calypte 17th July

Like wren, I’m feeling kind of under par at the moment, even by my current standards. Skipped the cinema on Friday night, but went to keep K company on Saturday as she was waiting for her broadband to get connected. She seems to be settling brilliantly, which is great πŸ™‚ Making me itchy again for my own move, right enough!

Despite not doing anything – monopoly (!) and a movie! – the day just exhausted me. So I declared yesterday a ‘spa’ day and went for a long bath (using my new bluetooth speaker to have spa-like music, it was cool πŸ™‚ ) with a facemask and such. Didn’t quite get ’round to painting my toenails, so that to do.

Alas, have woken up *still* feeling rubbish. I just hope the surgery date comes through soon 😦

So, another very lazy day for me, even by the standards of my usual lazy. Might be a good day to get some TV watched. I know GoT starts today, but might save up a few eps. Looking forward to trying *Bull* tomorrow – sounds intriguing and maybe a bit more fun than some of my ‘collection’ – I did have a terrible time yesterday trying to find something lighthearted enough for my mood, I seem to bookmark a lot of more serious stuff o_O (or, I’ve just watched all the fun stuff first?). Got a big chunk through a movie –Β Bright Young Things – before starting to wonder if I’d seen in before.

But was interrupted anyway by news of the new Doctor Who! Quite exciting – and wow, but the display of petty ignorance and self-centred viewpoints this brings out on social media! o_O That in itself is fascinating. I’ve always enjoyed the show, but this is the first time I’m really excited to see how this one tweak can introduce some real change. And hopefully a dishy male companion πŸ˜‰


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  1. The reaction to the next Dr. Who It is so strange to me. There was a similar reaction when the female-cast Ghostbusters remake came out. It does serve as a good reminder, in case there was any doubt that sexism is alive and well.

  2. I’m happy about the new Dr Who! I don’t know much about the actress (and am slightly disappointed it wasn’t Fleabag), but it’s about time. Why do men assume the main character always has to be a man? There’s nothing about the word “Dr” which is intrinsically male.

    I recommend The Power by Naomi Alderman for a good antidote to all this nonsense, should you need it (haven’t finished it yet though).

    • Ooh, I have that – might shuffled it up the reading list! But yeah, it’s all the “I won’t watch now that the MC isn’t reflecting me” – urm, welcome to how the other half (and more!) lives! I knew stuff like this was out there, but I’m just stunned at how much becomes *so* visible from a daft TV show announcement.

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