calypte 8th August

On a bit of a ‘t-minus-20’ countdown feel at the moment! 3 weeks today – eep! o_O

On the plus side, this – plus getting over last week’s cold, and I assume the vitD effects continuing to calm – is giving me a kick to go do as much fun stuff as possible before I’m laid up for a while post-surgery: been doing so little for the past while, need to cram lots in while I can! Today is about my only quiet day this week, after organising a cinema trip tomorrow afternoon, and a colleague inviting me to a Fringe comedy show and seeing the guys for the first time in months on Friday! Got another show half-arranged – Shakespeare for Breakfast – which is two more things than I’d thought I’d go to this year 😉

Managed yesterday to make a pot of soup (which is why it’s lovely and sunny today, works without fail! Rains when I’ve bought salad 😉 ) and chilli bean filling for burritos, so don’t have to do any more meal prep for a few days. I miss cooking – was actually fun chopping veggies yesterday 🙂


Comments on: "calypte 8th August" (2)

  1. I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling better. You’ve got a lot of entertainment on the horizon. Good for you! What movie are you going to see?

  2. Enjoy your fun stuff for the next three weeks! Good timing with the festival 🙂

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