Somehow managed not to press publish properly yesterday so my entry has disappeared into a black hole, never mind! I’m still here 🙂

Things are feeling a bit calmer now although had another message from my errant colleague this morning saying she’s not coming in today either. But hopefully she’ll be in tomorrow and I can find out wtf is going on then.

Meanwhile, it’s the cheery auditor today, and I’ve made a start on the minutes, although I was finding them quite a struggle yesterday afternoon. Which is a good reminder that in future, wherever possible, I should write them straight away. The two week delay has messed with the momentum and I’m not feeling very motivated at the moment…

Still a lot of other ideas floating round in my head at the moment, thanks to the North Star.

  • ironing
  • STLs
  • cheery auditor
  • continue minutes
  • collect info on payroll deductions
  • email T
  • catch up on Top of the Lake

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Wed 9th August" (6)

  1. Ha ha – I read your entry for yesterday and even commented on it, but I couldn’t save the comment because the entry was in draft state.

    I’m with you about minutes. I always write them on the same day and if not on the day after. Otherwise, I tend to forget things. I suspect your minutes are much more detailed than mine. Since no one reads my minutes, I just write the highlights.

    • Oh wren, our minutes are the pits. Usually 10-12 pages. I understand the need for detailed minutes, it’s helpful later down the line to know exactly what they were thinking, but our chairman is incredibly pedantic too and picks over them for the slightest thing. It’s quite painful.

      • 10-12 page minutes! Ouch! I feel your pain. It sounds as if your chairman needs more actual work to do…

        I’ve probably told you this before, but when I was in Yellowstone, the tiny hospital where I worked had a weekly supervisors meeting. The job of writing minutes feel to me. Our administrator was always prodding me to make the minutes funny. She wanted them to be funny so people would read them. At first, I was reluctant, since that went so far from my comfort zone. Over time, I began to have great fun with writing funny minutes. Often, the minutes had almost nothing to do with the meeting. I made up an advice column that was written by Aunt Buffy the Bison, whose advice to any situation was to have a good wallow in the dirt, and, oh, all sorts of things. It got to where people were literally hanging around outside my work space on Thursday afteroons asking when the minutes would be ready. It was great fun. 🙂

      • I think you did mention it before, but it’s a lovely story and bears repeating! Sounds like you had a blast. I’m very tempted to make mine funny too but I don’t think it would go down too well at our place 😦

  2. Black hole is drafts – – if you want it back 😉

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