calypte 10th July

Sounds like we’re 3 for 3 on good weekends 🙂 Spider-Man was a lot of fun on Friday. I ended up running around a bit too much on Saturday, tidying up a bit and going a bit overboard with food – I think we’re all still catering for when there were five in the group (eating for 10!), not the 3 we have presently – so was for dozing off a bit during American Gods. Which it didn’t deserve, it’s a good adaptation. It is about as meandering as the book, though, so perhaps a tiny disappointment that they didn’t put more story into the first season, but still.

Yesterday was thus a crashing out recovery day, apart from a pile of dishes and a bit more clearing up. I didn’t have to cook, though, just had leftovers! It was really good to be tired enough to get to bed earlier, despite the school hols keeping the noise levels up quite late. Needed, though, as I was up early for yet another hospital appointment – getting my vocal chords checked ahead of possible next surgery. I’m still not convinced this wasn’t a fobbing me off exercise, right enough, as it took less than 5 mins and the consultant said as I went in “You sound fine, I doubt I’ll find any issues” – urm, right o_O He didn’t, but I got the ‘pleasure’ of having a camera shoved up my nose – urgh 😦

To make up for that, treated myself to a cinema trip on the way home, for the light hearted fun that was Despicable Me 3. Banana! 🙂

I’m feeling a little bit broken now, from trailing about – a walk I’ve done several times in the past, so a clear highlight that I’m not ‘right’. Pondering another bath, or just a long snooze!


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  1. Oy, that vocal cord check sounds very unpleasant! I hope today is a whole lot better.

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