The eye appointment went well on Friday and I’m good to go for another year; in fact the woman who gave me my results seemed to be saying that my eye pressure is now normal, if I understood her correctly, so that would actually be an improvement.

Then had a very nice time at home looking after the cats. Tiger and Tilly  were both very pleased to see me and there was much purring and snuggling all round. I took my laptop home and did some writing and played a bit of piano and the time just zipped by.  Such a world away from London and work.

Tomorrow is the big quarterly meeting and the annual dinner, so I have to get through today first. I have a sore throat and am feeling a bit rough this morning. Hoping it will go away rather than develop into a cold just in time for tomorrow.

  • check we got paid, since the troops were anxious about this on Friday – we did!
  • STLs
  • prep my talk for tomorrow (I have to have a script so I don’t start wittering like an eejit)
  • continue management accounts
  • discuss loan documentation with chief, the saga continues, now our own lawyers are hassling us! I often think the lawyers think we work for them rather than the other way round…
  • clear up carnage from last night
  • Twin Peaks! (so glad you’re watching it too, calypte, as nobody else I know is)
  • do some writing
  • continue reading the Power

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Mon 24th July" (3)

  1. Same here – no one else seems to be keen at all! I’m not sure now if I’ll save up the second half for another binge, or watch an episode a week. If you want a weekly discussion, that’s a possibility 😉

    • I’m watching it each week, but you don’t have to, there are various resources online which I enjoy reading (the av club blog, mostly, as the Grauniad recaps are shockingly bad). It’s just nice to know someone else is watching it! I’m so excited to see some of my favourite actors added to the cast, like Matthew Lillard, Robert Knepper and of course Naomi Watts 🙂

      • I discovered last night that watching it on the day means no ads, so I’ll probably stick with it! I know what you mean about the cast – every new character seems to be someone famous 🙂 And we were SO close to the “Damn fine cherry pie!” last night – argh!

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