calypte 4th August

Good news: surgery date acquired! 29th August. Ironically, yesterday’s – hugely helpful! – discussion had concluded that yes, this was the point to go private. Perhaps luckily I was then home too late (and up too late this morning) to have made a start on the list of phone calls (FIVE!) that were planned for today to get everything arranged, before the NHS waiting list coordinator called me this morning. Did half-wonder if I should go private now anyway (curious to try it, better food, private room, etc) but tbh I don’t think I could get everything organised much quicker anyway, and this way I now don’t have to do anything for the next 3.5 weeks bar relax, try to have some fun, and get a bit organised, I guess!

So. Head still spinning from the sudden about-turn! Although theoretically I now have a little more time and a little less to do, but that solid date does now mean I have to get on with it all!!

Planning another couple of quiet days first to let the ear heal more. Dizziness is gone, thankfully, but still a bit achy at times. I do have tickets for the Festival Opening event tonight, but seems daft to head out (and in the rain?) for a 20-min light show, tbh. And going off the idea of tomorrow’s afternoon tea, if I can’t/prob shouldn’t drink (I got stung for an equal share of the bill last time, with everyone else’s booze – slightly petty, but…!) and a look at the menu shows a lot of fishy things. So, maybe not.

Hoping to be a bit more recovered next week, and take myself to the cinema. Valerian is getting mixed reviews, but I’m okay with that for the spectacle (and the fact I don’t pay, of course!), and so many people have now said so many good things about Dunkirk that I am wavering – maybe an afternoon showing will be less traumatic?!

In the meantime, I seem to have a lot of fruit and veg to use, so some better meal planning ahoy. Usually I’m organised and do it in advance, but sometimes it’s more fun (!) to be a bit more random in my shopping and see what I come up with afterwards! Have some salad needing used, and got avocados – fajitas?; dad gave me a pile of potatoes so I bought soup-making ingredients, as well as some ‘tapas’ stuff so I can do patatas bravas, and save a bit of leek for a risotto. With not having much energy, I have been missing cooking, so might have gone a bit overboard 😉

I stayed up a bit late last night to finish reading A Body on Baker Street – a cosy mystery that’s not high-lit, but a lovely easy and fun read, which I was in the mood for – well, only started it the day before, so..! Which means I get to choose a new book today 🙂 Also tempted to binge the first half of GoT, now that I know I’ll miss the next watchathon, and continue to see if Midnight, Texas is worth watching more of.

  • meal plan to make sure stuff gets used!
  • eat melon – it’s very ripe!
  • eat nectarine – ditto!
  • make soup – today or soon
  • email work re op date
  • email Andy – quick response agreeing I’ve made the right decision – phew! 🙂
  • new book?
  • reviews backlog!
  • ebooks

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! 🙂



Comments on: "calypte 4th August" (3)

  1. Hooray for the surgery date! What a relief that must be. J saw Valerian and was disappointed, but he said the special effects are impressive. I’ve only heard good things about Dunkirk.

    • Relief and a bit scary, too! But yes – things have been going on beyond long enough. Valerian is getting mixed reviews, so I’m pretty prepared for it to be a bit pants, but missing the cinema!

  2. That’s such good news that you have a date now! It releases you to do lots of things in the meantime. Hope you enjoy the cinema, whatever you decide to go and see.

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