7/25/17 ftf, wren

Greetings from the motel in Park City.  It’s been a quiet and somewhat strange long weekend.  Starting on Friday, we’ve been spending nights at a motel about 20 minutes from our home and then going home for the day.  This accomplished our goal of keep the dogs protected from the celebratory war zone sounds of the fireworks.  Neither J or I slept terribly well, though, and so there was a lot of napping during the day.  I did enjoy three very nice, long, summer hikes, and today we’ll go back to sleeping at home.

BTW, I heard on the local news that many letters of complaint have been written about the insanely permissive fireworks laws, which are a fairly recent occurrence, and it’s possible that they may be revisited.  I hope so!  It would be nice to not have to flee my home for two weeks every July.

The glorious days of bosslessness end today.  I anticipate him wanting to have a long chat with me, as he seems to have been quite busy at his conference in London.  I didn’t achieve my dream of getting completely caught up, but I did make good progress. 

Speaking of London, J and I are now seriously discussing adding a week in London to our springtime Italy adventure!

work day


informal meeting


August calendar

Biogen invoice


ejournal training

Abbvie invoice

p card documentation

close 50303043

earnings to income

nursing quarterly reconciliation

letters for forgiveness of reimbursement

Eisai uTRAC

Eisai forgiveness of reimbursement


complete first RATS class

after work





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  1. Two weeks of fireworks is ridiculous. What’s that all about, wren?

    It would be brilliant if you were to visit London next year! 🙂

    • It really is ridiculous. It’s a fairly recent development. For a while it was even worse – the entire month of July. Most people believe that some of the government officials who made the decision are getting money from people in the fireworks industry.

      It will be wonderful to come to London again. Our visit wasn’t long enough last time. Maybe we can have another arse night…?! We’re looking at places to rent right now. Can you recommend any areas of London that would be especially desirable or undesirable?

      • It would be great to see you and mr wren again! Difficult to know what to suggest regarding areas, would depend how close to the centre you want to be. South Kensington might be nice, it’s near Hyde Park and the museums.

      • South Kensington sounds perfect, thank you! We loved Hyde Park and are definitely looking forward to spending more time there. 🙂

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