calypte 13th June

Even though there’s almost less ‘certainty’ than there has been, I feel a bit like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I still mostly expect to be heading for surgery – happy to be proved wrong, but not pinning my hopes on avoiding it – but other than a blood test tomorrow for my thyroid function, I now have three weeks of calm and nothing happening, and knowing I’m not about to get ‘summoned’. Heck, even the jury excusal came through yesterday! 🙂

So, I can relax a bit, and also maybe get ’round to doing something – I feel like I’ve been holding my breath and just let it out, a little. Lots of possibles: that watercolour book course, an online computer game thing that pinged my inbox last week, always the writing (although the outline course never materialised – very odd).

More immediately, today is an indoors day – feel like I might do better with the balance this week – after a bit of a walk yesterday between food and cinema. Gifted was quite lovely – SL, definitely recommended as a ‘mum movie’ 😉 I also ate far too much sweet stuff, so despite the cake I was sent from sm yesterday, today can only be better – fridge is a little over-full of stuff that could do with being used NOW, so will see what I can do! Again, no longer have to shop with half a mind on ‘oh, but when will I have to abandon everything for a bit’ o_O

Today, then:

  • loads of reviews to catch up with
  • look into the coding course Ah, it was a paid-for one. I can find better!
  • bit of binge watching?
  • eat mindfully
  • meditation

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  1. Three weeks of calm and nothing happening sounds good. Thanks for the recommendation about Gifted, will squirrel it away for future ref!

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