calypte 13th July

Gosh, you must all be totally fed up of these updates of either nothingness or medical nonsense! I know I am! Soooo looking forward to the day I get to talk about normal-ish stuff again, or exciting for the right reasons! o_O

Neighbours did shut up a bit earlier last night, although sadly I still struggled to get to sleep – I often do when I know I have to get up early, bah! They did give me a panic this morning, though, as usually when they start shouting at each other it’s ~8am – when I was meant to be leaving the house! Thankfully they were just being their usual ignorant selves, and my alarm hadn’t gone off yet. Moving can’t come soon enough!

That said, I do quite like being up early (I’d just like to be able to go to bed earlier to have that happen!) as it feels like you get a ton done before the clock’s moved much. Today: oodles of walking, read a good chunk of current NetGalley title, and blood test. Results due today – they really are shifting with this! o_O And what a difference from the GP can’t-have-appointment-til-next-week.

I’m slightly annoyed that I completely forgot any of the half-dozen things I could have done in town on the way home, instead of jumping straight on the tram. Oh well – nothing vital!

Nothing much planned for the rest of the day, now, huzzah – free to potter about as I wish.

  • hospital
  • meditation
  • stretches
  • writing
  • review something already, argh!
  • listen to another chapter of the Web Science course (easy ease back to some kind of learning)
  • continue with cupboard clearing
  • if I do something creative – doodling, etc – then I can have the full rainbow stripe on my habit tracker 🙂
  • watch something – tried Chance last night but it was too slow to grip me despite reviews. Not like I don’t have enough to watch!

Comments on: "calypte 13th July" (3)

  1. Have you settled on a particular area where you want to move? I hope it is some place quiet!

    • There are a few areas of Edinburgh I’d be okay with, based on deprivation ratings, transport links, and affordability. Will just be a cause of whatever comes up that meets enough of my criteria!

  2. Wow, that’s good that you get the results back so soon. Paws crossed!

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