Yesterday was going fine, including a visit from one of my favourite people, but then towards the end of the day I found an error in the accounts and went off the deep end a bit – got very annoyed with myself. Argh. At least I found it, not the auditors, and it doesn’t affect the bottom line, and I’ll sort it out today. I just wish I’d found it last week and then they would never have needed to know. Never mind! It’s not the end of the world ffs.

Nasty business with a big fire in Notting Hill. I live on the ninth floor of my block of flats and have often felt the fire safety situation wasn’t all that great here. Yet another reason to feel like getting out of London… Anyway, there’s a wine tasting this evening, which should be fun and will take my mind off things!

  • intentional resting
  • collect parcel
  • STLs
  • fix error – stay calm and approach it methodically
  • finish investments schedule
  • finish cashflow statement
  • continue working on Word document
  • continue fending off auditors
  • wine tasting

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Wed 14th June" (2)

  1. I just heard the news about the fire. What a tragic thing. I think fires are scary. The summer fire season has started here. It worries me a bit whenever one starts close by.

    I was once beating myself up for an embarrassing accounting error that I’d made. Then the news broke that an accountant in the GW Bush administration had made a billion dollar mistake in the budget, and, when corrected, it was found that the government didn’t have money for a bunch of tax refunds that it had just sent out. Somehow, I felt so much better about my comparatively puny error!

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