calypte 15th June

Another lovely no-plans day, kicking off my 3 weeks with no planned medical anything – save, perhaps, news about increasing my thyroxine, after yesterday’s bloods? I’m hoping! Not allowing myself to expect to get out of the next surgery, but there’s nothing to do but wait for just now, and that’s okay 🙂

Felt good yesterday to manage the walk to/from the health centre – my exercise of late has been terribly sporadic, for obvious reasons, but it’s one of the biggies on my ‘post-everything’ list, so anything I can do now feels like a win! It did leave me pretty knackered, but a few hours in the house saw me okay to head to the cinema. Talked one of my friends into signing up for Meerkat Movies, and so can now get her in free to stuff on Tues/Weds, starting last night with a repeat of Wonder Woman – still very good! 🙂

Little bit of a panic this morning when my laptop failed to install last night’s Windows updates. I have a feeling that all is not right with something, but cannot muster the energy to do anything about it yet! Foresee a full system wipe and rebuild at some point. Meh.


  • meditation
  • review One of Us is Lying already! And maybe a catch-up older something, too
  • with pc issues, good time to backup stuff that isn’t already
  • Boots order – spent ages trying to get this done yesterday, only to discover I can’t use my vouchers online – argh!! So, smaller part of order and try for the rest in store when I collect o_O
  • wrap chocolates!
  • make yogurt
  • make stir fry
  • mp/sl
  • finish watching Horns – was more intriguing than I expected!
  • continue trying to get to bed a little earlier

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  1. I’m glad you were able to enjoy the day, and I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that you can avoid another surgery!

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