calypte 9th June

Interesting to see the viewpoints on the result last night. I must confess, I’m in the ‘anyone but Tory’ group, so am kind of pleased that the arrogance of the snap election backfired. Also shocked that so much of Scotland voted blue – what the heck?! To be honest, I don’t think it’ll impact Brexit negatively – I think May was a dreadful negotiator for any of this, and if she gets her wilder ideas voted down that’s a good thing, imo.

Anyway. I’m declaring today a HUGE win for FTF, in that I have spent most of the bloomin’ morning making exactly the kind of phone calls I hate. So, remember I was expecting my next op any time this month? Got a letter saying I needed a vocal chord check first, since they’ve been ‘playing’ with the other side of my neck already, and then an appointment came through for that – for mid-JULY! Wtf?! Really, really annoyed that this apparently ‘routine’ procedure wasn’t even mentioned until I was 2 months into the waiting list – argh!! Luckily, I had an appointment with the counsellor at Maggies yesterday, and he was great at validating my ‘this is not on’ feelings, and talking me through what I should do. So, loads of phone calls later, and I’m going private to get the check done next week, not next month. Still.

Don’t know if all this stress – oh, and another jury summons, ffs!! – has added to my feelings of utter exhaustion this week, but it’s been a toughy. Could almost fancy a month of knowing nothing else is going to happen, tbh… o_O

Tonight, though, is the Big Gig – hah! Turns out Robbie Williams is actually playing live in Murrayfield tonight, so I’m hoping not to get snagged up in the traffic for that going to the Take That live screening! Still not a huge fan of the band, but there’s four of us going and seven for dinner beforehand, so should be a good giggle.

Tomorrow’s plans include free scones at John Lewis, and weather plus energy permitting, perhaps a look at the Leith Makers’ Market – never been, sounds intriguing. Not sure if there are cinema plans; The Mummy would be the choice, despite poor reviews. Oh, and Baywatch was very, very daft 😉

Hope you all have lovely weekends!


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  1. Congratulations on making those phone calls! How frustrating it must be to be getting such a run-around with your next surgery. It was a wise move to get a private consultation so things can move forward. Taking matters into your own hands should relieve some of the stress.

    I think the election results are a good indicator that much of the country has woken up and decided to take action. I understand that a very large number of young people who did not vote in the previous election get registered and cast their ballots. If that’s correct, then it’s a big win over apathy. I heard a bizarre bit of a Theresa May speech this morning in which she sounded as if the previous day’s election hadn’t even occurred. I don’t know what to make of that.

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