Didn’t sleep very well so decided to get up and get on with a few things that I’d normally do in the evening – particularly updating my blog as have a lot to do there. I’ve put an hour of writing (any kind of writing) on my list as something to do most days but sometimes it’s easier to do it in the morning before my brain has turned to mush as the result of a day at work. Anyway, plodding on and knuckling down…

  • order new phone
  • deal with blog photos
  • intentional resting
  • talk to chief about loan stuff
  • meeting with new Trainline person
  • must make Z talk to me about pension
  • Gift Aid argh
  • crack on with Word doc
  • food shopping
  • blog
  • various bits of home admin
  • continue watching Gypsy on Netflix, a guilty pleasure, has had terrible reviews but I won’t hear a word against Naomi Watts 🙂

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