Yesterday’s meeting went quite well, I think, except that my nose decided to start dripping half way through. It was quite disgusting but fortunately I had a hanky with me! I decided to bail out on the dinner though, and have just texted colleagues to say am not coming in today. Even if I did go in, my mind is foggy so I wouldn’t be much use. Feel a bit guilty but I always remember what wren says about not passing bugs round the office…

The plan for today then is to go back to bed very shortly and sleep and read, and at some point I need to go food shopping. I was supposed to be seeing G tonight but it will have to be at his own risk!


Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Wed 26th July" (2)

  1. I most definitely commend you on keeping your germs out of the office and am sure your colleagues appreciate it! I do hope that the rest will set you right.

  2. Poor you! Feel better soon, and I’m another cheerer for the idea of not spreading bugs – you’ll recover quicker in the long run for being sensible!

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