calypte 2nd June

Got all excited (well, ish!) on getting a letter from the hospital this morning, only to discover it wasn’t a surgery date but rather a note saying it would be ‘usual’ to send me for a vocal chord check and then schedule the PTH removal. Urm… I’ve been on this waiting list for 2 months now, already had my pre-op – why the HECK am I hearing about this now?! So, just hoping this doesn’t push everything back – have a sneaky suspicion this is one of those fudge-the-waiting-list-time things, but that just makes me angry so no point in thinking that now! I’ll ask at Maggies when I’m there next week.

And sigh. I just want it over with!! Sniffle.

Anyway. Trying to stay positive – this is another little bit of ‘holiday’, right?! o_O I refuse to feel guilty about being off work, still, as while I think the levothyroxine *might* be working a little, I’m still largely knackered. Yesterday was a looooong, albeit lovely, day. Dentist went fine, sm enjoyed pottering about shops with me, and being included in the post-opera meal. She also liked the show the best of us all – I like it for being a bit different, and it’s only an hour. K was pretty bored, alas, was quite surprised she’d joined tbh.

I suppose it’s now in my head that I should be looking to do something other than sitting around waiting – that feeling is what’s making me wonder if the tablets are starting to work! So, I’ve signed up to a freebie 5-day novel outlining workshop via email (oh, SL – in case you’re interested: which starts on Monday, might get me moving a little on that front. Tons of ideas to play with, including a new one seeded from an online writing forum’s “Why don’t you see more middle-aged heroines?” and listening to interviews with the not-20-something cast of Big Little Lies.

I’ve also just got a NetGalley proof of a 30-day ‘Everyday Watercolour’ course book, which also might get me moving on a hobby I’ve wanted to develop for years. So, silver linings and all that. Ho-hum!

Anyway, wet weekend ahoy, so plans largely revolve around crashing out a bit tonight (after yesterday, the groceries have near killed me!) and depending on how house moves (not mine, obvs!) and cinema plans pan out, a weekend of reading and catching up on reviews. Have a good one, folks!



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  1. How frustrating that must be! Still, you are making the best of it, and that’s admirable. Those courses sound fun!

  2. Hope your weekend was suitably restful, don’t feel guilty for taking it easy! The outlining workshop looks interesting, will check it out!

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