calypte 30th June

Farewell, June! Woah. o_O

Had a super-low energy day yesterday, a ‘lovely’ reminder that all is still far from right. I confess I’m getting anxious about ever feeling well again, or more to the point, having to face life again before I feel much MUCH better o_O Oy. On the plus side, today was 110 days of meditation in a row, and I’ve had a daily practice with only a few blips for must be over 18 months now – and it really helps. I’m able to acknowledge the anxiety, and deal with it a little better.

Anyway. Today is so far feeling much better, and my head is FULL of plans! Mainly cooking and decluttering πŸ™‚ Got a bag of carrots that need used, so thinking maybe a smaller batch of (experimental ginger?) soup, and perhaps a root veg casserole for the freezer (although I’ve already got some in there, hmm!) to add to plans of sweet potato chilli (can I bung a few carrots in that?! ;)) and a lazy take on a roast veg lasagne. I eat well πŸ™‚

On the decluttering, I got my toiletries box more or less sorted – no shocks! – and realised the sagacity of the KonMari advice to group similar items in the same place: I must have body butter in at least 3 different places (and I don’t mean the opened/being used ones!), and shower gel much the same. No wonder I have quite a bit!

I also sent my old, big stereo away for storage at my dad’s. I do ponder keeping stuff like this, but (a) it works fine, and (b) I still have a pile of media that only plays on that, even if I only ever use my iPod these days. Will have a think – at least, it might as well stick around to see if it has a place in the new place πŸ˜‰ An added bonus of this approach (on top of the main getting the flat ready for photos/sale in a non-intensive manner) will be allowing me to live more minimally for a bit, and see if I can make that stick. Plus, it highlighted a storage space that needs a lot more attention: have I even been in that cabinet in the past year?! Oy o_O So, can pick away at that over the next week or so.

Anyway, tons of possible plans for today, given I’m heading out this evening! Tonight’s cinema choice isΒ Baby Driver, so I’m hoping that’s fun. I was getting annoyed at the trailer, but I didn’t see the group going forΒ Despicable Me when there were options! And tomorrow is full of excitement, as I’m off on a day trip… to Fife! LOL!

  • Dailies:
    • meditation
    • morning pages
    • stretches
    • open Scrivener and type *something*
  • charge battery pack for tomorrow
  • notebook for train – day 1 of CampNaNo, must scribble something!
  • detroll
  • NetGalley review of sample
  • at least start on the short stories collection review
  • email insurance co?
  • make spoodles for lunch
  • eat melon
  • see how I feel about cooking – not here to eat tomorrow, but can sit in fridge for a day, and saves having to do *everything* on Sunday!
  • freeze rhubarb
  • mega pile of dishes! o_O
  • cinema
  • relatively early night

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  1. Congrats on the decluttering! How was Baby Driver? I’ve heard good things about it. And hope you had a nice time in Fife πŸ™‚

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