calypte 21st June

Happy Solstice, everyone!

Spent a good chunk of this morning journalling, and went from “I’m a bit fed up I should do something” to feeling like there’s a zillion things I want to do and make a start on right now. Given a lack of sleep last night – I was still overheated, and I’m still refusing to switch the light off until ridiculous hours, d’oh! – I imagine some of this might crash and burn early on (like, gimme 10 mins…! 😉 ), but hey – I’ll take what I can get!

My main thought stream is around consistency, something I’ve always sucked at. I’m quite the dilettante, really, interested in 90 things and so flicking from one to the next as soon as anything requires effort. Well, that’s me being harsh on myself!

To counter that, yesterday was my 100th day of meditation in a row – woo! Not the first time I’ve hit that target, but first time since switching to Insight Timer last November. Two things from that: (1) that I totally can stick to things when (a) I want to, and (b) I make it easy on myself – 5 mins was enough to trigger a ‘tick’, for those days when I just didn’t feel it. So, no reason I can’t apply this to other things!

(2) was the topic of the meditation. The 365 challenge is having a ‘forgiveness’ week, which I really don’t care for. So, I looked elsewhere in the app and found a ‘Perfect Week’ set just starting, and have really enjoyed it both days so far! Yesterday’s take away for me was that it’s not about being perfect, it’s about recognising that you’ve become distracted and returning again and again but – important bit! – without beating yourself up about wandering off. Lightbulb moment: that isn’t just about meditating, it’s also healthy eating, exercise, sticking to goals, etc.

So. My usual want in this situation is to throw myself at everything – coding, writing, drawing, etc – because hey, I can’t choose! But I realise that’s daft. I might try to do a few things today, see what resonates most, but I’m thinking writing might be my ‘new’ 100 day challenge. Camp NaNo starts soon anyway, and I was thinking about trying a daily writing goal. Same ‘rules’ as the meditation: 5 minutes is totally fine, if that’s all I’m up for any particular day.


IMG_20170621_095427602I think this is me recommitting to my BuJo tracker, in a way, as well as resurrecting my LETS idea – Lowest Effort Turtle Steps (TM? 😉 ). It’s definitely me recognising that little and consistent is the approach I need to get past pretty much all of those ‘fed up’ things.

Feels like good timing, with the Solstice – and 100 days takes me to a little past my birthday, as it happens. And awful timing, given health stuff still being so unsettled. But, right now I’m glad to have a sense of getting on with stuff, or at least a plan to do so, even if it gets interrupted, rather than just waiting. Onwards!




Comments on: "calypte 21st June" (2)

  1. Congratulations on reaching 100 days of meditation and on your insights. Your writing reminds me of a little saying that I’ve had in my various work spaces for the past 30 years – “The only requirement for eventually getting there is to keep going in the right direction.” 🙂

  2. Yes, 100 days of meditation in a row is very impressive! I like the idea of turtle steps. We used to talk a lot about bite-sized pieces back when we were in the Other Place, same sort of idea. Good luck with the next 100 days!

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