calypte 12th June

Updated news: there is a small chance, it seems, that I could actually avoid having the PTH surgery. I’m being asked if I’m okay to wait an extra month to let the vitamin D tablets have more effect – theory being that if the problems are all recent enough, fixing my very low levels of vitD might actually reverse the PTH swelling. No sure thing, might already be fully ‘broken’, but as long as I don’t mind postponing the operation then they can test my calcium and make a better call at that point.

Of course, the original message via the GP was a little more garbled (just “prob no surgery” kind of thing), but the above is from the surgeon and makes a lot more sense! She also suggested I keep my vocal chord check appointment, so that if the tests are not favourable I can still get into surgery pretty quickly. Given I still have to sort the thyroxine levels, this seems more than reasonable!

In the meantime, trying my best to have fun, while still balancing the exhaustion. Ended up getting caught in the Robbie Williams/Murrayfield traffic coming home, so *very* late night with an extra hour’s not-exactly-travel. Eeep! Just like I’d been at a real gig, right?! LOL! Actually, the Take That show was a lot of fun, despite not being a huge fan. Lots of cool costumes on the dancers, a good mix of old and new, and some laughs with the company.

Saturday was then slightly weary scones, the (rather disappointing) art show, walking in the sun (lovely, but tough in my current condition), more cake, and the chance to buy some birthday and father’s day chocs. Also popped into the supermarket for some salad, since the weather had improved, and ended up bumping into a colleague for a long natter. All good, but wow, was I shattered afterwards!

Tonight I’ve got tickets to the Unlimited screening of Gifted, which I’m not too fussed about, tbh (child actors, bleh!) but it comes with free sweets 😉


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  1. That’s great news about the surgery. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  2. Yes, that’s really encouraging! Paws crossed the vit D does the trick! Glad you enjoyed the Take That show, sounds like a laugh 🙂

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