Hard to believe we’re into August already. Fended off the needy people yesterday and got the management accounts finished at last, plus had a call from the tax inspector (eek) who asked me lots of difficult questions but then basically told me we will be getting our £250k back so that’s good news.

This afternoon we have our property tour, and the team will be wandering round Bloomsbury and Fitzrovia looking at the charity’s properties, past and present. Then we’re going for drinks. Should be fun!

Unfortunately the only date I could find for this clashes with book group, so I think I’m going to have to send my apologies for that as don’t want to go for drinks with the team while looking constantly at my watch. Never mind! I hope book group enjoyed the Power. I did, although… I won’t spoil it in case anyone else wants to read it, but if you do, happy to discuss!

  • STLs
  • deal with query from chief
  • fend off needy boy
  • crack on with VAT return
  • property tour!
  • team drinks!
  • food shopping
  • catch up on a bit of home admin
  • North Star, still reading this, it rewards dipping into and re-reading certain bits. This book has had a big effect on me 🙂

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Tues 1st August" (2)

  1. Well done on fending of the needy people!

  2. I’ve got The Power sitting on my kindle, so might need to read it soon! And also reread North Star – there’s nothing like hearing you rave about this things to get me wanting another flick 🙂 Hope the tour is as fun as it sounds!

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