Oh god, a hung parliament! Have to hand it to Labour for a better performance than last time, and I was delighted to see UKIP do so badly, but am not sure where this leaves us now in terms of Brexit negotiations etc. Interesting times… such a divided nation. What’s a moderate person to do? I hope that this means we’ll have to have more moderate policies in order to keep a coalition/alliance together rather than the DUP holding the entire country to ransom. And I wish we could have some electoral reform so that everyone’s vote actually counts in future. Not much chance of that happening.

Anyway, onwards! Got a lot of work done yesterday but I still have a lot to do ahead of the audit on Monday. so will be hoping for some Feats of Productivity today.

  • intentional resting
  • STLs
  • audit prep
  • checking/filing
  • catch up on the Good Wife
  • continue reading the Signature of All Things

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Fri 9th June" (2)

  1. I was wondering about your take on the election results. I didn’t hear anything about Russian meddling in yesterday’s election. Does that mean that they didn’t try? Well anyway, I hope the results are good for the foxes, at least.

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