calypte 4th July

Happy Independence Day, wren! 🙂

Just as well I had no plans for the day – can’t believe it’s noon already! But operation lazy day is well in effect, helped along by some damp weather it’s easy enough to avoid. Nothing *has* to get done today, I don’t think, so I’m free to potter as I will. Even the medical stuff is on hold for another 2 days, and work hasn’t emailed back to say ‘this is unacceptable, no more money for you, get back into the office now!’ (it’s not a likely scenario, but fears are what they are! o_O ) so I’m feeling much more at peace.

Writing went well yesterday. There have been more 2-5 min scribbles late on than not, but that’s okay, it still counts and still helps the habit form. Then yesterday I got a much longer session, followed by another idea. So far it’s all very random, but I’m okay with that for the time being 🙂

Next daily habits should involve starting a coding/learning habit soon. Exercise is definitely out for now, beyond the very little I’m already managing. But creativity is calling – got some new paints to play with, and yet more (!) card kit. I think I might try some zentangling over the next few days – haven’t done that in forever! – and ease back into a bit of doodling that way.

Only other task for the day is making as quick as possible roast veg lasagne. Want to see if I can make it nice enough without the tons of effort I associate with lasagne!


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