Having a random day off work today, because it’s my birthday! I don’t normally get to take my birthday off as there’s usually a Big Meeting round about now, but this year the Big Meeting is two weeks later than usual (otherwise it would have been today, eek) so am indulging myself.

Shared my sudden obsession with packing it all in and moving to Hebden Bridge with G last night but unwisely mentioned flooding risk (to which I received the response “the clue is in the name”, LOL!) There are an awful lot of catteries in that area though… Maybe I could set up an accountancy firm specialising in cattery accounts 🙂

Anyway, after dinner we went for a nice stroll over to Tottenham Court Road and Charlotte Street and back which got my step count up to almost 15,000 for the day. I was able to show G the second entrance to the massive underground shelter near Goodge St station, which you really don’t notice unless you know it’s there… We’ve both lived here for 15 years and I only recently noticed it, because it’s a concrete thing hidden behind an advertising hoarding. So cool.

Today my plan is mostly to slob about. My brother has given me an itunes voucher and there is music I want to download, and I want to carry on reading and writing and am going to make muffins to take into work tomorrow. Then this evening there’s a wine tasting in Highbury so will see A&A there which will be nice.


Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Tues 11th July" (4)

  1. Yay, happy birthday! And so great you got to take the day off 🙂 Enjoy your day of indulgence!

  2. Happy Birthday, SL! I’m glad that you’ll get to dedicate the entire day to doing just the things that you want to do.

    The dream of trading the London fast track for some peaceful countryside living is such a recurrent theme for you that I think it will come to fruition at some point. Maybe you will end up administrating the cattery while also writing a series of adventure mysteries featuring magical detective cats…?

    • Thanks wren! I definitely think it will happen, it’s just a case of where and how soon. Magical detective cats would be a great series!

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