I had a good day at work yesterday, got a lot done and got the two VAT returns submitted which is a weight off my mind as the deadline is Monday.  Today will be quiet again, as Z isn’t in. Our plans to have a team lunch today fell through, for various reasons – it’s so hard to co-ordinate what everyone wants to do. Anyway, we were out together on Tuesday so I’m secretly quite happy not to have team lunch today. It means I can have a short lunch break and leave a bit earlier.

Looking forward to the weekend – tomorrow will be manic cleaning and shopping and then the boys are coming round for lunch on Sunday which is always a good time. I have my playlist ready, got some good tunes on there!

  • STLs
  • finish off EWC accounts, send to cheery auditor
  • check LRT accounts, get C to finish them off
  • Friends accounts
  • if time, deal with whatever else crops up
  • writing, music, reading, TV?




Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Fri 4th August" (1)

  1. Writing, music, reading and tv all in one evening – I’m impressed!

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