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10-year visualisation update

Having been working on this slowly over the past couple of weeks, I wrote a lot today and basically got the whole thing done – at least in terms of where I hope I’ll be in ten years’ time.

I’ve learned four very important things so far:

1)    that life is a lot longer than I thought! And I don’t have to achieve everything in the next ten, or even two, years – there will still be time later in life to learn and do a great load of stuff. It’s not like I have to start working on everything right now, or that I have to get to a certain point so I can Sit On My Arse in optimal conditions!

2)    I want to enjoy the journey. So when I’m looking at where I want to be, or what I want to have achieved, I’m asking myself am I actually going to enjoy the process of doing that?! If not then I often find that those are someone else’s dreams, not mine – and that’s what got me into this state and off my own track. I want to do things that I’m going to love doing 90% of the time, and make those mine.

3)    A large portion of the visualisation part of this exercise has to do with very basic things like family, friends, and hospitality – and having a lovely, happy, and perpetually welcoming home is a massive part of my vision. I was surprised how virtually ALL of my material wants revolve around this concept of having a secure, brilliant and inspiring living environment that nurtures not just me, but my friends and family – I had no idea that would be so important. Beyond that, I only want money in order to learn things, and go places – for experiences, but not things.

4)    The single most important thing for the immediate future (and definitely to be accomplished in the next ten years) is for me to find a way to financial security that involves doing something I love. I guess that’s not really a surprise – and I’ve known that and been planning for it for a while already. All the other things can only happen once I’ve achieved that. A lot of the other things can still happen if I don’t – if I’m prepared to stay in the office and work my way up the career ladder, I can probably have some version of the home/family/learning/travels combination that I want. But in the spirit of enjoying the journey, I think that would be a squandering of the next thirty years. I want do what I love, as much of the time as possible, and love what I do, in a vocational sense. So that is Issue Number One to solve and the foundation for everything else.

There is a lot more detail than that but basically the clarity I’ve found is just huge. I know what I want, I know what order things need to happen in, and where my efforts need to be focused. So for the remainder of this month I’m going to have a think about what needs to happen for Issue Number One to be resolved, and hopefully that’ll give me my plan for the short- to mid-term.

10 Year Goals challenge…

Hello again, fellow rebels! Arrrr.

As I’ve been banging on about, I’ve been reading this brilliant and very motivating self-help book called What’s Stopping You? by Robert Kelsey. One of the exercises he proposes is to do a very detailed visualisation of yourself in 10 years’ time and to use that as the basis for building goals. I’m going to do this and in the hope (on the offchance) that some of you might want to join me I thought I’d post the starting points so you can all join in if you want to. I guess many people have done this before or already know what their 10-year goals are, but I could certainly use some clarity on my own – please join in if you would like to!

He starts by quoting Anthony Robbins:

“We are what we are because we have first imagined it.”

Imagine your ideal self, in 10 years’ time:

  • How are you dressed? (initial indication about who you are)
  • Where is your workplace, and what is it like? What kind of surroundings? What kind of organization? What is the perfect job?
  • Who works for you, and what are they wearing?(!)
  • Where do you live? What kind of home do you have? What does it look like? How big is it? Does it have a garden? A view?
  • Who else is in your home? How many people? What are their names? Pets?

He says this is all supposed to be completed in as MUCH detail as possible. I guess there will be extensions re. things inside the house, things you do with your family and friends, etc.

Then break the 10-year goal down into what needs to be done in order to achieve it:

  • 5 years from now
  • 2 years from now
  • 1 year from now
  • 6 months from now
  • This month
  • This week
  • Tomorrow
  • Today in preparation for tomorrow…

Initially I thought I would “set some time aside at the weekend” (famous last words!) for this but I think given the detail and the gravity of it I will work on it throughout June, with the intention of having it done ready to start on the “6 month” portion for the second half of this year. There’s no pressure to join in, or post anything if it’s too private, but I thought it might be fun!