calypte 27th June

I’m liking the fact that it’s started raining, as that fits perfectly with my ‘chill out inside’ plans for the day. Feel like I’ve been on the go for ages, it’s a relief to finally have a couple of no-plans, quiet days. Actually, think I need them! And hey, it might be cool enough this evening for a bath 🙂

I’ve had a morning of reading and meditation and journalling, and it’s all helping as a reminder to just let go and relax for a bit. I did manage to stick to my plans last night for a slightly earlier, working-on-it-gradually, bedtime, but then managed to be up at half two chasing away nightmares – wth, brain!? All Freddy Kruger-y, just weird o_O The only thing I can think is that it was somehow triggered by my writing session yesterday, which was pretty gruesome. I’m just picking away with scenes and/or notes on all my various projects, and there is one with a high shock-value opening, which for some reason I’d decided to tackle with a slightly different take on the scene. I was pretty pleased with the results, but I might switch to a happier project if it’s going to disturb my sleep!

Today is day 7 of my self-imposed writing challenge, and I’m feeling really good about it. I think I’ve got the right approach for just now: writing every day, but no target times or word counts, so no pressure. Soon, I want to introduce something similar for coding/learning, but perhaps not quite yet – last thing I want is to try and overdo it, and lose the progress I’ve already made.

Another thing I have started, though: decluttering for the move!! I’ve been reluctant to really start, as it’s all so unsettled as to when. The original idea was to start sending stuff home with my dad to store, so that the flat is much emptier for photos and viewings – but it didn’t feel ‘fair’ to dump stuff on him for 6 months. But, yesterday I just took the plunge! It’ll be a couple of items a week, nothing major, but oooh it feels good to be doing something! 🙂


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  1. I’m glad to hear that your writing challenge is going so well! Good luck with your decluttering. It always feels so freeing and clean.

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