8/9/17 ftf, wren

A lot of people in the US, including me, are quite terrified at the hostile rhetoric flying back and forth between the madman in charge of North Korea and our own madman.  Meanwhile, what is there to do but keep on with daily life?

Elbee is much better now, thank goodness.  The boss was on a tear yesterday.  He came into my office and confronted me about a math error in a budget that I prepared.  It was an Excel rounding error that amounted to $8.  I told him I could renegotiate the budget for the additional $8 if he liked, and he became sheepish.  I know there’s a way to avoid rounding errors in Excel and really need to get that straight in my head.  I’m open to suggestions from the FTF crew!



happy dog time!

strength training

work day


clinical services meeting

check on pi to pi thing


continue A5 negotiations

go to bookstore

go to bank

transfer July NA funds to Nursing

contact NIH

negotiate correction to amendment 1

Eisai uTRAC

Eisai forgiveness of reimbursement

research payroll companies

Abbvie invoice

letters for forgiveness of reimbursement


complete first RATS class

after work



cherish peace


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  1. Speaking on behalf of the rest of the world, I think we’re quite concerned, too o_O

    With Excel, it really depends on how the rounding error is getting in there. Off the top of my head, I’d suggest ensuring that cells are allowed to hold as many digits as they can, and just change the view to only show the relevant 2 decimal places – this way, formulae have the full figure to work with, with the rounding being visual only. Would that work?

  2. Agreed about the scary rhetoric at the moment. It’s very disturbing.

    There is some kind of ROUND function in Excel which one of my ex-colleagues used to adore, but I don’t know much about it, I’m afraid! I think your response to your boss was spot on. $8, seriously.

    • Oh yes, I’ve seen people use the ROUND function. I’m going to investigate that more. I’d like to take an Excel class (and need to take one, too), as my skills seem a bit outdated. I took an Excel class about 20 years ago and suspect things have changed since then! But thank you for the reality check on the $8!

      • When I present our accounts they’re usually rounded to the nearest thousand pounds, because it seems to me the people in charge need to focus on the big picture and it makes the accounts less cluttered. Of course on the accounting system itself we are accurate to the penny 🙂

      • The use of the round function can be what causes errors down the line. E.g. if several numbers lose 0.5 of a cent in rounding, and are then use in a calculation, the losses add or multiply to larger amounts. Be wary!

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