calypte 7th July

Lots of good things yesterday! GP was absolutely lovely – very, very understanding, and happy to sign me off ’til the middle of August o_O It sounds daft, but I am a lot calmer for hearing that – I know I’m not feeling right, but the validation that it’s a ‘real’ thing just gets me right past those guilt-pangs that I might be skivving. Oy, my brain!! LOL!

So today’s first to do is to head to the surgery for that, plus my next lot of bloods. The results of those will trigger the ‘conversation’ about what happens next!

The other lovely thing from yesterday was my welcome at NaNo – got there early, and one of the long-standing members absolutely jumped up to give me a big hug, and I got three folk hugging me as I left. Awww! Also turns out that the girl who’d requested some of the books I was getting rid of had been looking for the series she took for aaaages, so felt like a proper fairy godmother! LOL!

The rest of today’s plans include grocery shopping including supplies for a Watchathon tomorrow! This is a group of us (well, 3!) getting together to watch several (4) episodes of a big-value TV show – American Gods, in this instance – with more food than we should all be eating in half a week 😉 Offered to host this one, as it means I’m already home when we’re finished. Okay, dishes the next day, but it was 2am before I made it to bed after the last one, and that’s no good for me o_O

And tonight’s movie is, of course, at the cinema – Spider-Man! Hope it’s as fun as the trailers look 🙂

Must remember:

  • collect doctor’s note
  • watchathon supplies
  • scribble something
  • meditation
  • stretches
  • eat melon!
  • Spider-Man! 🙂



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