‘fake it til it feels real’ approach, and am very VERY prone to putting myself waaaaay down before anyone else can.

So… have to find ways to battle that habit, I guess. Focus on the positives (I got a nice list of some of the good stuff I’d done!), and find ways that genuine increase my confidence. Continuing to learn, def – I’ve got the MSVA courses lined up, so 20 minutes a few nights a week, get some coding practice under my belt. I’m thinking also some of the less obvious stuff, for instance: if I join the gym and start sticking to it, getting fitter (and maybe a little slimmer as a bonus!), I rather imagine that might also help my overall confidence. Generally getting stuff done – little victories – rather than this feeling of throwing my hands up and being carried along ever so slightly out of control.

Points to ponder!

Okay, little list for today:

  • try for confidence in my work!
  • make muffins
  • library and walk home
  • meditation course – late day 1
  • little learning?
  • some tv catching up
  • earlyish night

Moose’s 2Q plans – Monday 31 March

I’ve had a bit of thinky-time this weekend which has been welcome – life has seemed so hectic (in a good way!) and it feels like I’ve reached a bit of a turning point, which all very neatly fits with the end of the quarter! I did a bit of a wrap-up on my blog here – basically I think I picked the right things to focus on and life has improved massively even though it hasn’t always felt like it!

For 2Q I guess I want to keep the basis going (social + music + health) and it’s time to focus on a new set of challenges:

Health – I’ve lost a tiny bit of weight but more importantly I’ve set up some really good routines. I can get to my lowest weight yet in 2Q if I focus on this and I’m *dying* to get back into some of my smaller clothes for the summer. Mostly the trick here is in sticking to the routines, doing the preparation, and then letting myself get caught up in the other things of life and forgetting about it.

Socialising – I *never* would have thought I’d be so happy spending so much time with so many different people! I don’t even know where that time has come from. I feel absolutely blessed having the friends I do, we have so much fun, do lovely things and have wonderful conversations. My last two social events of the quarter were the open mic (chilling with other songwriters, talking about music and inspiration – brilliant!) and a work night out of drinks followed by a random dinner where I only really knew 2 of the other 7 people there and yet we all had a great time – I think that shows where the new boundaries are. There are several people I’m looking forward to hanging out with and getting to know better, I want to make sure to work around the schedules of and really be there for the most important friends, I want to get better in group situations and being able to talk to multiple people at once, I want to do a greater variety of activities with other people, and I want to make more musical friends. I want to keep on taking all the opportunities available to be with people who are important to me and I really miss it when I’m stuck home alone.

Music – This is the big deal now. The thought that I can go off with my guitar and play my songs anywhere on any given night of the week is just awesome. The place I played at last week runs every Thursday, with a second night at a different location every Sunday, for instance. I don’t really know how to play this – it could potentially change the balance of life quite drastically if I let it take over, but the happiness I felt while playing and afterwards knowing I didn’t have to feel scared about it – that was such an amazing feeling and (like socialising, I guess) I don’t want to be away from it for too long. I would like to aim for these targets during the course of the quarter:

  • I want to get to the point where I feel as comfortable playing in public as I do playing on my own
  • I want to be able to talk (as well as sing) when faced with a mic – and feel like myself doing so
  • I want to get all my own songs up to standard – performing is not far from recording. I know from preparing for last week what kind of work it takes to get each song ready so try to keep going with 2-3 songs a week
  • play at least 10 times (most weeks would be great)
  • play two different places in a week
  • play somewhere locally
  • work out some covers and get them up to standard too
  • sing/play with other people – duets and collaborations
  • a session of piano songs would be good
  • keep up with the social media stuff
  • By the end of the quarter: if all of this comes together I’ll be ready to approach places for gigs of my own (start a list!)
  • Research getting the album recorded

That’s enough! It’s pretty straightforward – there is only enough time to do the next set of tasks each day and move forward with the priorities, but all of it is lovely lovely stuff 🙂

Cate’s Jan Round Up

January has been equally epic and equally stressful! I had to wait until 8pm!! On tax deadline day to find out the amount – however it was so much lower than I had anticipated (mainly due to the fact I had over paid in July) I can give back my sister the entire amount I borrowed in a panic and we have enough for next months bills! Relief!!!

So good things in Jan…


– Tax paid (yay!)

– Managed to rummage up 5 small jobs in Jan (all paid) and all are edited.

– Booked 3 big jobs and 2 small jobs

– Have a meeting to possibly contribute to a big blog for food stories (although this would be unpaid the exposure would be really good)

– I had a positive response from a small magazine for work, but when I followed up he had left and the new person wasn’t interested. BUT I’m taking this as a good thing that someone was interested 😉

– Entered images for an international competition. Chances are so small but the point was doing it and going through the process of picking and prepping images etc

– We’ve had some really good food days and got quite a lot of content, in fact we’ve had a really positive response this month which has really boosted both of us.


This month has been very adventurous!

– Pork, Slaw, Bacon & Cheese Straws (were enormous more like Bacon & Cheese Broomsticks), a Bacon, Asparagus & Baked Egg dish (which M said looked like sick, so won’t be doing that again) and Linzer Biscuits.

E Food

– Possibly made around 100 salmon balls this month as well as the rest…


– 5 times this month, although missed a week

1 Fun thing with M

– Tick! Well due to lack of funds, we’ve had to make do with dinner at home and movies but we’ve managed to watch 2 good films this month Elysium & Before Midnight (although a little more difficult to watch than the previous two)

2 Social things

– An afternoon with Moose! Right at the beginning of the year and such a lovely day it was.

– Lunch with my friend P

– S came over for a visit

– I went to an industry event. It meant being outside my comfort zone, networking and wearing a dress but I’m so glad I went.

Things to work on…

– No saving at all this month

– the whole money situ, made me incredibly stressed and difficult to live with, I failed in being nice to M at all times.

– I need more (paid) work please universe, I actually have nothing booked in now til April (!) I am trying to remain positive that things will come!

All in all Jan has been good and positive. On to February!

Cate’s Intentions 2014

This started as a 14 things to do in 2014 but the list has grown a little and I also like SL’s quarterly idea and perhaps I’ll review after March, but this is what I came up with for 2014

1. 14 new dishes / baking in 2014 - use all my beautiful books
2. Make Es food for the entire year
3. Plan E a half birthday 
4. Yoga once per week
5. 1 fun thing with M per month and be nicer to M at all times
6. 2 social things per month
7. Win something
8. Book at least 10 but want 20 full price jobs
9. Plan and save for Jan 2015 holiday
10. Save for New York trip
11. Break through with our joint project and get at least one magazine piece
12. 12 manicures 12 different colours in 2014 - this is frivolous but I had a manicure for the 3rd time ever and I actually loved it and it was just £10)
13. Save for new bed
14. Look into moving where/how/££
15. Make E first year album (with the quarterly aim in mind, I intend to get this done by end of March)

calypte’s 2014 World Domination plans

Happy New Year, everyone! Woohoo for 2014! 🙂

Late to the World Domination party, as always, eh? 😉 I was working 30th/31st, and not the quiet few days I’d hoped for, so less opportunity for the thinking and planning yet. Still… bring it on! 🙂

As with others in the group, I’m less keen on strict long-term goals, and more on the slow steady progress – it works better for me, I think: for instance, I lost half a stone since October (and probably put half of it back on at my folks’ over xmas, oops!) and this is the first time I’ve even mentioned it anywhere let alone had any grand plan! I guess I need these successes to be small and quiet and unpressured? Things that don’t end up feeling like huge oppressing workloads, especially when so many of my aims for this year are fun!

For instance: make more use of my cinema card – I always enjoy it more than a movie on the sofa, so go go go! Helps that I work a 10 minute walk away from the cinema now, so on the way home trips work very well, and I have a new cinema buddy in the form of a girl from my writing group. There’s another: weekly write in meets, and for actual writing not just gabbing LOL! I don’t mind what I write – reviews (been way too long!), blog posts (would be great to be more regular about these) and of course fiction – there will be another NaNo from me in November, if not one of the summer challenges 🙂

I have other creative aims for the year, too. I want this to be the year when I finally stop saying I’m going to and actually make a start – not perfect, not brilliant, but doing! Card making is a biggy – I have a birthday card I want to do this weekend, for instance, and I want to both explore/improve/use my stash (and find events to give them – so please, send my your addresses and birthdays!) and be more organised – no last-minute December rush this year, please! So maybe one Christmas card a month, starting now? 🙂

Then the usual: my fingernails have suffered a few breaks lately, so now – right now – is a good time to pick up that guitar. And art! Ooh, but I want this to be the year I finally get back to drawing (painting can wait for now). And on the other side of the coin, I love that I work in IT now, and I’m learning massive amounts, but it’d still be good to do some coding on my own, learn more, and maybe get that website building on the go? 🙂

Phew. Overload, as ever! So it’s going to be really important that I work on my energy levels – so: early nights, prioritising sleep over stoopid computer stuff; start building up the exercise levels – I’ve found a relatively inexpensive, on-the-way-home gym, and am aiming to join in late spring, with plenty of improvement seek-able ahead of that (walking, yoga, wii); and eating healthily – looking forward to experimenting with some new recipes. On the mental side, there’s meditation and reprioritising my time – single tasking, relaxing away from the computer (yes, I like the silly farm game but it’s not important!), stopping much earlier in the evening and having clear down time. Making space for the silly-but-wanna things like not having eight series’ worth of want-to-watch tv shows backed up (tv viewing should not feel as pressurised as mine sometimes does!)  and meeting my Goodreads goal (come and join me! I’m calypte there, too) of reading 65 books this year 🙂

All in all, then, it’s a realignment and refocusing – but in a slow, softly-softly kind of an approach. I have a few support things in mind:

Books – unsurprising, given my love of reading, but for support I’m thinking of (re) starting with The Joy Diet (maybe doing one ‘menu item’ per month, really bedding it in) – which starts with 10 minutes of doing nothing (meditation!) – and my own take on The Happiness Project (in which January is for energy, which I mentioned above – more in another post!). Later I might finally finish 4 Day Win, implement some of the tasks in Refuse to Choose (the scanner bible), and maybe even start on The Artist’s Way!

2-Minute Habits – mentioned scanners there, and I totally am: I want to do everything and too often end up paralysed by choice or disheartened by how bad I’d be at anything I’m not focused on more. So, this is a ‘touch base’ kind of an approach: it’s not about being good (yet), just about doing – everything, as I feel like it, even just for a couple of minutes. Little and often. It’s about reconnecting with my passions – see all the creative stuff mentioned above 🙂

Menu Planning – as mentioned by Dahlia, it does help to be organised! Need to trawl some recipes for healthy and tasty new things to try, too.

Journals – I love all the photos of (Moose’s) journals and how they get used. I’ve picked out a couple of nice-ish but inexpensive (and thus not daunting to use as a start!) notebooks. I’m not 100% sure how to make them work for me yet, so all tips welcome! And of course, there’s our shiny new 2014 Ruler of the Universe books… 🙂

Moosie NYE

Hey guys, we made it to the end of 2013!! I have a great feeling about 2014. Ftfers, your stars have aligned! Run with it!

This is what I have in terms of plans/thoughts for next year… I’m feeling like the fact it fits easily on 2 pages and doesn’t require a spreadsheet is indicative of my new “embrace life and just go with it!” attitude…


Hope you all have a fantastic night and a momentous start to the New Year!!

Moosie Saturday 28 December






Morning all! It’s a beautiful sunny morning here. Hope everyone has had a good Christmas? Still in full-on chillout mode here but thoughts are starting to turn towards the new year and 2014.

By now I hope everyone has received their Universe Ruling diaries for 2014 🙂


I loved the cheery and colourful messages in here and also thought it would be cool if everyone had one, then we could do some of the challenges & celebrate some of the days together as a team (June 19th “treat your body like a biscuit eating machine day” being a prime example!!) I envisage lots of synchronized biscuit-eating and shared tales of fabulousness…

30th December (Monday) is down as “Prepare for 2014 World Domination Day” and as we’re getting close to the New Year it would be lovely to hear what everyone has planned for next year. I have been thinking about this but am definitely not setting many hard-and-fast goals for next year and the ones I am setting are largely the same as this year’s (lose weight, do more music, save money) within largely the same parameters as well. This year I have really learned that letting life happen is the most fulfilling way to live and I could never have scripted the changes that have come just by going out there open-hearted to the possibilities. Reality, as it comes, is generally better than anything I could plan or imagine and I want more of that in 2014. If there’s one big theme for me it’s learning to be more in the real world, spend more time with real people, make real things happen, take the opportunities that come – and by default hopefully invest more in that than in the fantasy world in my head. There is some unique goodness to be had in my own world too but I want to manage how I use that better and how I transition between the two. Do life, be visible, and be myself as much as possible – that kind of thing. More talking to people and less talking to myself!

I’ve gained a lot from 2013… in general it was a smooth upward trend in terms of developing solid routines and a lifestyle that makes me happy (I am almost missing my regular routine at the moment! that’s how much it works for me). Workout and household routines are rolling along nicely, work is way way better, more social time, my self-esteem is much improved and I have a much more solid support system and ways to cope when things are tougher. It’s great to be starting a new year with all of that in place after the work that’s gone into making it so. It’s nice to not be starting the year in debt like last year and things like having a tonne of nice clothes (a couple of sizes smaller than last year) and feeling like it’s worth taking care of myself a bit more.

The aim for 2014 will be to maintain all of that and build on it… go down a couple more sizes, get out there with music and express myself in public (this is a major thing I feel is missing in my life but my self-confidence is not THERE yet!!), connect with more people (possibly a music crew of some sort or other kind of creative-expressive tribe), and also we’d like to save for and buy a car! Which would open up a load of possibilities for adventures and explorations.

Mostly though I just want to continue this process of getting more open and less repressed and I can’t predict what that’ll take or where it’ll lead but I find that the more I’m striving for that, the happier I am. So that has to be at the core of the decisions I make even if it’s at the expense of the overall plan – I’ve shown my inability to plan what I actually need to do over more years than I care to remember so I want to do what feels right.

Little bit of stationery porn: in addition to the Universe Ruling notebook I have this seyes notebook for detailed tracking:





And this is my main diary for planning goals and so on:








It’s GREEN on the inside and has two pages for each week:




Along with an extra space for planning at the start of each quarter and plenty of note space at the back for listing goals etc.