Our emails finally started working again yesterday and I was able to clear the backlog, so today am hoping to have a quiet day getting on with the accounts. The audit starts on Monday so I can’t afford to hang around!

Election day here… hmmm.  I’m a bit of an election junkie (one of my schoolfriends likes to remind me of my early ambition to be a psephologist) and will be surprised if the Tories don’t get a bigger majority this time. What I’d like to see then is a realignment and resurgence of the centre left – but the way things are looking, that’s unlikely to happen!

  • intentional resting
  • STLs
  • bank manager is going to call me about loan agreement, keep it as short as poss
  • accounts accounts accounts
  • vote!
  • food shopping
  • do some emails
  • continue watching House of Cards
  • continue reading Signature of All Things
  • watch exit poll etc. but probably won’t stay up all night

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Thurs 8th June" (1)

  1. Do you have vote by mail? When you go to vote, do you get a big sticker that says “I voted”? These are things that we have in Utah. Oh, and the voting polls are invariably staffed by dour women of indiscriminate “older” age.

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