calypte 22nd June

Really being struck at the moment how much perception colours everything. I’m still not getting enough sleep – I was in bed earlier, and even managed the lights out sharper, but it’s a work in progress! – and being tired is a quick path to lousy moods. But, half an hour journalling this morning and I was feeling much more upbeat. I think it was focusing on writing, something I’m taking actual steps with now, opening up a feeling of possibility rather than all the stuff that’s not moving forward right now.

Because yes, I did day 1 of my 100 day challenge! Felt really good to colour in the first yellow square in my BuJo tracker this month 🙂 Found the smallest step/goal I could think of – opening Scrivener and typing something – and that’s lifted any pressure to be ‘good’ or super-productive. See, I can learn! 😉

I’ve also been reading about writing, and remembered how important an external factor can be in motivation. It’s a bit like my healthy eating plans: I *know* what I should be doing, and tons of reasons why, but it was the spur of seeing/tasting someone else cooking healthy food that got me going so well last summer.

One of today’s tasks is the meal plan for the coming week. I do make quite a chore out of this, but an enjoyable one – good to feel in control. So first, list out what I still have that needs used. Check the weather – is it going to be a salad or a soup week? I’m hoping the former, as I’ve been looking at salad recipes and feeling very inspired! Then, list out meals-per-day, as otherwise the grand ideas can take over. I’d like to spiralise something this week, but will I really want that and salad on the same day? And roasted veggies sound fab – but again, will they fit to a plan?! LOL!

First thing: decide if I’m going to the relaxation hour ahead of my counselling appointment. Because if I am, I need to move soon!



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  1. Did you go to the relaxation hour? I believe that meditation and deliberate relaxation can be a huge help after a sleepless night.

    • I did, and I agree – it’s not as good as sleeping properly, but it does help mitigate the effects. On the other hand, the person snoring loudly through the whole thing was pretty awful: “Imagine the sounds of the waves [SNOooooRE]. Imagine the wind rustling through the trees [snOOOOOre]. Imagine the birds -” I’m amazed the guide could keep a straight face, it was so perfectly timed! LOL!

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