calypte 6th July

Been rather enjoying my couple of lazy days and new ‘routine’ of switching everything off by about 8pm, getting ready for bed, and watching a movie. I’ve been re-watching some of the Marvel ones in preparation for Spider-man tomorrow night, and it’s been a lot of fun. I think I might have to make something like this more the usual because (a) it’s very relaxing, and (b) it’s getting me through movies I want to see! Perhaps I could have a title picked out ahead of time a few evenings a week, save that “what I am in the mood for? – urgh, nothing!”.

Although that said, it may or may not work out tonight as I’m off to NaNo for the first time in months! Having a pre-move clearout of books, so have found some willing victims recipients for a couple of series. Will also be quite nice to chat to some of the old crowd, although not expecting to get back to weekly attendance just yet.

The rest of this afternoon is just waiting for the GP to phone, which I’m trying hard not to stress about. Urgh.

Happier thoughts: I ordered myself a waterproof bluetooth speaker in an A’zon deal yesterday! I’ve been pondering one since maybe 2 christmases ago, so I can listen to audiobooks in the bath. Quite excited by the prospect! 🙂

Almost equally chuffed at *not* buying a book – it’s on my wishlist, it’s on sale, but… I need more books, especially the first in a series (even the digital variety!), like a hole in the head right now, so happy to let it slide by. This feels like progress!


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  1. Hope the GP phone call went all right. Important to have nice things like films and books in your life! What’s on your movie list at the moment?

  2. It did, it absolutely is, and a whole pile of stuff! Lots of random stuff on the tivo and even more on Netflix, including: Boyhood, Predestination (oh, both Ethan Hawke!), Ex Machina which I can’t believe I haven’t seen yet, Birdman, Love and Friendship, and Hunt for the Wilderpeople. And more! Think I counted 25-ish? Oh, and repeat viewings of a pile of DVDs I haven’t watched in forever, including the Matrix, Push, Watchmen… and this is just the movies. Don’t get me started on the TV backlog! 😉

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