6/2/17 ftf, wren

I can’t find words to express my feelings about the Cheeto’s decision to take the US out of the Paris Climate Accord.  I absolutely despise that he has the power to do this.  Step by step he is destroying every good thing about our country.  I hate him.

I finally managed to make some headway at work yesterday, so that’s a relief.  The boss decided to have a farewell party for our #1 entitled employee.  He doesn’t see that he is the only one who is not happy she is leaving.  The scheduling was a bit tricky, but I found a possible day and confirmed with her that she would be able to attend then.  Yesterday, I found out quite by accident that she does not intend to be there! 

Oh, and I got a very strange email.  J had applied for a job from his computer and his gmail account.  Then I received a response from the employer on my university account.  Does that make any sense at all?

I’m going to aim to complete another five work items on the list today.  Going into the weekend, the weather is going to be hot.



happy dog time!


work day



approve 2nd payroll

meet w/Jenny

p card violations


Derm Issue

payment reimbursment

new hire – Chandler

MK 8931 final invoice

Invoice for Dian

new hire for Dustin


Janssen – negotiate

business cards

update SAM

xfer to nursing

clinical trials invoicing

Roche Final Invoice (due before 7/21)

set up AbbVie pass through sheet

Eisai uTRAC

Eisai forgiveness of reimbursement

complete first RATS class

after work


water garden

make food for tomorrow



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  1. Weird behaviour from your entitled employee, and strange about the gmail thing. That doesn’t make much sense to me, unless your accounts are linked in some way!

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